As homeowners suffer from financial hardships and this could result in losing their homes, also the business owners experience tough times that could negatively affect their business. When it comes to preventing the possibility of declaring bankruptcy or defaulting a loan, businesses do have one feasible solution available for them, and this is known as ‘workout loan’. However, it is essential to identify whether you really need to pursue this process. It is best to seek for loan modification after you thoroughly exhausted all the other possibilities.

If your lender ends up agreeing to meet with you for making a discussion about a commercial ‘workout loan’, then you have to find the necessary documentation according to the lender needs. This type of paperwork will help back up your claim that you are currently experiencing financial hardships and are not able to make your monthly loan payments on time. Ensure to have any alternative efforts you have tried ineffectively before you contact to your lender.

Receiving a workout loan can ease the financial stress that you might have been dealing with. Depending on the outcome, you can arrange for an interest only payment or end up paying less per month. Alternative probability is prolonging the period of repayment. All of these in a loan workout allow you to get your cash flow together and keep your business running.

Factors Considered For Qualifying For a Workout Loan

Qualifying for a workout loan will entirely depend on whether or not foreclosing on a commercial property will cost more than a commercial workout loan from lender’s point of view. Following are the factors that a lender will consider for this are:

  • The amount of equity within the commercial real estate
  • The installment history of the borrower and continuously late or financial hardships add to misconduct
  • The current financial status of the borrower
  • The income producing property has the capacity to deal with the recently restructured loan terms
  • Regional or nearby economic situations

Business owners looking for Workout Loans will need to provide a business plan to the lender. This plan justify to the lender why a workout for modifying existing mortgage loan or influence installment arrangements will fly.

Steps to a Successful Loan Workout

You need to follow the below steps for successful approval for workout loan:

  • Required Paperwork

The required paperwork is collected from the property owners. The documents required for this purpose are, rental agreements, copies of the expenses incurred in the previous year, copies of mortgage note, etc.

  • Research Analysis

Before submitting a workout loan to the lender, a financial snapshot of your situation is required. The lender is concerned with your ability to pay every month if your loan was restructured to more favorable terms. Ascertaining the current market value, rental rates and existing comparable sales are some of the important factors to be considered. After reviewing that all the documents are correct and complete, a workout package is created.

  • Lend Submittal

Once a confirmation of delivery is received from the lender, the submission package is forwarded to a workout professional. Non confirming receipt of the workout package by the lender describes that having your file stuck somewhere in the mail room for weeks.

  • Negotiation Process

The workout specialist analyses the package and presents a loan modification offer. Sometimes the owner of the property or third party workout firm will make counter offer until an agreement is expected with favorable terms of loan. The whole process from starting to the end almost takes 2 to 3 years to complete. Keep in regular contact with the workout professional at the lender until a proposal is received.

  • Final Approval

Once the lender approves the newly restructured mortgage loan, application is presented to the property owner for analysis. The property owner can anticipate the following options:

  • Lower interest rate
  • Greater cash flow or reduction of principal
  • Deferment of payments
  • Extended maturity date

The lender can propose any combination of these options. Finally, the modified loan documents are signed by both the parties to make the necessary changes official. For more information of Private Finance Lenders visit here :

If you are looking for a safe and trustworthy online trading partner then your obvious choice should beOntega. The trading platform is user-friendly and helps to guide beginners through all aspects of trading like how to start trading, the procedure to analyse the market, how to detect the current trend and how to manage the risk. The platform helps you to achieve advanced goals by placing certain requirements.  With Ontega you don’t need thousands of dollars to invest. Traders can download Ontega app and get started.

By investing only $5 you can have access to limitless trading opportunities to gain profit in the financial markets. Ontega also provides you the facility of learning and trading together into one platform. The process is broken up into small steps so that it will be easier for you to make quick progress. It will also give you the opportunity to earn more.

Moreover, you will get Xpoints for your various actions as an investor. You will also be rewarded for your experience as well. In this way, Ontega will provide you with an enriched online trading experience.

