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Birthdays are extremely special and even more special when they are your favorite grandparent’s birthdays! When its your grandfather’s birthday and you are far away in another country, you can still make his birthday extra special with a few small efforts from your side. Wondering how to go about the entire birthday surprises when you are so far away from your family? Here are a few ways in which you can surprise your grandfather on his birthday –

Send him flowers and a bottle of wine

If you live far away from family due to school or work, you can send your grand father a customized bouquet or basket of flowers along with a bottle of the finest wine for him! You can customize the flowers based on his preferences and pick all his favorite flowers to neatly decorate the basket with it. You can also attach a few balloons to the baskets and gift wrap the wine. These days, there are tons of different websites that do online flower delivery in Kota and across India for extremely affordable delivery rates, so you won’t have to worry about the expensive delivery costs either! You can also get a good deal on the bottle of wine and save a few extra bucks as compared to picking it up by yourself from a store or mall.

Gift him a record player and his favorite vinyls

If you have a bigger budget or if you are planning to pitch in money with your family to gift your grandfather, this gift would be an excellent choice! You can buy the best record player for extremely affordable prices at a vintage or thrift store and also pick some of the best vinyls for classic blues and jazz music that he enjoys! This way, he won’t have to look for music online or struggle with a smart phone! He can simply enjoy his music in his old fashioned way and make the most of his time with himself. These days, you can find excellent quality modern record players on Amazon, Ebay and other e-commerce websites too so you won’t have to waste too much time at a thrift store or vintage store too.

Organize a surprise birthday party for him

So what if you are far away from your family! You can easily organize a surprise birthday party for your grandfather even while you are away from him. If you have the budget, you can also fly down to the country to celebrate his birthday with the entire family. This will definitely put a big smile on his face and it will turn out to be an amazing get together for the entire family! You can easily order the cake and flowers from any website that does online flower delivery in Kota or any place across India and organize food from your local caterers. You can coordinate with your family and have the entire party organized for your grandpa extremely smoothly without any problems or delays whatsoever!

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