“The elements of good trading are: (1) cutting losses, (2) cutting losses, and (3) cutting losses. If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance” says Ed Seykota, a Commodities Trader and pioneer of Systems Trading.


Although trading is one of the hottest topics today, most people do cringe at the thought of trading itself. Be it a bitter past experience or failure to believe in the concept as a whole, trading can definitely mean different things to different people. But, like most things, trading isn’t something that needs be ‘difficult’ or ‘confusing’ as most people term it. You could choose to be as lenient or stringent with trading as you wish and still enjoy what you do. A good start is to keep a few Stock trading tips and tricks in your mind. Although this does not completely eliminate the fact that there are a few risks involved, it can help you foresee the concept in a much clearer way.


These amazing trading tips will make sure you never look at it the same way again:


  1. Work on your skills: Although ‘trading’ is not something that you can actually master, over a period of time you can always get better by doing it consistently. Your intuition, decision-making abilities and skills in terms of trading need to be sharpened to make the most of trading opportunities.


  1.  Work on being a patient trader: The stock market will not touch the skies the minute you start dealing. Understand that large companies (or even small ones for that matter) didn’t achieve success in the market overnight. Making sure you go at it consistently and being patient will increase your chances nevertheless.


  1.  Make sure your price targets are set high: Determining the level of profit that is acceptable to you as well as maintaining a stop-loss level is crucial. By keeping your targets set high, you eliminate chances of potential losses. This will also keep you determined as you progress higher on the ladder.


  1.  Keep a little ‘risk money’ aside: Although you may have plenty to shell out at the moment or even vice versa, making it a decision to keep aside that small sum for emergencies. This is helpful when the markets suddenly fall and you may not have that much capital when it does. Also, do not touch this sum unless you are in dire need of it. You’ll thank yourself for this later!


  1.  Don’t be too hard on yourself: Successful trading can be only learned with experience that comes by, of course, trading. Do not question your actions if you do not do well. Instead, measure and evaluate your decision and make sure you do not go by that path again. In such a competitive industry, it means a lot to be positive, learn consistently and be determined to move forward with every chance you get.


These simple but notable trading tricks will definitely make you a better trader and investor going forward! Along with it, be attentive, learn from every chance you get and work on being the best at every stage!


Technical analysts are familiar with breadth indicators. This is a class of indicators designed to measure how broad the participation in a price move is.  The general idea behind breadth indicators is that a healthy trend will have broad participation. In a bull market, for example, most stocks should be in uptrend’s.


This is based on the theory that a market with just narrow leadership is likely to reverse. This was seen in 2000 when just a few stocks were moving higher. These stocks carried a great deal of weight in the indexes and pushed the indexes up. Breadth warned of a problem and the bear market was a problem.


A popular breadth indicator is the advance-decline line which is calculated by subtracting the number of stocks declining every day from the number of stocks advancing.

A/D line = advancing issues – declining issues


Every day, technicians complete this simple calculation and chart the result, adding today’s result to the data. Generally, we see a line (the breadth indicator) that closely tracks the price action.


The Breadth of Fundamentals

When analyzing breadth indicators, technical analysts are generally looking for short term trends. There are tools and techniques technicians can use for longer term analysis but breadth analysis is usually focused on the short term.


Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, is generally focused on the long term. Fundamental analysts will study financial statements, using data that us updated just once every three months. The relatively slow pace of changes in the data drives a longer term perspective analysis for practitioners.


Tools of fundamental analysts are well known. They often consider different ratios based on financial statements to develop a market opinion. A financial statement actually consists of three different components and its possible to derive a ratio based on data from any of the components.


The first part of the financial statement is the income statement. This includes information about sales, expenses and income. Analysts created the price to earnings (P/E) ratio and price to sales (P/S) ratio to gauge the value of a stock based on the information in the income statement.


The next part of the financial statement is the balance sheet. Here the company provides information about its assets and liabilities. Analysts subtract the amount of liabilities from total assets to find the book value of the company. They can then use the price to book value (P/B) ratio to value the stock.


The final part of the financial statement is the statement of cash flows. This statement records how a company uses cash. Analysts have developed a number of calculations to help them interpret cash flow. Among the most popular tools are those associated with free cash flow (FCF).


FCF is a measure of a company’s financial performance, calculated as operating cash flow minus capital expenditures. FCF represents the cash that a company is able to generate after spending the money required to maintain or expand its asset base. The price to FCF (P/FCF) ratio is used to measure a stock’s value.


