The wedding is an auspicious event and its transportation arrangement cannot be neglected until eleventh hour. There are many activities in the wedding that cannot be handled by a single person. To complete the wedding arrangements you need a luxurious limo for your unique occasion. We at Ace Limo LI are bringing great options for you. We are one of the best and experienced Wedding Limo Service Long Island providers in New York… No doubt, our luxury limos are proven the highest quality. You can choose any vehicles you like and of your preferences from a wide range..

Our impeccable limo emphasizes the importance of the event and makes the bride and groom feel special. Our experienced chauffeur will pick up the groom and the bride from their place in time. Also, we provide the arrangements for Wedding Transportation in Long Island to your family and guests from their hotel or the airport to the place of the event.

We provide all types and sizes vehicles, ranging from the Stretch Limousine to Classic Rolls Royce. We also provide the 20 passengers Luxury limo coach to travel with your entire wedding party. By hiring a Wedding Limo Rental Long Island service from our fleet can help you to arrive in a style at wedding destination and enhance your wedding day style.

Ace limo opens not only on the weekdays but we are available on the weekends and for all special occasions as well. Our staffs are on the line and they will provide the proper information all the time.

We provide the best LI Wedding Limo services for you. Our limos are demanded in every season, so hurry up and book your dream limo now. There are the best Wedding Cars LI we will provide you which suitable to your wedding plans. Don’t delay in exploring our wedding Limousines in New York. We are delighted to bring a huge smile on your face with our great services.

We would suggest you browse our website in detail so that you can become familiar with the services. Each of our services has detailed information.


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Ace Limousine in Long Island is a service oriented vehicle hiring business. .We are a third generation limousine organization that has been through it all and knows everything, there is to know with regards to giving superb administration in the transportation business. We provide the wide range of services from corporate transport to Wedding Limo in Long Island. Our drivers are experienced as well as professional. They took the pride for their job. We have excellent cars in our fleets to serve you. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible as so you can enjoy your special day without any concerns.

Ace Limousine is the perfect choice when it comes to Long Island Limousine Service for your special occasion! Ace Limousine helps you to make your day special by including fully stocked limousine. We are proud that Ace Limo LI is too  much recommended by its clients. As a result of this our employees perpetually facilitate them to make the correct choices that are absolutely  appropriate/correct for client’s necessities of tour.

Ace Limousine includes many one of a kind antique and exotic limousines.Ace Limousine Services have exceeded the ability to meet the needs of our clientele. With modern fleet of exquisite limousines, tour buses, and vans in the region. We have the ability to provide clients with comfort, safety, and luxury and continually strive to employ the latest in technological advancements to insure that we can provide you with the best service available in luxury transportation.

Arrive at your prom in style in any of gorgeous limousines, exotic cars or buses    and enjoy Ace limousines’ Luxury Limousine Service. We offer very well preplanned prom limo service to our clients.Once you enjoyed the transportation of Ace limousine for your prom, you will want to use…again n again! Our limousine fleet is constantly updated to newest trends in limousine industry and you will receive VIP treatment in Ace Prom Limousines.

Let Ace Limousine treat your wedding how you deserved to be treated. They believe in delivering personal service and individualized Long Island Limo Service for each bride and groom. Unmatched service, vehicles and pricing for your special event or corporate function at competitive pricing. Regardless of the celebration.

Superior service to all airports in the New York area. You can select a vehicle and choose a pickup point and destination airport. Ace Limousine  provide quality vehicles and service to business, and leisure customers from airport to their destination and vice versa. We are the fastest growing Limousine Service Providers in Long Island and surrounding region at very affordable rate for corporate events and personal use. Ace Limousine provides competitive pricing to and from points all over the Long Island Area.

If you’re passionate about wine, want to learn more about wine, or just want an amazing wine-centric experience, Ace Limousines’ Long Island Wine Tours are there for you. Wine Tours LI are a perfect choice for special events. You can celebrate with the people who matters the most for you on a custom tour that fits the event theme or interests of your group. Ace Limousine wine tours are popular for wedding or bachelorette tours, retired team and team building tours.

