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The WordPress is the most popular content management system. Developing a website using this CMS is easy and fast. However, the performance of the website is determined by the hosting services. Many providers claim to offer remarkable hosting for this CMS. However, a majority of them are unreliable. Listed below are ways of identifying the perfect WordPress hosting provider.

Number of clients

How many people are currently obtaining hosting from the provider? Most people are in need of better hosting services. They would pay any amount just to secure satisfactory hosting. A provider that guarantees best WordPress hosting will be on demand. Despite the high hosting charges, most folks would not mind the costs. That is because they are interested in quality hosting.


There are numerous discussions about hosting services. That has forced most bloggers to research more about the hosting companies. The objective of the research is to rate the hosting providers. The ratings are based on their performance and reliability. The highly rated providers are probably the best. The ratings are widely shared online. Obtaining them is easy.

Shared or private

Find out what type of hosting the provider offers. It is important to choose between shared or private hosting. Making a great choice is possible after knowing the merits and demerits of private and shared hosting. Private cloud server hosting might be expensive but it is the best. Its users never share server resources with others. Hence, this improves website performance.


The security of the server is a significant aspect. Hackers are purely interested in causing destruction to website owners. They will target lucrative companies or persons to tamper with their data and steal. The hacking menace is ever on increase. The finest hosting provider will work tirelessly to safeguard the server from hackers. That is possible by installing effective security features and regular updates.


Check how frequently the host has been updating the server. For instance, those providing WordPress hosting must be alert to follow the latest updates. The main reason for updating WordPress is to advance its security features. The updates make it harder for hackers to crack it. The most reliable company providing best WordPress hosting will be committed to updating it frequently.

Support services

Do not waste your financial resources and time hiring a provider with poor support services. There are many complaints of people disappointed by the support services. Some claim they are available for 24 hours daily yet it is a lie. They are unreachable to their clients. A provider with complaints about his/her support must be avoided. He/she is likely to disappoint you.


The cloud server hosting is perfect for a growing business. However, the demands set for scalability by the provider must be assessed. A great hosting provider will have friendly terms for scalability. Some make it financially expensive for clients to get more hosting resources to support growth. That is taking advantage of their clients. Avoid hosts with such behaviors.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is all about planning and putting those plans in action in case of a disaster in your Data Center. You can never predict when a disaster might strike, but you should always have a contingency plan and recovery solution to save your business in critical scenarios. Prioritizing your systems and applications is crucial before you determine the important assets of your business during downtime which would take some seconds or minutes to get up and running. You need to take into account the technical dependencies of critical applications and how long will they take to get back online. You need to architect your applications in such a way that they run smoothly on the cloud platform through built-in DR mechanism.

Basically, Disaster Recovery on Cloud is a service which allows backup and recovery of remote machines on a cloud platform. IT heads who have witnessed disruptions in businesses aim for data recovery alternatives. IT resources should be protected and there should be duplication of data before disaster strikes and you lose all your mission critical data. While researching for Disaster Recovery solution, it is important to clearly understand backup and data restoration aspects. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) relatively make it easy for the customers to retain their data after it has been backed up on a cloud which is simply easy. The only challenge in Disaster Recovery is the recovery of data. Bandwidth plays an important role because there are terabytes of data and with defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO) it becomes critical to recover all the data within the allocated time frame.

CSPs are stepping up against such scenarios where they have started providing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions which ensure business continuity. Due to virtualization with cloud, the complete server including the operating system, applications, patches and data is confined in the virtual server, and this server can be backed up on an offsite data center. Organizations have started cloning them on premise system on cloud and have established a secure connection between these two environments. This creates redundancy when the on premise data center goes offline and all the applications on cloud are up and running without any interruptions in business activity.

Here are some of the many benefits of Disaster Recovery on Cloud:

Hassle FreeDisaster Recovery Solutions doesn’t require additional hardware and thus you do not need to incur any expenses to your existing infrastructure, so there is nothing additional to manage, update or upgrade.

On-demand Abilities– If a situation occurs where you are facing downtime of your primary site, DRaaS offers switch-over where you can operate your infrastructure directly in the cloud by avoiding downtime as you recover from a disastrous situation. Your valuable customers are not affected by the disaster as you quickly retain your business’ flow and minimize risk and losses.

