Wedding-related rings like the Pokeball engagement ring are an important purchase, possibly the most costly and critical purchase any couple will ever experience. You will certainly desire to get the correct ring since it is the symbol of your true everlasting commitment to one another and will be worn every day. If you don’t get an option you like in stores, if they appear too alike, or if you just desire a personalized, distinct option, you can consider going for a custom engagement ring.

Determining what you want

Attempting the design of an engagement ring from scratch is most times a bit intimidating for some people. To get a perfect idea of what it is exactly that you want, begin paying close attention to all the styles you do and don’t like. Examine friends and co-worker’s rings, browse through selections at galleries and stores, go through magazines and books, and also look online. Take notes concerning features you like and those you don’t. Do not forget that the centre mustn’t always necessarily be a diamond. You could opt for alternative gemstones like sapphire or ruby, or even a coloured diamond.


Allow sufficient time

A custom designed ring will certainly need a lot more time from the beginning of its production to the finish, but it also offers a lot more meaning. The needed time starts from the moment you start researching what you want. This could even mean that you want to buy a Pokeball engagement ring that’s trending but also customized for you. Once you’ve gotten the idea of what you want, you will need to look for a custom jewellery designer that you can trust to produce your ring. Once you’ve ordered, allow a minimum of 6 weeks for the delivery, and anticipate some back and forth communication to confirm specifics.


Create a budget

Purchasing a custom ring will certainly cost more than purchasing a readymade option, sometimes as much as three times more. This is as a custom made option is much more labour-intensive. An excellent salesperson or designer must have the ability to help you in modifying attributes to save costs and remain within your budget. If you do not have a specific budget for your designer or custom engagement ring, you could opt for a pre-made setting then choose your preferred stone separately. In this way, you get the opportunity for customizing your ring a bit. For some individuals, it’s a nice compromise between complete customization and buying off the shelf.


Getting a designer

One way for getting a jewellery designer is by getting referrals from friends or any shop you trust. Or should you discover any design you love at the jewellery store, the salesperson might act as a liaison between you and your designer.


You might need to begin calling your area’s designers to get the correct person. Ask about their style, professional affiliations, experience, and where to get samples of their past work like any Pokeball engagement ring they have designed and produced in the past. After speaking with the designer and seen his samples, you should have a perfect idea if he might be the correct option for you.

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