Ace Limo LI Staff is always engaged in cleaning of vehicles from inside and outside to make them always ready for tour.Drivers are professionally trained and always there, to help you with your every need and are at your service throughout the limousine rental. If you want the perfect combination of comfort and luxury for your upcoming special event,book with Long Island’s Ace Limousine services today!

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Book Long island prom limo from Ace Limo and get exciting offers. Get guaranteed insured Prom Party Bus NYC at Ace Limousine.Variety of vehicles, Book now and enjoy your ride. Ace Limousine offers luxury limo services in New York for all types of celebrations and events. Get top quality wedding limo Long Island.

The craze of using limousines for different occasions is swiftly increasing with each day passing, especially in the New York City. You may need to consider several things to avoid any wrong decision. When looking for the best Long Island Limousine Service it is suggestible to pick a service provider or company that has a wide fleet of luxurious limousines. Whether you want a limousine for a corporate meeting, a weekend party with friends, or for night outs, you can take advantage of it.

Ace Limousine offers a classy, executive fleet and service for your business and all type travels. Whether you are on a romantic ride or corporate tour, traveling in a limo will definitely make your occasion more wonderful. Make your traveling in the New York City more relaxing and well organized by Ace Limousine. A grand exit from hired limos exudes the elegance and heightens your prominence in any occasion. At Ace Limousine, many different types of vehicles are available as per the customer needs; and you can easily enjoy our Luxury Limousine Service at formal and casual occasions.

Everyone’s life is greatly impacted with many special occasions like birthdays, weddings, graduations, promotions, parties and anniversaries. These events may be carried out at any location in or out of the city, during the day or night. At Ace Limousine, we have a sufficient range of limos in order to uphold our limo service for such occasions. So, if you like to travel in style choose Ace Limousine service that will bring luxury and a grand transport to your desired destination.

Ace Limousines’ Luxury Limousine Service is highly recommended by our clients. If you want to have a perfect event or occasion, hire Ace Limousine service! It can help you in providing excitement and contentment in your event or occasion.Always go with high quality services!

You should always go with a company that provides a high quality limousine service. When it comes to the luxury class the limousine service is mostly preferred. Limos are very unique vehicles that come in all types, with a lot of interesting features on the inside it. Are you looking for traveling in the New York with style and comfort? Then head for the Ace Limousine services. With us, you will get not only the best services, and travel but also the ultimate luxury and comfort. Ace Limousine’s Luxury Limousine Service is always in demand amongst the customers because of space, elegance and comfort of our limousines.

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Book Long island prom limo from Ace Limo and get exciting offers. Get guaranteed insured Prom Party Bus NYC at Ace Limousine.Variety of vehicles, Book now and enjoy your ride. Ace Limousine offers luxury limo services in New York for all types of celebrations and events. Get top quality Wedding Limo Long Island.

Today with the advancement in the technology, everything is going digital and many travelers due to lack of knowledge booking their own holidays online. Although booking online is easy and time-saving but it is not as much beneficial than hiring tour operators. You could think traveling on your own and to book online is a good idea but only tour operators will offer you many advantages and knowledge that will come in handy. One of the best advantages of hiring a tour operator is that they have the intimate knowledge of the country you are visiting and have years of experience in the activities you want to partake in.

If you’re thinking to visit Uganda then only a good safari company will determine how your entire safari will be. Inexperienced tour operators will make your travel experience worst due to lack of experience in arrangements and services offered. So, it is always recommended to book your safari with one of the best tour operators of Uganda Safaris And Tours. Bushman Safaris is one of Uganda’s best tour operator companies and they offer you best services, customer care and of course help in case of an uprising. They have years of experience in compiling and conducting tours, and you get to see and experience the very best in terms of tourist attractions, safari tour, culture and beauty of Uganda.

Our custom designed trips allow your family and friends to enjoy beauty and attractions of Uganda that can add immense value to your holiday. Our expert Tour Guide Uganda provides you with all the services you require under one roof, be it transportation, accommodation, transfers, etc. Convenience is one of the reasons why you should hire Bushman Safaris tour operators because you can simply tell our tour operators where you want to go and what you’d like to do and we will help you have a hassle-free tour experience by organizing the tour that matches with your needs. You no need to worry about any other things, just worry about having the suitcase done, and the rest is up to us.