Ontega Platform

With Ontega Platform you don’t need to sign it up. You can just leave your details or open an account in order to visit the trading platform as a guest visitor. The platform is web-based, so there is no need to download or install anything new. This platform can work efficiently on your desktop and mobile devices. This is a unique combination of learning and trading together.

Different investment plans which can help users:

The different types of investment plans offered by Ontega are discussed below:

  1. Beginners:

If you are a beginner and you don’t have any prior knowledge of financial trading then Ontega trading platform is the right choice for you. With this trading platform you will have the opportunity to gain experience in financial trading in a low-risk environment. They will also provide you with step by step learning process. You just need to invest $5 to get the opportunities like free learning course, email support, no entry bonus and many others.

  1. Trader:

With their trader investment plan, you can gain experience in financial trading in a low-risk environment. You can set more advanced goals by learning about the price movements and financial risk management. You just need to invest $50 to get the facilities like trader interface, minimum risk level, email support, self-learning centre and $25 entry bonus.

  1. Advanced:

To avail the advanced trading plan you need to invest $200. By using their advanced trading plan you don’t need any other financial trading apps. This trading plan of Ontega will give you facilities like advanced interface, full profit-risk range, advanced trading tools, phone support, personal trainer and $100 entry bonus.

  1. VIP:

This trading plan is usually for the experienced financial traders. This plan is specially designed in the professional way to turn your smartphone into a powerful financial trading tool. They offer different types of facilities to help you to become one of the top financial traders. The facilities offered by them include an advanced interface, full profit risk range, personal trainer, VIP priority support, VIP account manager and VIP Mega Bonus. You just need to spend $1000 to get all the facilities.

The Ontega Trading Academy:

Ontega gives you the opportunity to “learn as you trade, trade as you learn”. This platform provides you the facility of learning the trade and keep earning as you trade. This online trading platform is designed using advanced technology that prompts you by providing right knowledge at right time. They offer you certain courses and specific positions that help you in your progress.

Their online trading course helps you to set and achieve more advanced goal to become a successful financial trader. Their course and video materials are designed in a careful way by the leading professional financial traders. They will help you to gain the needed skills to become a successful financial investor.

Moreover, you can gain xPoints by taking their online course. You can use their xPoints to unlock bonuses and advanced trading tools. You can participate in their quiz programs and earn certificates that you can share with your colleagues and friends. Some of their most popular courses are what are online trading, benefits of online trading, and the super tool: the economic calendar, how to minimise the risk, understanding the margin and the power of leverage.


Ontega is one of the most popular trading platforms that is famous among the online financial traders for low minimum deposit and simplified trading platform. They are available with many personalised features and the simplistic interface. Once you create your account or download the app to get started, you will come across endless trading opportunities. Many popular online websites like Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost has appreciated their online trading platform for providing great opportunities to the investors.

Merger and Acquisition companies usually involve restructuring 2 companies based on the type of purpose, type of control, goals and objectives to be achieved with a collaboration. A brief about how an M&A advisory firm facilitates the joining of two companies to make it efficiently function as one is been explained below.

Let us now understand in simple terms of how Acquisition and Merger works. Merger happens when two or more companies infuse as one and benefits from the process of being a single entity. Acquisition works on the principle of being called as an ‘extreme case of merger’. This scenario transpires when one organization takes over the other and runs it under their own banner.

Mergers and acquisitions can be of various forms. We present to you some of the forms. Low touch ownership, horizontal merger, merger under equals, vertical merger, take over, conglomerate, and reverse merger are some of the types of mergers.

In a low touch ownership acquisition, it is made sure that even though the company has been bought, it is ensured that the old policies and principles are been preserved especially when the company is functioning very well. In merger and equals, two organizations with considerable assets are being combined with respect to product and service perspective and provide better productivity. In a take over the acquisition, most of the doings of the previous company bought over are being undone and they all are been dissolved into the organization that has purchased the company.

