Amazon Prime technical Support Phone number

You will find best support service using Amazon Prime technical Support Phone number.Amazon Prime technical Support offer affordable customer services for Amazon device. Our experience Cisco software certified technician will help you in case of any technical glitch.Amazon prime customer service proper assistance in setting up and configuring you Amazon fire TV stick to the wireless network.

Amazon fire TV stick is free for their subscribe members where one can enjoy all kinds of entertainment from adulthood to child it has included movies, kids shows and much more.  But to avail all such entertainment you need to sign up or login in with your email or phone number. These are new to many members. Amazon prime is one and all entertainment for all. But nothing comes for free so you have to pay a little amount to be a subscribing member and that’s also for a year.

Amazon Fire TV
1. Start by searching for Beachbody On Demand in the channel store. Once you’ve selected it, proceed to install the app.
2. Go to your app library and launch the Beachbody app.
3. You’ll next see a screen pop up with a URL and an activation code. Enter the URL into the Internet browser on your computer, tablet, or phone and log in to your Beachbody On Demand account. You will then be prompted to enter the activation code. Do so and then select “Activate.”
4. Go back to your Amazon Fire TV device. The Beachbody On Demand app will automatically launch.
5. To choose a workout, select the workout program you wish to do by using the “OK” button. Then, choose which specific workout you want to view.

Amazon prime customer service Number help you in setting your Amazon account on Amazon device. If you want us to solve an issue related to your fire TV Stick issues, you need to provide Amazon prime customer care access to your device.You will find the exact troubleshooting stages when you call at our Amazon Prime technical Support Phone number .

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