Safety is another main reason why you should consider hiring Bushman Safaris as your Uganda tour operators. Nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing you have the best tour guide by your side that is looking out for you and puts your safety and needs first. We have a team of experienced tour operators who have the ability to resolve any problems at a moment’s notice and ensure that you are safe and secure. Therefore, if you are looking for best tour operators in Uganda then opting for Bushman Safaris is the best choice to go with. To know about Bushman Safaris and Uganda Safaris And Tours, please visit our website here:

Ace Limo LI understands that, planning a wedding can be a lot of work. Usually we invite all our loved ones, arrange the services and necessary things, but one concern always remains in mind – how to get there(at the place of event)? If you’re looking to start your day off on a high note, Ace Limo LI services are superb way to set the tone for the rest of your day. When it comes to wedding ceremony preparations. Even the most minute details should be resolved correctly to ensure absolutely nothing goes wrong on the wedding event. Ace Limo LI provides unique, quality, professional Long Island Wedding Limousine service at competitive rates.

We are foremost Limousine service company serving in Long Island, New York City area.

Wedding limousine is the vital part of the wedding ceremony. It is undeniable that you will quite possibly be thinking about selecting a wedding limousine in Long Island for your special day. The wedding is a day that you are going to remember forever. We would be honored to be a part of it by providing Wedding Limo Service in Long Island. Select an Ace Limo Long Island service to feel as special and trendy as possible on your biggest day. If you are somebody who naturally loves style then Ace Limousines’ wedding limousine service is the best option.

There was a time when a bride used to be taken to the church in a horse coach but those times are over now. With ever-changing customs and rituals, this thing has also got evolved. Now, you can see a large number of weddings that a bride arrives at a church in a chauffeur-driven limo. And you surely can feel the specialty of that occasion reaching a heightened tone at the sight of the bride coming out of that very luxurious car. Are you concerned about how much will a wedding limousine cost? Just keep in mind that Ace limo LI always provide cheapest/affordable Wedding Limo Service in Long Island. Anytime get our facilities at affordable price . We offer quality Limousine & Party Bus Wedding Service to all of Long Island & New York City. Ace Limo LI is not just a ride, it’s a five-star chauffeur service.

The Ace limousine service is unique on Long Island due to many aspects. First of all, we provide very professional, qualified Chauffeurs devoted to their job. The final benefit of an Ace Limo LI wedding limo service is you enjoy a stress-free transport experience. We provide Wedding Limousine Long Island customer service individualized to our guests and understand that our duty is to meet the needs of our customers. You get to sit back and your personal driver will get you to where you need to go and make your tour very memorable whether it is for official purpose any other.

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Book Long island prom limo from Ace Limo and get exciting offers. Get guaranteed insured Prom Party Bus NYC at Ace Limousine.Variety of vehicles, Book now and enjoy your ride. Ace Limousine offers luxury limo services in New York for all types of celebrations and events. Get top quality wedding limo Long Island.

Limousines are great vehicles for your special events celebrations. such as prom, wedding, Bachelorette party etc. If you are planned to celebrate a bachelorette party, a high school prom, or planning a wedding in the Long Island, then it’s time show a little bit of class on a way to special functions. When it comes to investing in the most reliable transportation to make your special day more memorable, nothing beats the Ace Limousine luxury service.

 Prom Party:

Prom is the most unforgettable moments of high school. With all the excitement that comes in finding a date and choosing a prom attire, one crucial detail often gets overlooked – prom night
transportation. Finding your prom transportation is actually one of the most vital aspects of your big day.  Ace Limousines’ Long Island prom limo is the best transportation that can take you to the venue. It’s not expensive compared to their competitors and spending some money to make your entry in style, comfort and luxury at the party are reasonable. There is wide range of vehicles in our
fleet from the stretch limo to party bus in Long Island. During prom season we offer different types of packages and discounts. Let us help you to create priceless memories of your high school prom night.