Pocket Friendly– DRaaS solutions are cost effective as compared to physical DR solutions. You can control costs around your Disaster Recovery with advanced cloud based solutions to structure your Disaster Recovery investment to align with usage, so you basically only pay for what you need.

Safe and Secure – Many cloud-based DR solutions use advanced security layers to ensure that your data is secure. Complete data is replicated in the cloud which is fully encrypted and only you can access it when needed. You can recover your data at any point of time through secure protection during data transmission. With new DR solutions, you totally eliminate the high risk and cost of downtime.

Types of Disaster Recovery sites on Cloud

Hot Site– A Commercial Disaster Recovery service which allows a business to run smoothly in an event of disaster, a hot site contains all the equipment needed by an organization in case their primary site becomes inoperable.

Cold Site– A cold site is a DR service which provides space for equipment and infrastructure that the customer needs to provide. Some personnel are required to setup and for the upkeep of the site. Between the three DR site options, cold site is the one which takes the longest to get up and running in an emergency.

Warm Site– Warm site is somewhere between Cold Site and Hot Site. This site contains pre-configured equipment which is quick and easy to start operations. This site takes average recovery time in comparison to the other two sites.


Replication of business critical data is important so that no one suffers when a disaster occurs. As discussed before, planning is the first step towards securing your business and choosing a proper Disaster Recovery Solution on cloud. During a disaster in case your primary site fails to work, you should have all your data duplicated on the secondary site which is on cloud.

Ever heard of Server less computing? If you haven’t you should know that it is the new buzz word in IT. The term ‘Server less Computing’ speaks about a form of deployment where the server is abstracted away. This does not mean that there are no servers, it’s just that you don’t have to provision the servers by yourself. It’s a modern way of hosting applications and services on infrastructure which is not managed by the end users. In server less computing, resources are provisioned on cloud only when a specific event occurs. Resources are no longer assigned only to stay idle until called upon. In some cases, server less infra can free your business from the overheads of maintaining infra, upgrades and provisioning servers.

Time spent in configuring the cloud infrastructure for scalability is also reduced as server less computing promises faster delivery and highly-reliable software solutions. Server less computing is a form of cloud computing, but in this case the Cloud Services Provider manages the provisioning of resources on run time basis rather than planning storage capacity in advance, and consumers just have to pay for what they use instead of buying blocks of storage in advance. It is much more granular, and thus more cost-effective as compared to the traditional cloud module. Applications may seem to be ‘server less’ as server management, maintenance as well as capacity planning are completely hidden from the end users. The normalization of server less computing is a major hop towards spreading the capability to perform complex tasks without the need of expensive hardware. Brands ranging from Atlassian to Vogue have made the leap to server less computing, according to a presentation named ‘The State of Server less Computing’ by AWS.

Let’s see what server less computing means on a technical level? It’s a process where developers can assemble services from small functions, these functions are building blocks of code. The small code blocks can be executed in response to particular request call using HTTPS/HTTP. These functions are sometimes-infrequent app components, triggered when needed by catalysts. This data is stored in a distinct environment that synchronizes with the active production environment.

Why is Server less computing essential as a paradigm?

Server less computing is an evolution of the micro services approach to architecting applications and software’s. The idea behind this is to let the CSPs manage the fundamental compute infra and let developers focus only on the functionality that needs to be delivered. Here are some advantages:

Ideal for event-driven scenarios: The traditional auto-scaling feature can have critical warm-up times for clusters and scaling, both during up-scaling and down-scaling and it is also possible that it may not be in continuation. Server less is a perfect computing model when it comes to execution of small blocks of code aka functions as they turn out to be the response to event triggers and you pay only for the fractional resource times that you actually consumed. Thus, saving a lot of expenses. Server less computing is optimal for event-driven architectures for example the IoT scenarios.

