With the wide options available in the market, finding the right windows for your place isn’t as easy as it seems. These wide options lead to confusion in picking out the right one for your needs. There are wide ranges of windows available in the market. From different sizes and shapes to different styles of functions, each of these windows offer uniqueness to a place, based on their characteristics.

Different types of uPVC windows Include:

Tilt N Turn windows


These uPVC windows emerged as a preferred choice from a maintenance and utility point of view. These windows are easy to clean and more versatile.  With the help of tilt n turn window you can get to each sash easily and you can clean both side of window comfortably from your home. Apart from this, these windows also allow good ventilation.


Bay Windows


If you are looking for a fenestration solution that can provide an additional floor space to your place then Bay Window is the right choice for you. These uPVC windows come out of the exterior wall to create a small shelf in the home and adds nice architectural accent to the place. Bay windows are usually preferred by modern homes and they rely on flat windows set into an angled frame that’s built out of the house.


Casement Windows

Casement Windows are built with a hinge in their construction. These windows swing out to the side or up to open. This allows the uPVC window to be constructed of solid glass that offers a clear wider view. Casement windows offer many advantages including effective ventilation and space, and are also ideal for climates with a lot of rain.

Sliding Windows

Sliding window functions same as the sliding doors. These uPVC windows have two sections, usually made up from single windows. One of the sections slides horizontally to open or close. Sliding windows are mostly preferred by homeowners that have short wall because they don’t take up as much vertical space.

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