Citi Pest Control in Lonavala offers a wide range of herbal treatments on snake management service Our experts provide 100% safe and herbal pest control service for homes, industries and commercial areas. We ensuring the removal and prevention of snake infestation are a vital way to ensure safety of you and your employees. Snakes are the reptiles found in marsh, grassland and even bodies of water. Our service is timely and reliable

Citi pest control in Lonavala have developed ‘Snake out Powder’ by dusting of which around the building, bungalow, wall compound it prevents the entry of snake. In short, it works as ‘Snake Repellent’. Citi Pest Control in Lonavala, Pimpri, warje, katraj and all over in Pune offers a quick, effective, safe and 100% reliable snake management service to safeguard you and your family from the hazardous snakes.

Snakes are the reptiles found in marsh, grassland and even bodies of water. Most of the snakes that people encounter are usually harmless or considered beneficial as they feed on the other common pests, insects, amphibians and rodents. However, snakes those are venomous can be dangerous to both humans and pets just by their presence.

Treatment :

There are various methods of exclusion with the help of which you can reduce the possibility of encountering snakes in the residential area. Seal any holes, cutting of a tall grass in the lawns; keep the piles or stack of wood and other stuff far away from the facilities to eliminate hiding places.

Benefits :

  • No smell, No cleaning after treatment.
  • No displacement of goods in the house.
  • A complete odorless, hassle free and 100% relief.
  • Safe treatment for elders, kids, pets.


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