Assemble low-cost micro services architecture: By going server less, a lot of cloud computing functions can be executed simultaneously. These functions are independent of each other in response to the event mirroring concurrently in the execution. The smaller blocks of code set up in server less computing are easy to manage and the testing becomes easy too. The various functions in the cloud environment can themselves expose clean, Representational State Transfer (RESTful) interfaces to work with more such functions of an app. Software developers can swiftly put together an architecture mirroring micro services by deploying several cloud functions that work together. Most leading platform developers are implementing this strategy to deploy software in a cost-effective way.

Despite these advantages, there are some limitations in the server less environment. A restriction on the size of code is found and which when deployed supports only a few programming languages. Typical code blocks and monolithic i.e. single-tiered software application architectures, should also be avoided. Another limitation being that developers should be highly disciplined in the way they are using server less computing.

Big savings with Server less infra

Server less paradigm helps cut on a lot of cost. About 60 per cent cost saving is achieved along with considerably lower administrative efforts. This calculation is based on an e-Commerce app using Lambda by Amazon Web Services which is a FaaS model, versus hosting the app on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) by Amazon Web Service and instances in a high availability architecture were calculated on hourly basis. Server less computing is all set to rise as interest and adoption grow. Various tools to manage multiple kinds of functions and compound service incorporation are evolving using server less computing. Server less frameworks along with commercial per-packaged functions, are becoming popular, players like ESDS, Google, AWS and others will continue to rule the market in the future.

It’s not simple to fabricate circuit boards. A few gadgets savvy like to design & make their own PCBs nevertheless they are not many-sided like the machine made ones. Furthermore, it consumes loads of time to create a huge quantity of such boards at home. Allow us to know in depth regarding the circuit board assembling procedure to provide you a better idea regarding how the gadget is made.

Once you fuse the electronic apparatuses to a PCB, an assembly is created. Nevertheless, electronic board assembling is different in comparison with its fabrication. With the fabrication of PCBs, numerous methods are consisted of containing developing the boards and creating the PCB prototype.

It’s highly important to garner all the correct apparatuses & fit them on the board prior it is incorporated into the electronic gadgets. Now the query that comes up is that; what sort of PCB is set up in what gadget. Various electronic boards have different assemblies comprised counting on the gadget it has to be set up into. There are 2 chief kinds of fabricating approaches comprised in the manufacturing of printed circuit board assembly:

  1. Hole through method: In this method, the apparatuses are incorporated into the holes.
  2. SMT or surface mount technique: In this technique, the apparatuses are set up on the outer sides of the electronic board.

The mere similarity b/w both the methods are that the apparatuses are set up to the PCB with the assistance of a metal solder by employing electricity. The capability of the board determines how the apparatuses are required to be fused over the board. In the scenario of fabrication more quantity of circuit board assemblies, it’s always recommended to use machines. The circuit placement over the device is carried out by wave etching and by employing reflow oven. Machine placement is carried out with bulk wave etching or reflow ovens. In the scenario of small-scale fabrication, one could always choose hand etching.

Many times both; hole through technique and SMT technique have to be used in a single assembly since a few electronic elements are available merely in the hole through sets, whilst others are just accessible in SMT packages. It proves beneficial when both the methods are utilized in the assembling procedure.

The hole through set up makes electronic elements strong just in the scenario they have some physical harm. Nevertheless, it’s better to use the SMT technique whilst you are conscious that any damage is less susceptible to occur. The SMT technique uses less space on the electronic board.

Can blind students study in normal classrooms with other students? Earlier this was far from possible as they could not read normal textbooks and blackboards and required special books and training. However, with the advent of text to speech technology and electronic college textbooks, it might get possible in the near future. Electronic college textbooks that are made by using the text to speech technology are nature-friendly and convert the text to audio when the sentence is clicked on. This enables even blind and visually impaired students to learn in a normal way.

The digital content publication app of MediaWire™ enables several content writers, educational institutes, corporate and brands, and several other organizations. It provides a medium for creating accessible Adobe pdf files and digitally published products by using one integrated platform that is compatible with popular screen readers and JAWS. Anyone can use this amazing app for the convenience of their home or office and that too without any programming languages.

Let us look at the benefits of using this app for digitally published products. –

• Media agencies and corporate can check the compliance requirements for pdf accessibility checklist and create content that meets the accessibility standards as per government regulations. By creating accessible adobe pdf files you can remain free from lawsuits and maintain your brand image.