These tools are generally applied to an individual stock. For example, we may want to know whether a stock is cheap, relative to its peers, based on the P/E ratio, the P/B ratio or some other measure. There are also a number of other tools that can be used to value stocks.


Less popular is the idea of applying breadth analysis to fundamental indicators. For example, we could find how many stocks are trading with a low P/E ratio.  This would tell us whether or not the market as a whole is more generally overvalued or undervalued. These are stock market investment tips that need to be considered before buying them.


Some Stocks to Consider

For those looking for value in the current market, there are a few stocks that are cheap on all of our screens. These include Gulf Resources (Nasdaq: GURE), AU Optronics (NYSE: AUO), LG Display Co. (NYSE: LPL), Consumer Portfolio Services (Nasdaq: CPSS) and AEGON (NYSE: AEG).


During a bear market, that list of buy candidates will grow and value investors will be rewarded for their patience.


Is that your dream to build bigger awesome biceps? if yes then you are at right place! We have made research and limited the exercises for bigger biceps 4 practices for best and overwhelming result.

Many people has misunderstanding that biceps has direct proportion to heavy weights. And the weight exercise like chin ups on Chin up bar are indirect practice to hit your biceps and triceps. but that is not the case. it has more result that you think.

Here are some moves suggestion that directly target most of your arm muscle and you will see after some weeks of regular Exercise, your arms will be in attractive shapes that is you always wanted.

Here you need to focus on negative portion of the activity and perform it intentionally and gradually while getting  most of your chin ups. Chin ups negative portion activity means the movement where you came down with your body and your muscle extends/ stretch. keep in mind that slow development put more strain on your muscle which will assure you keep developing the attractive shape all through the process and match the activity to your wellness, also put yourself ,distance from any kind of injury or damage.

The Curl Free Biceps Workout

This Exercise come in your pulling movement with various types of grips and little bit of directional change to hit each and every area of your arms. do each activity constantly depending upon your strength, then rest for 2/3  minutes, and finish the remaining rounds.

Weighted Chin Ups, 6 Reps

In this Exercise you need to take 3 seconds to bring your body down and only 1 second to lift your body up

V-Grip Pulldowns, 12 reps 

In this one you need to connect a V-hold  connection to lat pull down station after that you need to sit at the station with your middle upright b putting your arms straight. Put your Grief on the handles with your palms confronting each other, Without your middle, Free standing Pull up Bar to trunk, by keeping your elbows to your body. you need to again take one second to pull the weight and three seconds to return to its position where it was in the beginning.

Commando Pull ups 6 reps

Pull ups Exercises with the wider, overhand grip has the less effect on your biceps than the chin ups, hence it is recommended  that you do commando pull ups where you do an overhand grasp with one hand and underhand hold with each other. make sure you do same number of reps while rotating the underhand and overhand between hands make distance yourself from unwanted muscle improvement.
Once more, Concentrating on Descending bit of development and performing it gradually to get the best result. likewise with venturing ups, jaw ups onto a stool or case will help you doing this exercise.

Inclined Pull ups 12 reps:

This is type of Extraordinary exercise since it has result on biceps and enables yourself to alter it to good wellness level.  by bringing down the bar level. its putts no weight on your back so it’s an best option of alternate activities out there.  On the off chance that you don’t have a bar near to, you can use the edge of a table to bolster yourself, the length of it doesn’t move and is sufficiently secure to bolster your weight without breaking.

Because of many reasons for ex . sitting  for longer our in offices for work can result in lower back pain. Reason for pain in the backside cause to last longer for impermanent inconveniences. here we suggested some exercises that involves our Free standing Pull up Bar tools and is very effective solutions when it comes to lower back pain. while there are some other exercises too that are not with pull up bar that can simply be done on chair.

Gluteus maximus  muscle which is located in the buttlocks and is considered as a strongest muscles in the body, this muscles is responsible for movement of thigh and hip. because of sitting longer at one place without any exercise this muscles end up shot and powerless which could result in lower back pain. while this muscles is most important for movement.

Following are some exercises for solution to this

1) Spinal Decompression Stretch

This is most simple and effective solution the minimize your lower back pain within short period of time which only need a chin up bar tools

  • Make sure you have good grip on pull up bar and body is hanging
  • when you are in that position try to touch your toes to the ground if in case you are much taller than the height of bar.
  • your head should be in forward direction, make sure that your grip is tight while doing this step.
  • stay in that position and hang for whatever length of time you can. in the first move you will not able hang long until you do the same exercise regularly. In this way you will be able to get read of your back pain.



