A wedding takes place whole throughout the year. Many weddings take advantage of the bright sunny weather during the summer months, namely August, July, and June. But apart from the nice weather, it can be quite hot, sticky and sunny.

So it is a good idea to find flower girl dresses in a nice summer fabric if your daughter is a flower girl to a wedding during the hot months.

Factors to Consider

To buy the right flower girl dress there are a number of factors that you need to consider for you. These factors include:

Venue:The venue for your wedding. The dress should be light and with airy colors such as pastels if you will be having a beach wedding. These are available in simple designs.

You should go with a fancy dress if you will be having a ballroom wedding. You should make sure that the girl is comfortable irrespective of the setting of the wedding.

Season:It’s obvious that for different seasons you wear different outfits. For the season that you will be doing the wedding, your girl should wear an ideal dress. For example, the flower girl dress should be sleeveless and light if you will be doing the wedding during summer. A heavy dress having heavy fabrics will stick to the girl.

You should go with an outfit matching the season if you will be doing your wedding during winter or fall. So you must avoid sleeveless dress.

For Summer Wedding

One has to first take consideration of the color when choosing the right flower girl dresses for a summer wedding. Thus, by making the dress warmer than usual, darker colors tend to draw the heat. On the other hand, making the dress cooler to wear lighter colors reflect the heat. The shiny or matte finish of the dress is another thing to consider, however, it is less important. While more heat is absorbed by a matte finish, light from the fabric is reflected away by shiny materials.

The length of the dress is the second consideration. As compared to full length or tea-length First Communion dresses knee length dresses are easier to move around. Since there less fabric on the skirt, knee-length dresses let out more heat.

Another thing to consider is sleeveless, capped or sleeved flower girl dresses. You can move more freely and your dress will retain less heat if your flower girl dress has less fabric. More fabric will lead to more inconvenience.

You may want to take into consideration the layers of fabric used while we’re on the topic of amount of fabric. To make the dress look bigger many layers or thick linings are added. Never choose such dress. Dress having one layer of thinner lining must be chosen. You must not be obstructed by your dress but must move freely. The type of fabric must be taken into consideration while choosing flower girl dresses.

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Mia Bambina Boutique is a Toronto-based children’s clothing store. We specialize in beautifully designed flower girl dresses for special occasions like weddings. We offer a broad range of different designs. Visit www.miabambinaboutique.com for details.

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