• With text to speech technology, companies can reach out to more number of customers thereby increasing their potential revenue. This technology is also a boom to the educational industry as it enables blind students to learn in a normal environment and interactive learning is the best solution for all the students. By teaching using mobile apps and tablets, teachers can develop an interest in today’s tech-savvy kids.

• Mobile apps with text to speech technology help to connect your brand with top corporate individuals and busy professionals who can know about your publications on the go.

• The article viewer which is provided by MediaWire™ enables the content to automatically scroll as you read on without the need to pinch, zoom or pan. This enhances the overall user experience and thereby improves your brand reputation.

• It is easy to include or embedded a video to your content with this superb app.

• The electronic college textbooks using the TTS technology to enhance and improve the total experience of learning as well as teaching.

Various aspects go into the carving out the threads. The UN thread taps come with various adjustable features. You need coarse taps for carving UNC threads whereas fine finishing is required for the UNF and the UNEF threads. We shall look at the role of chamfers for thread cutting taps.

Let us understand what a chamfer is before going into the details of the arrangement.

In very simple words, the tap chamfer is the tapering of the threads so as to distribute the cutting action equally over several sets of teeth. The type of hole has a lot to do with the style of chamfer you use. There are holes that run very deep and literally go all the way through. You have holes that are shallow though having a larger diameter. Some holes go deep but not all the way. Each type of hole requires different types of thread taps to cut through them. There are three types of holes and hence you have three types of chamfers.

Taper taps: The taper taps have the longest chamfer of the three with an 8 to 10-thread chamfer. This enables the tap to distribute the action over as many teeth as possible. The tapering nature of the tap ensures to act as a guide for the cutting action. You use these taps in holes that run through and in materials that require a tapered guide.

Plug Taps: This is also known as the seconding tap. They use these types of taps in through holes as well in those that have considerable space at the bottom, especially in the blind holes. These taps have a 4 to 6-thread chamfer.

Bottoming taps: Also known as the finishing taps, this 1 to 2-thread chamfer is perfectly designed to thread blind holes.

There are different kinds of thread taps to cater to various types of thread. The UN thread tap and the metric tap are the most popular of taps in the industry. The ACME thread taps and the trapezoidal thread taps are also important because of the sheer enormity of the job.

There was a time when the taps were used manually. That was a tough task as you used to push the tap slowly enough to cut the threads. You had to lubricate the holes continuously as well as remove the chips repeatedly. Today, you have machines doing the work at tremendous speeds. You can drill holes and carve out threads at the same time. The removal of chips is also easy and so is the lubrication. Machines have made it easy for man in many easy.

The UNC threads require coarse threads. Hence, such threads do not require the finishing job. However, in the case of UNF and UNEF threads, you need to do perfect finishing as these are fine threads. You cannot afford to do a coarse job as long as these threads are concerned.

We have seen a lot about thread taps and gauges. All these taps and gauges are available at GaugesTools.

All businesses in the market are earning gigantic revenues and are undergoing flawless success with the initiation of video streams and live video streaming specks. One can be tension free while blending with their customers and can relate to their viewers with a high level of trust.

Prescribing alluring content to the users keeps their eyes fixed to these live streaming platforms aided by flawless video streaming software involves them in certain activities which in return help the funding of these live stream providers.

Marketing experts have proved that the video streaming industry has outweighed other content selling platforms and has given a tough competition to them. Video streaming platforms whether be it live or recorded carries the ability to entice its audience towards them.

Webcams, spectacular cameras, and a decent internet speed are some smallest obligations in the form of live streaming tools that would certainly meet your needs. Now you can take a breather and stream your videos from your house, workplace or during any event or occasion.

There are various advantages if one is using Live Streaming platforms. The benefits are irresistible if the return per year is considered. The bond between you and the end user is strengthened by this procedure.

How to set up live stream?

  • Having an HD camera which would be able to capture High Definition videos is the main focus. DLSR cameras with high-end specks can be beneficial during the primary stages. Later on one can always put money in studio gear and high-end apparatus.