2) The Seated Legs to Chest stretch

when the maximus  muscle are not stretched and is powerless that is the reason pain in that particular region occur. because of this, the muscles get very weak which plays most important roles while moving your hips and body. if they are not stretched properly it will result in lower back pain.

  • seat on chair, raise one knee up and bring the internal thigh up towards your trunk you can use your hands for bringing your leg to your trunks.
  • hold your back straight and hold in same position for two minutes.
  • relax down and practise with other leg
  • repeat on regular basis for the best result


in this exercise you should not try to take your legs towards your chest fully. this kind of exercises needs extensive periods of holding to get the muscles relax fully.


Everyone here has dream of favourite biceps that remain particularly close to heart. it doesn’t matter how old and wiser you are, or how sincerely you perform your “functional fitness”, deep in heart you guys really loves when it comes to biceps curls.

Now according to my experiences in gym the most popular exercises for biceps is doing variety of curls. however, I figured out that many of this exercises  or movements are giant waste of time and energy without benefits. because what is most important work out here is Chin ups on Chin up bar.

In a study commissioned by the American council on workout examined on the muscle it has been concluded that growth is done by the 8 common exercises.

the winner here were the concentration curl, which outstrip by the cable curl. But right behind was the most important chin ups which takes bronze beating against all other types of exercises including incline curl, preacher curl and barbell curl.

the most important and best part of chin ups is it doesn’t need access to whole set of barbells and dumbbells. what only you need is a chin up horizontal bar. if gym is not feasible for you then you can adjust it in your garden space which would not take a lot space. it comes up with custom design and variety of

gripe positions in order multiply your muscle group. this custom design makes it a best and perfect tools for chin ups and pull ups. it takes only minutes to fold when not in use.

This chin up bar comes with comfort and good durability. you will definitely come to know that this is ultimate fitness workout tool to develop and grow your biceps, back, abs and arms. this is the best and last way to  take your upper body fitness exercise to next best level.

when it comes to both pull ups and chin ups the question arises in mind which is better? while i realise there should not be any comparison in between this two both the bodyweight exercises are great at their own level. chin ups here  target biceps more effectively while pull ups targets the lower trapezius and lattissimus dorsi. In chin ups for biceps hand position make it easier.

which is the reason  most of the people find chin ups easier than pull ups. if you are looking for emphasize your biceps or if doing pull ups is difficult for you then starting with chin ups on Free standing Pull up bar will make sense.

With the fitness industry booming in Canada it was obviously going to be Toronto at the forefront of the boom. Being the largest City in Canada it was always going to be. Now I’m not being overly pro-Toronto here… Or maybe I am? Well regardless we all know that the fitness boom isn’t going away!

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Well here at Extreme Fitness we’re all about you. We can help you achieve your goals and for no extra price. It’s all part of our philosophy. You just can’t out train a bad environment and there are too many of those in Toronto right now. It’s about the quality of the gym you train in. This is where we excel.

Our excellent approach to client training has seen our members get shredded through our fat-loss programs. We’ve aided members pack on pounds of solid muscle weight. Our approach is the patented massive me program that we created to help you get into the best shape of your life. It can be tailored to everyone’s needs as we know everyone is different. We work with you to understand where you’re coming from and that’s why we’re better. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, trust me that isn’t what we do on any level but I do promise you that our gym and our massive me program will be the quickest an d most efficient way to get the new you that you want now!

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Best Way to Lose Weight for a Healthy Body

The best way to lose weight is the method through which people achieve their dreamed body and curves and at the same time manage to keep their health undamaged. What is the point of looking good on the outside if your inside was badly damaged? From here readers can draw their own conclusion: starvation is not a preferable way of losing weight.

When thinking of the best way to lose weight, people should definitely not think about: low carbs diet, high protein diets, low fat diet or fat free diets, sugar free diet, or other diets that totally exclude some aliments, diets that direct people towards consuming only a certain category of foods.

From the beginning these kinds of techniques should look suspicious to people due to their imposed limitations and should not be perceived as the best way to lose weight. How is the human body benefiting from a diet that involves eating cabbage each day? Due to the fact that our organisms don’t receive all the necessary nutrients our metabolism starts burning carbs, which on the long run leads to accumulated deposits of fat. Those are unaesthetic for sure.

Best Way to Lose Weight in 3 Steps

The best way to lose weight revolves around 3 basic principles:

  • Working out,
  • Eating the right food,
  • And a life free of stress.

It seems all quite simple and it basically is after you discover the right combination for the above three key elements. Combine them in the way that will make you look like you always wanted and you obtain the best way to lose fat.