The benefits of combining companies through M&A is usually associated with the efficiency and the capability it provides to better the already existing business. Apart from this reason, some of the benefits can be, reduced labour costs, acquiring better and smart resources to accomplish tasks, compounded financial resources, an increase in share market value, and increased power of distribution. However, advantages bring along disadvantages too. The legal formalities can add up to a huge cost to acquire a company. Also, the merger and acquisition can have a bad publicity as a result of which the stock prices for the company might fall.

The major aim of M&A advisory firms is to strategically increase a company’s size through service area, talent, and expanded customer base. However, the procedures need to be carried out with great care. As the process involves time and money the business must be sure before getting into M&A. You could take advice from a reputed firm like JM Financial. The firm specializes in a various spectrum of businesses that range from Investment Banking, Equity, Debt, Commodity Sales and Trading, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management Services, Asset Management, Alternative Asset Management, Financing and Lending, Housing Finance and Distressed Asset Management. Their impeccable services have garnered JM Financial a huge satisfied customer base. Kindly do visit their website and see the various portfolios in the offering.

As a newbie to learning guitar, you obviously have a few questions. Acoustic guitar produces some of the best sounds, and is indeed the best choice for learning guitar. However, you would struggle with picking up the guitar if you are not sure if it is quite the help or not. Here are some of the common questions asked by people who are about to start learning the instrument and the answers to these common questions.

Is there an age to learn guitar?
Most people want to know if they are too old or too young to learn the guitar. Good news for them, there is no age limit to learning the instrument, if you are keen to learn it. You should be passionate and should want to learn the instrument, and that should be enough to get started.

The brain definitely responds differently with age, and the learning abilities are slowed down but, you should not give up even then.

Is an instructor important?
The second important question is whether you need a guitar teacher to complete your guitar lessons. We would say yes. It helps learn better and effectively. The teacher would be able to plan out your lessons according to your ability and will make sure you learn without injuring yourself. They would even help you with how to hold the guitar properly, and make sure you know the technicalities associated with acoustic guitar. However, if you don’t want to invest in a teacher, you can always opt for the DIY lessons and other videos available on the Internet. They will help you too.

Do the fingers hurt when playing?
If you have just started playing the guitar, chances are your fingers will hurt. This holds true specifically for the acoustic guitar. It will take sometime for the fingers to get used to the guitar and build callouses that will make playing easier. The callouses too, last for a while before your skin goes back to being soft again.

How many hours should I practice per day?
It depends on the kind of progress you want to make at the end of the lessons. For significant progress, you should ideally spend at least 10-20 mins everyday. If you practice daily and perfectly, you might be able to achieve the consistency and quality you aim for.

Is theory important?
Well, theory has its own importance. Though, it is not necessary to learn the guitar, it is very essential if you want to write songs or compose your own music. It would do you good if you learn theory as a start to learning guitar.

Should I own a guitar?
We suggest having your own acoustic guitar can help you with the practice sessions, and achieve your goal. However, it is important to support the guitar with acoustic guitar insurance. That will help you keep the guitar in check, maintain it and sustain it for a longer time. Research the providers available for the guitar insurance and choose the one who offers the best deal.

A credit card is one of the most used financial tools nowadays. Whether it’s retail purchases, bill payments, or flight bookings, a credit card is quite beneficial in various ways. But the one thing your credit card is not best suited for is cash withdrawal. Let’s find out why.