  • Your system or computer must agree to specific requirements in order to aid the programmer. A top-notch graphics card, an up to date Operating System, a meritorious processor is what one would look to install on their systems.


  • Highly scalable live streaming software or broadcaster software is usually used to create a platform where live video streaming would be possible. An encoder must always be your priority in order to create digital content.


  • At times a CDN (Content Delivery Network) cannot be revoked since it helps to transfer and spread the content just in order to enhance the performance when accomplished by the end-user.


  • Setting up condenser microphones and a soundproof environment is imperative in this venture. Any external sound would upset the attitude of the live stream. Audio and lip sync should be precise while using more than one camera.


  • Proper lights must be employed so that the video does not go haywire and contributes to the flawlessness of the project. An exquisite video is only possible with contradictory features approaching from a professional studio light setup.

Live streaming software is an immediate and permanent solution to live video streaming since it makes the whole process simple by integrating the recording, encode and incorporate them all into a single application so that users can broadcast their live video content to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

If you are looking for technology, then you better carry the knowledge that there are more than a dozen software solutions for live streaming where you can choose from. Streamnow is one such software solution allowing more than one camera and live-switching elements. Your live stream will definitely look similar to a Hollywood production.

Video streaming software is definitely required so that the platform can be accessed from any place with a certain amount of payment per month. Streamnow is one such video streaming software allowing smooth and undisturbed live streaming without any obstacle.

The subscription plan is facilitated and premium videos can only be watched after subscription. Users who are not interested to go for the subscription plan can also seek reinforcements from the “Pay-Per-View” model.

With safe and robust payment gateways StreamNow is one such broadcaster software which endorses sharing advantages between the user and the video streaming software provider.

Live video streaming has become extremely famous with the days going by. Enhancements in the computer networking over the past few years aided by modern operating systems and magnificent PC’s have made live video streaming worthwhile for normal customers.

Organizations must understand that producing brilliant and exclusive content wouldn’t make their prospect better. Rather, what they must be doing is engaging themselves in a conversation with their customers’ to realize what they think about their brand. The comment section getting filled up with queries is always a marketer’s dream.

In conclusion, these are the most relevant agendas by which Streamnow can help you commence a live video streaming website. Again this is a hypothetical agreement for you to make as to which protocol you would embrace in order to initiate a live video.

The best techniques to be applied if you are looking how to set up live stream would depend on your approach and your hunger. StreamNow will only boost your confidence.


The unprecedented interest in big data and analytics is all around the globe. The technology savvy professionals have already started to leverage the power of big data in order to drive enhancements in their career. The successful companies are focused on big data analytics to drive the greatest value in their business. Everyone is aware of the current shortages of data scientists, and big data engineers. There are a lot of bright-eyed explorers who want to delve more into this realm of data and it is fascinating. But why learn big data analytics? Why get big data and analytics certification? And what are the prerequisites to learn?

We are now rapidly getting into the phase where there’s enormous creation of data is happening that depicts the tsunami of big data analytics along with three important factors: Consumers, Automation, and of course Monetization. With automation, it is now easy to provide big data analytics and opportunities to create an effective marketplace for your products and services.

With a rapid growth & popularity, big data has brought a global boom in maximizing information with several strategies. This means now more & more people can build a career in this field. Big data isn’t just massive. It’s full of diverse data sets & streaming data. The big data analytics means the application of advanced analytic techniques to very big data sets. Now the companies have understood the fact that if you really want to get the hang of what’s happening in your business, you need large volumes of highly detailed data. The untapped foreign data with its extraordinary diverse element can work wonders for your business.

Business people can learn a lot about their business & customers from the programs & data warehouses. The sudden rush to analytics also means that many of the organizations are embracing the advanced analytics for the first time to make intelligent decisions. The data science career is one of the most sought-after careers now. According to Harvard Business Review, the position of a big data professional is being denoted as the sexiest career of the 21st century. This data science career can offer you a lucrative remuneration along with a good work-life balance. Some of the best reasons why enrolling for the big data and analytics certification can fast-track your career are:

  • As a relatively young but dynamic industry, big data analytics will provide you a guaranteed rapid growth & career progression. There are boundless opportunities to grow & progress in a fast pace environment.
  • In data science career, you’ll get ample of opportunities to develop your skills so that you can upgrade your acumen about the domain & become more customer-focused.
  • You’ll get the chance to work on a variety of projects across different verticals to test & learn how to use cutting-edge technologies in order to solve complicated problems.
  • The creative focus will help to welcome fresh ideas from you. Collaborative teamwork with dynamic big data solutions to drive innovation will help you to develop a creative mind which is necessary for visualizing & showcasing data in front of others.
  • Unparalleled opportunities for projects, tools & methodologies are the exciting perks of being a data professional.