Bachelorette Party:

Are you getting married? Before beginning your new life, it’s time to get out and have some fun with your friends. Crack jokes, recall old memories and party hard with your buddies. We can help you to
plan your bachelorette party. Renting a limo service or party bus to your bachelorette party can take it to the next level. We provide the best bachelorette party limo service in Long Island. Apart from making your night magical, your safety is our top priority. Our chauffeurs have an extensive knowledge of New York’s nightlife and hotspots. They love to serve you from their heart. Let us know what kind of a party you want. We offer prompt, professional, and courteous service from the start your desired end destination.

Airport Transport:

When you are heading to the airport for a corporate event, your worst nightmare is missing the flight. We offer you the most time-efficient mode of airport transportation. Our staff monitors the traffic reports and our chauffeurs know the best routes to take you to your destination on time. You can enjoy journey by resting on back sit without wasting your time on factors like traffic, parking fees, and getting lost in an unfamiliar city. Also, using Ace limousines’ service in Long Island is the most cost effective option for your airport transport.

Wedding Limo:

The wedding is one of your special occasions in life that needs to be celebrated with style and luxury. For many brides and grooms, transportation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when they think “wedding planning.” But it’s actually one of the most vital aspects of your big day. Think outside the box, a wedding limo rental can be a great addition to your big day. By choosing the right Luxury Limousine from our fleet, you will enjoy a comfortable and luxury wedding ride that will make your event unforgettable for whole life.  Also renting a limousine can be an amazing way to honor those who have played an irreplaceable role in your life.

Business Travel:  

When it comes to your business, you decide what is most worth your time.  When you’re riding in the limo, you’re able to focus on getting any last minute touches done for a presentation or meeting
with clients, rather than worrying about your hands on the wheel and whereyou’re going.  While on the way you can sit back, relax, and put yourself in a professional mindset as you make any calls, answer emails, or work on an important document. Hiring a limousine service in Long Island can make any business trip better.  We are dedicated to making your business trip experience easy, joyful and safe.
At Ace Limousine, we pride ourselves on providing top of the line customer service to all of our customers and clients. Our priority is making sure your needs are met, if not exceeded. We are
committed to being among the best in the business when it comes to customer service and high-quality, reliable transportation.

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Ace Limousine in Long Island is a service oriented vehicle hiring business. .We are a third generation limousine organization that has been through it all and knows everything, there is to
know with regards to giving superb administration in the transportation business. We provide the wide range of services from corporate transport to Wedding Limo in Long Island. Our drivers are experienced as well as professional. They took the pride for their job. We have excellent cars in our fleets to serve you. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible as so you can enjoy your special day without any concerns.

Thousands of couple has taken advantages of our Wedding Limo services for their special day. When you will? Yes, you read right. Many couple has enjoyed their wedding ceremony with Ace Limo LI. We offer an exceptional Limousine experience and allow people to arrive in style at wedding destination. The wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life, so we guaranteed to make it the most memorable day of your life. You can start making memories from the moment you leave your home.  Ace Limousine offers a wide range of vehicles for your wedding. From Luxury Sends to Old Vintage Cars we have every type of vehicles to satisfy your wedding needs. All our wedding Limousines Services are equipped with amenities like DVD player, neon light, and chilled water and also with the mini bar.

The main advantage of wedding limo service is that it feels you like royalty on your special day. As you ride from your house or hotel room in a Limousine, you feel special as well as relax before the main event. Ride in a style with our obedient chauffeur and all the luxuries you wish for.

On wedding day, you may require more than one limo.  You may need one for the bride and groom, another for the groomsmen and also for bridal party and which pick from your location and arrive you and your guest at the church.  On your wedding, we provide a host of packages also hourly rate; you will find that prize incorporated your wedding budget so that you can get transport of your dream.

Most of the people specially request the White Wedding Limo that matches the traditional color of wedding dress and overall theme. We make sure and keep available the White Stretch Limo if you also planning to have it. .

Ace limousine provides special packages which include exterior and interior decoration, floor carpets, complimentary champagne, beverages like beer, wine, soft or hard drinks and “JUST MARRIED “sign ideally be included in the service.

The most important to know about our Long Island Limo Service is that you can enjoy the stress-free transport experience. After the ceremony, you just have to sit back and our driver will get you to where you need to go for the day.

