Nowadays it is very difficult to establish a restaurant, maintain profits with minimum wage increases, and keep track of all the data, yet alone social media. The problems don’t end here since you have to take orders from iPads and apps now, provide excellent service, spend hours on food preparation, and exceed guest expectations. We have a proper solution and easy process that is extremely friendly. David Esau has become a trusted advisor for restaurant hospitality in US for providing software solutions to restauranteurs. David Esau and his software partners have made the setup process and implementation easy for you to increase restaurant efficiency.

With over 15 years in the hospitality industry, David Esau has earned tremendous trust over clients for recommending the effective software solutions, services and most importantly, continued customer support long after the initial introduction. The dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 every day of the year.

David Esau has partnered with the leading companies that specialize in branding, software solutions, point of sale systems, payment technology, inventory software, and online & mobile ordering solutions. By integrating some of these services, a restauranteur is able to automate inventory tracking and ordering, collect customer data and analytics, fulfill online orders easily, and even manage social media presence from a single login. Other recommended services include Sprout Financial, which offers a complete resource for restaurant funding and financial services.

If your restaurant is not utilizing an online ordering solution, now is the time to start. Mobile online ordering solutions are one of the fastest growing industries. The softwares do not only help you manage online ordering through you

With the help of Davidesau’s table management software you increase customer retention and helps to analyze various points
The other points can be categorized in the following manner:

1. This helps in placing an order online by guest, by selecting the table followed with food ordering. This saves the time of taking order by an employee/ waiter. Waiter just needs to serve the food when ready.
2. The admin can analyze the time with the most crowd visited the restaurant.
3. The information also shows help to the best selling product and lowest.
4. The application allows guest to give the review and suggestion after every visit.

1. This provides easy and fast options of payment modes.
2. There is also a feature for payroll, which means your employees will always be happy.
3. This saves the cost of extra employee you need to keep just for taking orders, now you just need to serve as now application will handle all the orders.

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