Do you have what it takes?

The big data professional that the organizations are looking for, need to have an excellent understanding of business-related problems. They must have the ability to transform data into useful information & effective business outcomes. Other than the technical abilities, the data science professional should be comfortable enough talking about business & presenting new ideas to the seniors & the stakeholders. This isn’t just a future-oriented career, but a promising field with amazing growth for a data science professional. If you’re one of the bright-eyed explorers, then it is the high time to look for prestigious big data and analytics certification.

Though getting SEO services is not so tough, but if you are going to invest your time and money, it is better to do some research before handing the quality of your website to some organization. But how to select a top SEO company in India? The few points are described in this article.


Are you planning to get your website SEO optimized? Do you want your website to appear in more searches whenever a user uses the keywords related to your site? That’s great! But have you selected any organisation that is best suited to meet your needs? It can be rather tiresome and confusing to search for any SEO organization that will not only provide amazing services but that too within your budget. And it can be really gruelling to find good SEO service provider in India as there are many people out there who charge huge amount and provide bad service.


So, I am here to help you select a good SEO company or organization in India.

  1. NEVER TRUSTS THE LINKS ON TOP OF THE SEARCH PAGE– Well, that’s what SEO is about right? These companies make their own website optimized with relevant keywords andthus are displayed at top whenever you search for that keyword. It doesn’t means that these companies are the best as they may not provide many great services or are not as efficient. They are simply on the top because they used the keywords optimization.
  2. WORD OF MOUTH– The top companies that provide great services are to busy to post their ads. They already have a huge number of loyal clients and they don’t need to advertise themselves to get new clients. Their quality of work makes people refer them to their friends and family. Basically, if you are hearing about a good organization from a person who has already availed their services, it will be a great benefit to get reviews. Thus word of mouth is the best way to find the best SEO organization.
  3. DON’T FALL FOR FALSE PROMISES– Most of the immature SEO firms promises to take your website to the first position or on the top of search on Google or other search engines. Don’t fall for these promises as it proves that they don’t know anything about this. They are just trying to lure you so that you will give them the job.
  4. SEO AUDIT OR A LITTLE DEMO– Before you give a full job of implementing SEO to any company, ask them to do an SEO AUDIT of your website for a suitable price. The SEO AUDIT gives you a thorough information on how SEO friendly your website is and where the SEO can be implemented for full advantage. If the said organization is doing a good SEO AUDIT, they can be trusted else you may think of finding another one.
  5. CHECK THE REFERENCES– Always try to contact few of the mentioned clients on the companies’ website. Sometimes, companies give fake name and contact no. of the clients. Even if the client’sname is legit, make sure to take a brief review of their performance.


These are just few points that will help you select a best SEO company in Lucknow, India. However, you may have to do a lot of digging before you select one.

Artificial Intelligence

Almost all tech savvy people these days know about the potential of cloud computing technology and how cloud platform has already affected businesses by effectively storing data and balancing the existing workloads is also known. Because cloud computing is the cutting-edge technology, a lot of companies need time to think and understand how cloud will continue to rise with time.

Cloud technology saw major changes when change in trends like rise of mobile started replacing computers and when rise in Internet of Things (IoT) platform came into picture. The big dream now is to see how artificial intelligence (AI) improvises cloud just the way cloud technology has improvised AI development.

According to a research by one of the biggest cloud company IBM, stated that the union of AI and cloud “insures to be a means to accelerate change and also be a source of innovation” The cloud can provide AI systems with all the information they need to learn from, at the same time the AI systems can provide information which can give cloud more data. The AI-cloud marriage can escalate the rate at which AI is developing, and the determination of cloud giants to research into AI shows that these are not just words. Also a study by IBM, “The cognitive advantage,” discloses that about 65 per cent of early adopters consider AI to be an important factor for their organizations success. And more than half say that AI is essential for digital transformation. As the capabilities of AI rise, so will the demand for cloud technology.