Our Wedding Limo Long Island service is dedicated to providing highest level of customer satisfaction with safe, quick and reliable service in long island. All our limos are insured and our drivers are professionally trained. We have run discount and special offer in wedding season. Just give us a call to make your wedding unforgettable.

At Ace Limousine, we provide a world-class ride experience with dedication .Our values anchor every service that we provide. We always aim to offer the best programmes, accurate planned and all ride conducted by professional, experienced and enthusiastic staff.

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Ace Limousine in Long Island is a service oriented vehicle hiring business. .We are a third generation limousine organization that has been through it all and knows everything, there is to know with regards to giving superb administration in the transportation business. We provide the wide range of services from corporate transport to Wedding Limo in Long Island. Our drivers are experienced as well as professional. They took the pride for their job. We have excellent cars in our fleets to serve you. Our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible as so you can enjoy your special day without any concerns.

Different occasions require different types of limousines. It could be for a party, wedding, graduation, or just a reason to have fun. Having a variety will enable you to get the limo that best suits your occasion and which will be reliable. Don’t just go through the books and find the one who had the biggest advertisement. It’s important to choose well versed and reputed limo rental Service Company. Choosing a reputable company with years of experience can help reduce the risk of disappointment. Most reputable limo rental services have professional websites with all of the information you need. Hamptons limousines’ East Hampton limo service for such grand occasions is particularly exceptional. We have wide variety of wondrous and sleek cars that you can use on the best day of your life. Having an experienced and licensed driver to drive you where you need to go is a huge advantage. If you want to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of people around, hire the limousine from us.


There are various means of transportation that individuals can use nowadays for fulfilling their business and personal needs. Look through our website and select a vehicle that you are interested in renting. The first thing you need to make clear is that for what purpose you are hiring this service? If you want to throw a grand party then you should hire Hamptons car service. Our all limousines looks classic and the most wonderful thing is that all are full of amenities. The limo will pick up you from your home, office or any other place and you will safely reach at your destination.


Limousines are luxurious and expensive vehicles that were initially reserved for the upper class. But, nowadays limousine companies provide affordable limo services through which ordinary people get the chance to travel in these impressive and prominent limousines. Montauk limo service of Hamptons limousines are designed to provide quick and elegant transportation. Each limo is constantly maintained and cleaned inside and out for maximum customer satisfaction. When there is a flight to catch, it is very challenging to have to drive a hired car through the city traffic, to reach in time.  Hiring Hamptons limo is one of the easiest way to get to the airport on time. Our drivers are trained to always be on time and deliver amazing customer service to all passengers. There are many special celebrations which can be better celebrated, if you use Hamptons Limo to get to and from your destinations.

If you are traveling for work to Jakarta, you will not only be able to fulfill your work mission but can also experience comfortable and luxurious stay in one of Jakarta’s elegant hotels. Or probably, your next vacation around the corner, kids are out of school, and you and your spouse are off work. A holiday trip to Jakarta, Indonesia will leave everyone fulfilled with the city’s famous tourist’s attractions and unique cultural customs.

You can book your stay at a hotel near Bundaran HI and enjoy a business or holiday trip of a lifetime. Jakarta being the largest city in Indonesia has a lot to offer. If you love shopping, the city has over 100 shopping malls. If you are into nature, monuments and tourists attractions, the city has over 140 museums and numerous attractions including the Thousand Islands. You will have a million things to do and see and have fun while at it.

Best Hotel near Bundaran HI

A hotel near Bundaran HI will provide you and your family excellent reception. The hotel location is only minutes’ drive away from the International Airport, and you can easily access it using a taxi or a private car. You can select a guest room or a guest suite that come with exceptional room services. Depending on the length of your stay, your mornings will start fresh with the spectacular views from your balcony such as the city’s airline. Whether you travel with your family or you are on a business tour, you can hop on any tour buses, visit attractions you thought were unreal or only saw in magazines and take postcard-worthy pictures.

