We are largest manufacturer and exporter of “Plastic Extrusion Plant and Rope Making Machine” in Gujarat, India. Bobbin Winder is highly demandable product for various industries mainly like Rope And Yarn (Textile) Manufacturer etc…

Winding machine (winder) is also called wrapping string, twine, cord, thread, yarn, rope, wire, ribbon, tape, etc. feeding to spool, bobbin, reel, etc.

Bobbin Winder is mainly use for yarn winding and it is best Option to direct (Online) winding. It’s all parts cutting with the help of CNC Plasma cutting machine and for better signing we are also using Blasting machine. Our machine product is well coated with high quality of powder. Bobbin Winder is available in Multiple Stations such as 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and above with individual control systems. We are using flange type Bobbin, all Bobbins have separate Magnetic lock.

In Bobbin Winder travelling unit works with Electronic & Mechanical Attachment by travelling unit and Motor is 0.25 HP, 1440 RPM. Winding Motor is 1 HP, 440 Volts Torque Motor for each individual station And Individual On/Off Switch provided for each Stations.

We setup winding speed as per customers requirement. The facility for setting of the Travelling Size from 75 mm to 300 mm according to the length of the bobbins. We can take up capacity Approx 13 Kg with Bobbin (Gross). This is some very good feature of our Bobbin Winder.

We are using high made quality standard parts with the help of many machines like VMC, Double column VMC, CNC machines etc.. which gives our bobbin winder long life, less maintenance.





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