Artificial Intelligence enabled by cloud

About 90% of early cloud adopters claim that cloud technology will play an important role in their Artificial Intelligence initiatives in coming years. And more than 55% of users chose cloud-based services and are leveraging SaaS & PaaS to execute and deploy AI-infused cloud results. The early adopters have also share their experiences and claimed that enabling cloud technology will play a significant role in AI adoption. Hence we can say that pervasive AI is supported by pervasive cloud.

AI in the cloud today

We have seen a giant amount of investment on the capabilities of AI in the cloud platforms in the last few years. With tech-giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft leading the charge, many PaaS solutions have also started integrating AI abilities. After analyzing the present-day scenario of the cloud-AI technology, we can classify it into two major groups:

  • Cloud Machine Learning (ML) Platforms: Modern day technologies like AWS ML, Azure ML and the upcoming Google Cloud ML use a specific technology that is held responsible for powering the creation of machine learning But excepting Google Cloud ML that leverages Tensor Flow can be difficult because a large number of cloud ML technologies won’t permit implementation of AI programs coded in conventional AI.
  • AI Cloud Services: Technologies that support AI platform for business like IBM Watson, Google Cloud Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services or Natural Language application programming interfaces allow abstract complex AI capabilities via simple API calls. Using this you can incorporate AI capabilities without investing in sophisticated AI infra.

The AI technologies are bound to evolve with time and cloud platforms will switch from the level of basic support for AI capabilities to a much flexible model where AI programs are as widely supported as web and databases function today.

Can AI power the next phase of cloud technology?

The cloud technology is a well-established technology trend that is majorly ruled by IT companies like ESDS, Google, Amazon, etc. AI definitely carries unique features that can influence various next generations of cloud computing platforms. AI requires support for brand new programming paradigms also needs a new computing infrastructure. So, we can expect AI capabilities to be held and incorporated by the cloud as a principle element of its infrastructures. Also we can expect to see the advent of a new generation of cloud platforms powered by AI. Maybe we are entering the era of the AI-first cloud.

How to transform your business with artificial intelligence in the cloud?

A form of AI that businesses are increasingly resorting to are Chatbots that enhance their online presence. ESDS’ new chatbot service for the banking and other sectors hinges on Natural Language Processing system. This makes conversations with chatbots more ‘real’ since they are enriched with Neural Networking, predicting user-intent and executing the required dialog flow.

Businesses these days undeniably need Artificial Intelligence and business proprietors need AI technology to improvise the way they operate and help keep them ahead of their competitors. The greatest benefit of AI technology is the ability to improve efficiency of the businesses, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2016 survey. This also means AI can also be tedious tasks like predictive maintenance, product design, or streamlining logistics and cloud can make AI easier and cheaper to be executed. Demand for data scientists is rapidly increasing, and it will exceed supply to more than 50% in the next few years. Early AI adopters also expect that AI should solve the existing scarcity of data science talent. Business owners want AI to help them visualize, analyze, and strategize around large sets of data and AI is found to fills the gap by enabling the processing of big data. A survey held in 2016 by Narrative Science found that businesses and tech executives who used AI conveyed higher confidence in their ability to use big data. The combination of AI and cloud is shaping up to be a disruptive force across a lot of industry verticals. A survey by the Transparency Market Research predicted that using “machine learning (ML) as a service” the market is expected to grow from $1.07 billion in 2016 to $19.86 billion by 2025.

This AI-cloud relation not only creates a new way of thinking about other existing technologies and methodologies also brings a new degree of accessibility to AI technology. Thanks to cloud, AI technology is now available for your businesses. And this is not a myth or just an idea. This is real and truly functional. Talking about the evolution of AI, it hasn’t arrived fully. There are still a lot of challenges on the way for AI technology. But experimentation is the best way of overcoming these challenges. Cloud and AI are digitally converting the way we interact with the world.