The first principle is quite important in a diet and it is even more important after that, for keeping the lost pounds away from your body. Moreover, it helps people lose weight not in a flat way it allows them to maintain a curved body. The second principle is of crucial importance also and eating the right amounts is what makes the difference. And finally, the third principle is primarily not good for our health and secondly it makes our body deposit fat,

Best Way to Lose Weight – Motivation

The best way to lose weight also incorporates an ingredient that not many people talk about: motivation. As in every aspect of our lives, motivation plays a very important roll.

It is wonderful that in the process of losing fat no one is alone. There are people that have dedicated their life for discovering the best way for getting rid of unwanted pounds. They may be gym instructors who have studied every muscle in the human body and what is the best exercise for making that muscle change completely the aspect of your body. An example is with the abdomen muscles. Belly fat is present even in the case of slim figures and trained specialists have revealed to us what is the best way to lose weight in that area.

Other individuals that have revealed their secrets in losing fat are regular individuals just like us who battled overweight for long years until deciding to put an end to it. Fortunately, they succeeded in coming up with the best way to lose weight and now we can too.

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The use of fat burners can reduce fat, lose weight and it can be thought of starting to act. It’s not easy to lose fat by just dieting and exercising when your body is full of fat You can use the tool like raspberryketoneplusreview com is used to burn fat quickly. The nuratrimreviewed org uk is considered as best fat burners

Metabolism is a process which increases to burn the fat process when you feel hungry and increases the stomach hunger when it is quite. The website raspberryketoneplusreview com for metabolic actions to get natural results.

Energy boost: on comparison with diet where you body feels loose and less on energy due to low amount of food consumption which also affects your work In case with fat burners your body will feel the amount of energy like never before as fat burners are made to burn fat and during the process as soon as your body starts burning fat it is converted into energy by the metabolism process plus you get energy from whatever amount of food you eat A great amount of energy is got when you consume the supplement on nuratrimreviewedorg uk fat burners You can use this energy to work out to give your body desired shape while your body loses fat quickly

Adding to this other conditions like climate, impure air is also a reason for not losing weight. If your body is not fit and health due to the above reasons it can catch disease easily. Fat burners are only meant to burn the extra amount of fats present in the body but with little efforts one can achieve great body fitness and can keep the body healthy

As mentioned earlier fat burners such as raspberryketoneplusreview com and nuratrimreviewed org uk are the best websites to reduce fat burners which is available in the market. To know how safe they are is known only after consuming them and starts burning the stored fats to convert them into energy and lastly is extracted via metabolism process. By taking this supplement the rest of the body functioning is untouched and chances of damage are nil.

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People have a number of reasons that motivate them to become fit, and yours are probably different from those of your friends. It is quite possible that you only would like to feel better, with no desire for extra muscle or to get rid of a few pounds. If you are a player, training for a particular event may be what drives you, or if a regular member of a team perhaps you just wish to contribute the best you can. In many cases, the training you do may have plenty of room for improvement and in this article we are going to have a look at ways you can take your training to the next level.

As a preliminary step you have to identify what you are working towards, what your ultimate objectives are. You should not underestimate the value of this step: the voyage to any destination will vary depending on where you are now, your starting point. Someone who would like to shed pounds and get slimmer will require a very different exercise plan than an individual trying to build muscle and put on weight. Different sports may call on you to carry out activities that are rather different, and this will determine what exercises must be done in order to improve. Wanting to jump higher requires an exercise plan different from one designed to help you throw a discus farther.

An abundance of information now exists when it comes to nutrition and how this can help you do better in general; all the best athletes realize and respect this. No matter your training level, your body needs to be given the correct nutrients to achieve the results you desire. There are ways you can alter your diet program and use nutritional supplements to get the best out of your training and it is worthwhile taking advice in this respect. Modifications you need to make anyway are getting rid of bad fats and too much sugar.

A personal trainers help could be of great benefit with regards to creating plans to meet your targets. Nutritional advice and selecting the right exercises for you are the basic starting point. A further benefit from having a personal trainer is the motivational assistance you can expect to get. There is also an abundance of information available these days which addresses many different subjects in the area of health and fitness. If, for example, you really want six pack abs, to build muscle or improve your vertical leap, youll find information products in these areas on the web. If you take the time to educate yourself and conduct some research, you will find ways to improve your training.

If you are willing to take your fitness to a higher level, you simply need to make the commitment to do that and in doing so, youll see the difference in the effectiveness of your training.

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