What Makes A Credit Card Not Suitable for Cash Advance

Most credit cards allow you to withdraw a portion of your approved credit limit in the form of cash, but it is not advisable to use your credit card for instant cash. Here’s why:

  • Cash Advance Fee: When you use your credit card to withdraw cash, you are charged various fees. Cash advance fee is the major fee. This fee is charged based on the amount of funds withdrawn. Most banks charge you up to 5% of the total amount withdrawn for every cash advance transaction made on your card.
  • ATM Fee: When you use your card at an ATM to withdraw cash, you are also charged by the bank of that particular ATM in the form of ATM fee.
  • Higher Rate of Interest: Interest rates for cash withdrawal are generally higher when compared to the interest rates for retail purchases made on the card. Most banks charge an interest of 18% p.a. on cash advances. Whereas, the interest rate for retail purchases made on a credit card would lie mostly in the range of 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
  • No Grace Period: You don’t get a grace period for the cash advances made on your credit card. Most banks charge the interest for a cash advance from the date of cash withdrawal. This would make it difficult for you to minimise your expenses.
  • Overseas Transaction Fee: If you use your credit card for cash withdrawal overseas, it just attracts more charges such as the overseas transaction fee. Such charges add on to the usual charges such as cash advance fee and ATM fee. It is best for you to not use your card to withdraw cash overseas.

Keep in mind

  • Use your credit card to withdraw cash only in emergency situations where you require instant cash.
  • Look out for other alternatives before you opt for a credit card cash withdrawal.
  • Know the maximum limit of funds you can withdraw using your credit card. Most cards have a limit for cash advances.
  • Once you withdraw cash using your credit card, make sure to repay the amount quickly in order to avoid paying high interest and to minimise your debt.
  • Make sure that you actually require cash before opting for cash advance.
  • Do not make this a habit or use this facility whenever you need instant cash.
  • Never ignore the terms and conditions associated with your card’s cash withdrawal facility.

Remember that cash advances on your credit card can affect your finances due to the extra charges. It is recommended that you avoid cash withdrawals on your card as far as possible. Consider it only as the last resort for emergency cash.

Many companies at some point in time tend to falter. There could be many reasons for the same. The reasons could vary from internal or external factors that make the company go weak. To curb any further damage or losses to the organization, many financial institutes and banks join hands to restructure the debt of the faltering company and provide it timely support in terms of finance to nurse the sick company back to health.

The other underlying factor is to protect the interests of the stakeholders, investors and similar people who act as potential lenders. Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) works out well especially for companies who have borrowed money from more than one institute. CDR comes to the rescue specifically because it works on a larger interest of protecting everybody’s interest.

Corporate Debt Restructuring in India comes into picture when it is on a point of insolvency. The process of restructuring is implemented when the company profits look viable, but due to some unsolved factors, it continues to incur losses. The factors can range from change of interest rates, change in trade policies by the government, change in the currency and various other factors. CDR gives a second lease of life to the failing company by getting different parties with vested interest in the company to get into different kind of arrangements with the organization in terms of exchanging their debt with the investors in return for a percentage of ownership in the shares of the company. The arrangement could also be waiving off a part of the loan or both parties decide not to take action on each other until a fixed period for finding a solution has not lapsed.

Corporate Debt Restructuring in India was introduced in the year 2001. During this year, RBI came up with a mandate that was required to be followed by the banks and other financial institutions. The mandate simply states that if 75% of the creditors agree to help the failing organization, the other 25% will have to agree to help the 75% creditors to save the company. CDR is made available only if the outstanding debt of creditors and debtors should be 100 million or above.

To avail such facilities, one can contact JM Financial firm. The firm specializes in offering a broad spectrum of business solutions. JMFL provides services that range from Investment Banking, Debt, Commodity Sales and Trading, Equity, Financing and Lending, Housing Finance Wealth Management, Portfolio Management Services, Alternative Asset Management, Asset Management, and Distressed Asset Management. Kindly visit their site to know more about their offerings.

There are many cars for sale all over the internet and no matter how many times you hear about internet scams, the internet is still a nice place to buy cars. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to buy a car. If you want to buy a car on the internet, here are a few tips for you.

Meet the seller in person

Make sure you stick to sellers in your area. It is very important to meet the sellers before you give out any money. Make sure to have someone to come along with you when meeting with the seller. I have always bought a car on the internet and each party always came with an extra person. Avoid sellers that offer to deliver the car to you even with car finance Auckland. Some companies will tell you to send them money but once you send the money, you will never hear from them again.

