Wedding anniversaries are a time to celebrate and cherish all the years you have been together with your partner. These days, a lot of couples love to throw huge parties for their 25th, 50th and 75th wedding anniversaries. These turn into huge elaborate and elegant affairs with all their close family members and friends which looks as good as a wedding reception party! Here are a few ideas for the main elements of your party that you can choose from for you 25th wedding anniversary party.

The main anniversary cake

These days, are a tons of different bakeries that do online cake order in Kota as well as across the country. This means that you won’t have to waste time driving up to the bakery, getting stuck in traffic, placing your order and going through various design and cake patterns at the bakery when you can simply order your cake online! This is a much cheaper and convenient option and you can also customize every element of your cake online just like an offline bakery. You can provide a reference image of the cake you want, and the baker’s team will ensure that the cake is made accordingly to these specifications only. The most commonly ordered  cakes for the wedding and wedding anniversary parties are the tiered cakes which look fancy and extremely creative as well. They also photographer extremely well which is why a lot of couples prefer these cakes for their events.

Party favors

Your return gifts need to have elements of the 25th anniversary which means that if you are planning to gift customized box of chocolates or cookies, the box needs to have a custom print of the number ’25’ on it with a cute message such as ‘Anna and John’s 25th Wedding Anniversary’ and the cookies can have cute quotes printed on them. You can easily get these done from the same bakery that does online cake order in Kota for your wedding anniversary cake. Small elements like these really bring the entire wedding anniversary celebration in the return gifts. If you are planning to gift stationery such as pens, diaries, calendars etc., then you will need to customize these with the anniversary details as well as with the color scheme of the party  that you have organized. For instance, if the party has a combination of silver and light pink, then you will need to use these colors in the party favors as well.

Photographer and videographer

25 years of togetherness calls for a grand celebration which definitely needs to be captured on lens! You can hire a professional photographer and a team of professional videographers to capture every moment of your special day. A lot of photographers also print these out in a fancy wedding album sort of a photo album which is a great option to cherish the memories of this special day for the years to come! The videographers with their excellent skill create beautiful movies with all the content captured on your anniversary party.


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