A hotel near Bundaran HI will also offer you the best rates in town, as well as provide you with a wide range of amenities, activities, dining, and nightlife to make your trip a lifelong memory. There are a plethora of facilities that you can enjoy including sports such as tennis courts, gym, and swimming. The hotel offers wedding receptions – yes, you can host your wedding in the hotel. You can as well host business meetings in the hotel’s spacious and comfortable conference rooms. You will enjoy some of the world’s best cuisines as well as local Indonesian cuisines. In the evening after your daily activities, you will be able to enjoy exquisite dinners in relaxed and classy atmospheres inside the hotel’s signature bar and restaurants.  You will meet new people – and who knows even make lifetime business or social connections while enjoying a cocktail drink. With Travelocity’s lengthy list of luxurious hotels in Jakarta, you’re sure to find a perfect place to stay within your budget plan. Such hotels offer exceptional city center hospitality, specialize in tailor-made services and comforts to make every guest’s hotel experience unforgettable.

About Jakarta Indonesia

With a population of over 20 million people, Jakarta is Indonesia’s largest city diverse in origin and culture. It is considered the country’s capital and is located on the island of Java.  Over ten rivers flow into the town which has several attractive monuments and attractions such as Bali and Sumatra. Many watchtowers such as the tower of BCA, convention centers, and shopping malls are right into the heart of the city including the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and the Kasablanka mall.

The town is a combination of both traditional Indonesian cultures and contemporary western cultures and designs. As such, every year, many tourists visit Jakarta, for its unique customs, wonderful cuisines, famous tourist attractions, and memorable shopping experiences. To be able to travel to all these places according to your holiday plan, you would want to book yourself in a hotel near Bundaran HI.  You will be able to quickly access forex bureaus, Indonesia Stock Exchange, plazas and entertainment centers and when it is time to say goodbye to the city, the airport will be a minute’s short trip from the hotel location.

A Rajathan tour is dispersed with magnificent structures, heart-stirring edifices and wonderful architecture.

Forts and palaces simply abound in the state, each one of them equally unique and interesting. These structures beautifully capture the valour and glory of the Rajput maharajahs. If you’re ready to listen, each of these forts and palaces will narrate a story. And you will be spellbound.

One of the finest ways to see and explore Rajasthan is travel in groups of like-minded travellers. When you visit with people of shared interests, the joy and fun of your travel multiplies.


Majestic Forts and Palaces Group Tours take you from one city of Rajasthan to another as you get to catch sights of gigantic forts and exquisite palaces built by Rajput kings. Many of the palaces of the Rajput era have now been turned into heritage hotels. This gives you an excellent opportunity to plan your stay at one of these hotels and experience a lifestyle which was once the privilege of the maharajahs. Each of these palace hotels symbolize the valour and hospitality that are unique to Rajasthan.


Shekhawati Region: A forts and palaces tour takes you to the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Here, you’ll get to enjoy a sightseeing tour of Mandawa, famous for its palaces and havelis. Soak up the charm of frescoes paintings which adorn the walls and ceilings of palaces.

Desert Cities: The cities of Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur are together known as the Desert Trio. They are located in the midst of the Thar Desert and feature a number of forts and palaces. Key attractions include the Junagarh Fort, the Lalgarh Palace, the Jaisalmer Fort, the Mehrangarh Fort. There are many forts, palaces and havelis that you’ll see during your group tour to these cities. Camel safaris are also a part of your tour.

Udaipur: It’s the most picturesque and most visited city of Rajasthan, particularly by couples and honeymooners. Also referred to as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is popular for the City Palace, which also features a museum containing an exquisite collection of wall paintings, glass work and a number of items that were once used by the Rajput maharajahs.

Jaipur: Known world-wide as the Pink City of India, Jaipur is a regular haunt of travellers. During your forts and palaces group tour, you’ll have a wonderful experience in the city. Take an elephant ride up to the Amer Fort, the most popular fort located on the outskirts of the city. Also, make a visit to the Jaigarh Fort which was used to collect weapons of war by the Rajput kings. Jaipur has a lot more to see and have fun with.

If you plan to dig out the splendid history of Rajasthan, the forts and palaces tour is the way to go. These group tours are aimed at helping you see every structure that makes the state majestic.