Look for clear photos

Before buying any car on the internet, look for a seller that provides clear photos of the car. Get as much information about the car as possible. You need to see the interior, the exterior and the engine of the car. It is also important to look for the performance features.

Be wary of poor language

If you receive emails from the seller that contain constant grammatical mistakes, it should be a red flag. You will likely to be talking to robots and not real persons. They may be mass produced emails that are sent to everyone to inform them about false cars for sale. They will try to tell you to send money to them or get your bank information and steal from you. Even if it is not a scam, a genuine seller should put in some effort to show seriousness. Read more:

Oboe reeds play an important and indispensable role in making sure you play the tunes right. If you are starting out with Oboe, the first thing you need to make sure is that the reeds are not too hard. Something soft or medium-soft should work for you. In a market filled with different types and styles of reed, finding something that meets your unique demands is going to be slightly difficult. However, it is important you choose a good oboe reed supplier for the perfect reed for your needs. Let’s get started with how.

Where to buy?
This is where you will need to start your search. Where should you go to buy the reeds. There are many suppliers available online and offline. You may even know the ones that sell the best kind of reeds to you.

You can always research into the supplier and make sure you have the best one on-board. However, even though you have chosen the same make and supplier from last time, chances are you would get a slightly different type of reed, as they tend to change with the climatic conditions and other aspects.

You may want to check into the hardness of the reed and also other physical considerations, and match it with what you have, before making the purchase.

The cost of the reed
The next thing you will need to consider when choosing a supplier is the cost of the reed. Yes, the reed cost varies as per the external factors and also according to the discounts offered by the supplier. Even the brand associated with the reed can affect the cost of the reed.

On an average, the price of the reeds is somewhere between 11 and 14 pounds. If you want a professional reed, then the price can go as high as 20 pounds. The level of professionalism also affects your reed purchase.

The life of a reed
Every supplier has a different version of the life of the reed. Some say it lasts over 6 weeks while, a few others claim it lasts for a few weeks, say less than 4. However, it is important for you to know the life of your reed, and how long it will last, before you make the decision. On an average, a good quality reed from an excellent brand and by a good supplier will last for around 4-6 weeks.

However, to extend the life of the reed, you need to take care of it properly. You should make sure you wash your hands and the mouth before you play the instrument. Make sure you clean the oboe and the reed with a clean and soft cloth regularly. Getting it serviced by the supplier is essential.

The final call on the supplier is made on the basis of the Oboe insurance. The choice of the insurance and the cover offered will help you decide on the supplier. You need to make sure the supplier offers a good deal and excellent cover with the insurance for the instrument.

Covered calls, also called buy-writes, give you an approach to diminish unpredictability in your portfolio and additionally give you a superior premise in your exchanges – however you’ll have to put the work in to make sense of how to choose the best stocks and the best alternatives for this technique.

New to Covered calls? This blog will get you up and running in less than 15 minutes.

What are Covered calls?

Covered calls are a merging of a stock and alternative position.

Covered calls are a net alternative offering position. This implies you are expecting some hazard in return for the premium accessible in the choices advertise. This “danger” is that your long stock will be detracted from you by the call choice purchaser – this is known as task chance.

Covered calls are endless risk, constrained reward. The endless risk is like owning stock, and the restricted reward originates from the short call premium and the value-based increases you may have. In return for restricting your risk, you have preferable chances of gain fullness over a basic long stock play.

A covered call brings down your risk. You are not helpless before the market cost of the stock. You effectively claim it. A practiced contract is not any more a major risk. You’ll need to offer your stock, however you know the cost at which you’d need to offer. A practiced shrouded call as a rule brings about a slight benefit, particularly in the event that you offer it at a strike value that you will offer the stock. You know about the most extreme benefit early, however.

