Best Prepaid Belgium Sim Card For Tourists


Travelling is fun. One gets to explore different cultures, learn a new language, adopt a new lifestyle, see places that were thought to not have existed, co-exist among an entirely different race of people, and delight in interesting cuisines. There are many beautiful countries to visit, but to experience uniqueness, it is best to travel to Belgium. This country has an interesting history attached to it, vibrant culture and great cuisine. So make plans and book tickets to explore this place like never before. For the traveller who thirsts for an adventure into foreign lands, it is necessary to always remain in contact with people, in case of dire assistance. The best and easiest way to stay connected is through technology with the use of cell phones. And so it is recommended to always carry a Belgium international roaming sim card that will help in keeping one connected. The following are some of the SIM cards to opt while travelling to Belgium.

TSIM is one brand that provides international SIM cards. Its Refundable Lifetime Europe SIM card is prepaid with lifetime validity and can be used to make incoming calls, local calls, and calls to India. Along with this comes 3G/4G data. Its refund scheme allows payment according to usage.

Matrix is another brand that offers prepaid SIM cards which can be used when travelling to Belgium. It provides 50 MB data, 20 minutes of calls to India and unlimited free incoming from anywhere across the world. Total cost includes Rs. 550 and is valid for 5 days.

The next best-prepaid SIM card is Orange which has a good 3G network coverage and 4G/LTE service. SIM cards are free, and for 10 pounds one can choose the following packs valid for 1 year: (1) 100 minutes/100 SMS/100 MB, (2) 750 MB/500 SMS (3) 100 MB and unlimited SMS.

But the cheapest SIM card with the most number of benefits is Roam1 which provides connectivity in over 200 countries. At Rs. 995 one can avail unlimited incoming and 60 minutes of outgoing for 15 days. And for Rs. 4145, unlimited incoming, 500 minutes of outgoing and 5 GB data is available for 30 days. The services provided are of high quality and communication can be held at local rates applicable in the country that one is currently in. Their plans are tailored according to varying individual requirements. For hassle-free communication, the SIM card is activated before arrival to the destination country. To avail such a SIM card with unmatched benefits, log on to their website:

Enjoy the trip to Belgium, do make new friends and gain a new perspective on life when visiting this wonderful country. Talk to your family at home and keep them updated about your journey every now and then. Don’t forget to share pictures of your adventure through your Roam1 Belgium travel sim card.

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