Candles used to be an everyday necessity of life, not more than a century ago but now they are more of ornamentation. Even so, you cannot deny the romantic and nostalgic charm of the candles. The scented candles also have a calming effect and have medicinal healing properties of a minor degree which makes them a must-have of every household. What’s’ more? These candles also make always appreciated gifts from friends, families, and colleagues. They are cost effective and can be given to both intimate friends and mere acquaintances without any worries. You can save even more on these gifts by following these DIY candle making and revamping recipes.

#1 DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

Plant a wick inside any vintage porcelain cup you deem is the best, and hold the wick straight by rolling it around a pen or by clipping it with a clothespin.
Melt the candle wax in a boiling water bath. You can purchase any wax type (palm, soy, beeswax, paraffin). Or you can gather all the old ones in your home and melt them by suspending the container in hot water. When the wax is melted, add essential oils and food coloring (optional).
Pour the mix carefully into the teacup and let it sit. When solidified, remove the excessive wick and gift wrap it with ribbons to present it.

#2 DIY Scented Soy Candle Jars

Fix a wick in a mason glass jar and hold it straight. Heat up the soy wax. When it’s completely melted, add your favorite scented oil and stir. Pour the candle mix into the Mason jar and let it sit until hardens. Remove the excessive wick and crafted a label to separate various scents.

#3 Glitter DIY Candle Using Old Eyeshadow

Microwave wax until melted. Take an old eye shadow pallet or a broken one and add it to the melted wax. Pour it into the container and let it settle. You can also use alternate shades to make a more beautiful mix. The subtle makeup glitter will make your candle more beautiful.

#4 Coffee Candles

These candles will make your room smell delicious and soothe your nerves. You should try it in winters and you can also give them as Christmas presents. What you will need to do is follow the same procedure as other candles. Melt the wax until it becomes transparent. Now take a jar and fix the wick at the bottom and hold it in place with any pen or clipper. Pour a small amount the liquid candle in it and put a few coffee beans in it. They will immediately start to layer on top. You can use powdered coffee as well. Wait until this layer solidifies, now pour the second layer, put in the coffee and wait again. Keep repeating until the jar is full and you have an amazing coffee candle.

#5 Pumpkin Spice Candle

Repeat the standard candle making process. Heat the wax chips and have a mason jar fixed with a ready wick. Now when it’s time to put in essential oil, use pumpkin spice fragrant oil or simply add pumpkin spice. Add an orange crayon for color. Pour the mixture into the jar and let it settle. It’s that simple and… Happy Thanksgiving!

#6 Dragon Egg Candle

Why make them? Perhaps because they look AMAZING. You can use them as Easter gifts but they look cool all year around. They also make the perfect present for your GOT fan freaks.
You can create dragon egg candles by taking a jumbo Easter egg mold like the one shown below:

Melt the candle wax. You will need a larger quantity than an average candle. Melt it and put in crayons of dark colors or add candle dye. Now split the egg and fix the wick in bottom part. Hold it steady and fill the bottom with candle mixture. When it solidifies you can place a ceramic baby dragon on it for a dramatic flair. Drill a hole in top half and fix it with the bottom part. Pull the wick out of this hole and pour in the candle through the same hole. Leave the candle till it becomes solid set. Now remove the mold and carve a scaly pattern on the candle surface to give it dragon egg pattern. Use non-flammable spray paint to cover the surface and voila; you have a dragon egg candle.

#7 Dip Dyed Candle

Take a plain pillar candle. Melt the wax in another container and add a dark crayon in it. When the color is mixed well, dip the pillar candle in it and hold it for a few seconds. Place it on a parchment paper and then repeat the process. But this time dip it shallower than the top layer to create a varying shade impression. That’s all, your brand new artistic candle is all set.

Conclusion: So you have learned all the various exciting ideas for your next candle making project. You will now be able to discern what I meant when I said that candles can be both an intimate and a formal present, depending on the sender and the occasion. Once you have mastered the art of candle making, then comes the presentation of these candles. Surely you would like to present them in the same way as you are feeling. OXO Packaging can recreate your themes, feelings and seasonal feelings in custom candle boxes. These custom candle boxes will accommodate any type of shape of candles and keep them secure with style until the recipients open and use them. OXO Packaging experts know how to expertly create custom candle boxes in die-cut, window, corrugated and cardboard design and print them with high-quality inks for grand first impressions.


