In the recent years, Kipling totally revamped its collections so without compromising the quality of their fabrics, Kipling now has modern bags that are on par with other luxury bags. Let’s see some of the new Kipling bags that will make the perfect companion for every modern jetsetter.

Kipling Super Hybrid Luggage

This personalizable, 4-wheeled, 360-maneuverable suitcase is extremely lightweight. It has many compartments inside to keep your clothes, toiletries, and shoes separated. Available in 3 different colors and 3 different sizes (S, M, and L), they are the perfect luggage for your jet-setting lifestyle. For something more stylish, you can also opt for the Youri Spin Metallic suitcase or the Cyrah Metallic suitcase.

Kipling City Pack

A backpack should be your go-to bag if you want to adapt the jet-setting lifestyle. They provide ample support for your shoulders and can fit all of your travelling necessities. Especially the Kipling City Pack, they combine functionality and practicality without sacrificing the style and design. You can have your own Kipling City Pack in various colors and materials so if you don’t prefer the classic Kipling nylon, you can always choose the leather Kipling City Pack.

Kipling Kassandra Embossed Bag

If you’re not a big fan of bulky backpacks, you can always swap them for a simpler cross-body bag. The Kipling Kassandra Embossed bag is a medium cross-body shoulder made with water-resistant material and has plenty of room inside the bag. The black Kassandra embossed bag provides a more edgy look but the bag also comes in the colors of Deep Velvet and Soft Camo. No matter which color you choose, the Kassandra bag is the perfect travel companion for the rainy and wetter regions.

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