So, what is a wholesale distributor?

It is a company which deals with shipments of wholesale products for the manufacturer of the same product and necessarily own a warehouse (to store the products after taking them from the manufacturer) and a distribution centre (to disperse those stored goods) and then ships those products to the retailer (who then sells them to the customers). A wholesale distributor can also sell the products directly to the customer.

So wholesale distributors are necessarily directly connected to the product manufacturer and the retailer, at times the customer. So the sole job of the whole distributors like Al maya Distributor is to distribute the manufacturer’s products to the retailer so that it is available in the market to be accessed by the buyers. Al maya Distribution ranks among the top distribution companies in UAE and is involved in wholesale food distribution. The company’s aim to introduce some of the big guns of the food industry namely – Horlicks, Cadbury, MTR, Real, Simba, Silver Swan, Vina Milk, Beacon, Renuka, Gowardhan, Minara, etc. to UAE and thus pose as one of the most popular distribution companies Dubai has ever seen. The fact that Aeroplane and Camel brands are well distributed in the UAE is solely due to the contributions of Al Maya. The company prides of having been introduced a total of 50 well known brands in the UAE region. The company has a total of 1 million sq.ft. of warehouse space and in these amply spaced warehouses Al Maya stores some of the best branded products of the world only to distribute them and make them available in the market. This company has the some of the largest logistics and distribution facilities in the GCC. They maintain an inhibited and unimpeded connectivity between the manufacturer and the retailer thus making the market remain flowing and flourishing as ever. The supply by the Al Maya Distributor is seamless and most efficient. They deliver excellence and efficiency at the same time. And owing to this, the company keeps on upgrading and improving its infrastructure to suit the needs for a better and smoother run of the trade, unlike many other distribution companies. The company comes up with the latest technologies in supply chain management which includes Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to a great extent. The company has rightly received the Responsible Leadership Award in 2016 at the Indian Innovator Awards.

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