The decoration is an essential aspect of a party. And that is probably the reason people spend so much on the decorations. In fact, in some parties, the decoration alone accounts for around 60% of the total event budget. Well, such a party is, of course, going to be important, like a wedding ceremony or a child’s first birthday. But when it is a random party you are throwing just to have fun with your friends or family, then you probably wouldn’t want to make such a high expenditure on the decoration part.

Now, does that mean you will have an undecorated party venue? Of course, not! In such a scenario, the best way to decorate is by applying your creativity in using party dots. Party dots are peel and stick lights that can be easily adhered to any flat surface. Here are some amazing uses of these lights-

  • Maybe you have mounted a big banner that reads the theme of the event on one of the walls of the hall. If it is a simple banner, then it will probably not attract a lot of eyes. To prevent this from happening, you can use party dots along the edges of the banner so that it remains in focus and people look at it.
  • You can also use them to decorate inflated balloons. Balloons are adorable to look at no doubt, but sometimes they might go unnoticed. And why would you want to spend on something that doesn’t even get noticed in an event? But then again whether people notice or not, without balloons, an event can’t look pepped-up. So, do use balloons but make sure you decorate them with party dots so that they steal people’s attention.
  • You can also use them to decorate the leaves of the plants or trees inside or outside the venue hall. This way, you can make the entire venue look jazzed up. After all, when trees are left undecorated, they look very dull. In fact, they completely mar the beauty of an event venue. It’s surprising how decorating trees with these dots can make them look so amazing. And because they last for many hours, you don’t get disappointed by their performance.
  • Although a lot of people ignore this part, it is imperative to decorate the dining tables on which you serve food to your guests. Yes, people love to decorate dining table tops with flower vases, but flowers cannot certainly light up the table. For a totally pepped-up dining table, you need to make use of these decorative dots.
  • Although it’s not necessary to use the dots on the floor, you can do so along the periphery of the hall to make the venue look extra gorgeous. This will definitely make an extremely large hall appear to be of a reasonable size. Besides, the ambience gets a festive vibe almost effortlessly.

With so many ideas of using these fantastic lighting tools, you will definitely not need anything else for decoration.

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