Why Learn Cello ?

Have it ever crossed your mind how people with so much talent able to perform with much confidence? How did they do that? Nowadays, many are engaging themselves on the different musical instruments on different genre. Depending on the likes and the trends, people is always on the go. But, how outstanding it is that they really play the music so well?

Cello lessons

A person who loves music really has the ability to play different instrument.  How about the instrument that rarely be seen lately? Cello, as we all know, can mostly be seen in the orchestra or concerts but not usual on the gigs or bars, isn’t it? Cellos are closely associated with classical music. It is considered as a big violin but can be played differently because it produces a lowest tune just like a male voice. If one wants to learn cello, he/she can search it online. But there is one site where they offer the best cello teacher at very affordable cost. Violin Lessons Singapore is a well known site in Singapore wherein they produce best and experienced teacher to teach cello lessons.

A Teacher Role

When enrolled with a good teacher, a lot can be learned and offered, proper technique and styles are being taught, mistakes will be pointed out and lessons of course can be learned faster than doing it on your own.  Furthermore, when you have a teacher, you can ask questions or you can have an active interaction where you can learn even more. Here are some testimonies that have gone through our lessons:

“I have realized that I cannot be good without someone to train me. A very thank you to Violin Lessons Singapore for providing such a good teacher for my cello lessons.” –Chloe, 25

“A friend of mine introduced Violin Lessons Singapore to me and it’s all worth it. At first, I am so reluctant because I have no idea how will it goes when you have someone to teach you because I have been playing different instrument my whole life and I learned it on my own. However, you wouldn’t know if you will not try and no regrets.” –Bryant, 28

“I am looking for a cello teacher when I ended up in Violin Lessons Singapore. I tried it because they offer lowest tuitions than others but when I already had my cello lessons, I was so amazed with my teacher because of her inputs and her excellence in playing cello. Indeed, I am satisfied.” –Riza, 21


The above testimonies are the reasons why Violin Lessons Singapore exists. They want to help develop the talent especially the younger ones. It doesn’t only enhance skills but also train how to discipline.  It also teaches the student to self expression, by this, one can be taught on higher stage of self development and produce confidence to perform.

Music is a way of life and lessons are important to have meaning in one’s life.

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A divorce is rarely welcome or anticipated. But in case it becomes inevitable, we must be prepared for it. You can start searching for a reliable divorce lawyer Boynton Beach. But even before that there are some facts you must know about filing for a divorce in the State of Florida.

Florida residency is a must: Either you or your spouse must be a legal resident of Florida. Or one of you must be a member of the armed forces stationed in the State.

Filing for dissolution of marriage: In Florida divorce is known as ‘dissolution of marriage’. To file for it, you or your spouse has to file a petition for dissolution of marriage in the Family Department of the local circuit court. Your spouse will then be served with the divorce papers and given time to respond.

No fault-based divorces in Florida: The State does not have fault based divorce, which means that you are not required find the ‘fault’. You can simply seek the divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences or show that one of the spouses has been mentally incapacitated since the last three years. In a ‘fault’ divorce, you are required to give reasons or state the fault of the spouse as reason for the divorce.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage: In Florida you can apply for a ‘simplified dissolution of marriage’ if you and your spouse agree on the division of property, forgo any alimony and are above 18. This is a quick and simplified process. However, it also means that you cannot later question your spouse ask for a financial disclosure.

Disclosing financial information: You will have to disclose your financial information within 45 days of filing for divorce. This is mainly marital assets. All assets that were acquired during the marriage by your and your spouse are considered marital assets. Non-marital assets, or those assets acquired before marriage can be excluded from this.

Asset distribution: Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that the courts are inclined towards an equal distribution of assets in most cases. However, in case a spouse’s ‘fault’ is cited, the court will consider various factors when distributing the assets, such as length of the marriage, presence of children, each spouse’s contribution towards the child’s upbringing, financial position of both spouses and so on. These can be fairly aggressive negotiations and the presence of a highly competent divorce lawyer Boynton Beach is highly recommended.