It’s an options technique for a dealer who feels marginally bullish about the basic stock’s position. You figure the stock cost will increment, however just marginally. You don’t hope to make excessively on the stock. Keeping in mind the end goal to expand your benefits, you compose or offer the covered call. You influence the premium in addition to any benefits you to make if the call is doled out. Keep in mind however, the call can terminate useless. On the off chance that it does, you leave with the purchaser’s premium.

A covered call won’t make you rich, however it might give somewhat more wage than straight stock possession would give.

Structure of a Covered Call

The most ideal way for new dealers to perceive Covered calls is visually.
Keep in mind, in the options exchange you can both get long options and short options- each with its own particular one of a kind hazard trademark.

We should begin off with 100 offers of stock- – this is quite simple to speak to. At the point when a stock goes up you profit, and when it goes down you lose cash. This is likewise on a 100:1 premise – if a stock goes up $1, you make $100. In alternatives terms, this gives us a delta of 100.

The following part is the short call alternative that covers the stock. Since this is an alternative, it can get a little dubious on the grounds that the delta (directional presentation) can change. In any case, at alternatives lapse it has clear hazard parameters.

At termination, if the short alternative is out of the cash, it will have a delta of 0. On the off chance that the choice is in the cash, it will have act quite recently like 100 offers of short stock.

The cool thing about mixes in the alternatives showcase is that they have total hazard – that implies you simply need to include them together. This is what a covered call looks like aggregate.

At lapse, if the stock is under the strike value, the position will carry on like stock. Furthermore, if the stock is over the strike value, the position will have no directional presentation.

Yet, hold up – one moment! This is the thing that the hazard looks like at lapse. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about when there is time cleared out? Well… that time implies more risk, and that implies more outward incentive in the short option. So your genuine hazard when you put on an exchange.

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Accounting can be classified into two basic types – financial accounting and managerial accounting. The information that is public to stockholders, customers, creditors, and regulatory bodies is termed as financial accounting. On the other hand, the information of a company that is not made public, such as salaries, profits, and the cost of goods produced fall under the category of managerial accounting. This type of accounting helps make financial decisions about the company which helps propel a business forward in good health.

Bookkeeping on the other hand includes maintaining records of expenditures, on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. This helps keeping a track on the day to day workings of a company and does not create a mess of things when one sits for accounting or when time comes of the auditing of a company.

All in all, a continuous monitoring as well as refining of business should be done by a company on a regular basis. This not only ensures the proper running of the company but also keeps your company’s clients and customers in good faith. They know that you are responsible and would retain maintaining business transactions with your company. It is a matter of trust and that should not be treated lightly.

Xcel Accounting does just that. It is a Dubai based company consisting of Chartered Accountants who strive to provide some of the best accounting services Dubai has ever seen via the company. The various services provided by the company include – part time CFO, accounting outsourcing, internal audits, business plans, business valuation, due diligence, software selection and implementation, accounting workshops and accountant mentoring, etc. The accounting workshops organised by Xcel Accounting are in fact very popular. The company believes that it is important for the clients to have a proper know-how of the various nitty-gritties of accounting, VAT, etc. It is because of this that Xcel Accounting ranks among the best accounting firms in Dubai, in fact it ranks among the best accounting firms in UAE as a whole.

In order to ensure good accounting and bookkeeping the guidelines are –

  • First of all, the daily business transactions need to be entered in the business ledger which would maintain a permanent financial history of the business. This ledger very accurately marks the daily transactions keeping a log of it and this helps evade any discrepancies later creeping up during billing or payment. This also helps maintain an audit trail which can be later interrogated by auditors. All you have to do in that situation is to present your company ledger as a closing argument.
  • The customers and the clients should be handed in regular invoices whose copy should be maintained by the company to avoid any future controversy.
  • A regular cash-flow report should be maintained.
  • The bookkeeper or the accountant should provide a regular financial review of the company. This is needed for the unimpeded running of the company.
  • “Statements” should be sent out to the clients or customers.