Several people buy their kids’ outdoor cubby house while they are young infants or toddlers. This offers hours upon hours of play time to the toddlers and something to do together with them right inside the home – never further than your backyard. One question most of such parents ask as their children grow is; when exactly is it that my kid is ready to play alone in their cubby house? It’s a valid question. The best means of answering is taking a look at your kid’s present development and your own personal feelings concerning certain issues. Here are a few tips to help your decision making process.

What’s your yard like?

Does your yard have fences around it? Is your house located on a busy street? Is the street accessible to your child? Mostly, letting your child play outdoors is all about safety. Firstly with young kids, you must consider how much danger they could potentially get into when on their own – since it’s possible that they become their own worst enemy.


Do your kids listen to rules?

If you have set some rules such as ‘remain in the backyard’ and your kid departs for the front yard the moment your back is turned, then it’s not yet time to begin leaving him to play alone. Though a fence could help, children also get over fences. That’s why some outdoor cubby house plans feature solutions to kids getting out front from the backyard. If your kids do only what you asked, then it’s time that you give them a bit more space and outside play might just what the need to grow into full maturity.


Will you be able to see them playing outside

Even if you have a neighbour whose kids cross the fence between your homes to play together with your kids, are you able to observe and see them play from inside your house? Or can you see them through your screen door all the time? If there is a window in your house which you can leave open while they are out playing, that will certainly help you in building confidence in the ability they have to play alone.


Taking it in steps

You might want to take all the tips in steps, rather than just letting your kid to remain outside alone any day. Let the kids play in their cubby house while you are seated on your porch carrying out some of your own chores that can be done outside like reading a book or magazine. Do this for a whole week before you start leaving them to play alone outside but for only short periods of time, then slowing and turning into longer periods of time as they display that they can manage the responsibility.


Keep them busy in the fort or outdoor cubby house whenever they are playing alone outside. Children that are enjoying whatever it is they are doing will certainly remain in one place and do that for any length of time you will let them. Kids that own forts and cubbies have lots of things to do when playing outside – so cubbies also ensure their safety.

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