A Guide That Will Help You Enjoy a Good Long Relaxing Day in The Great Sand Dunes

There are some places that you ought to travel to, and Great Sand Dunes National Park a local attraction in Monte Vista that you ought to visit. A 2 ½ hour drive from the Colorado Springs, you can easily give it an entire day. It is one of the tallest dune in North America, and you will see that the complexity is what drives you towards it.

It’s not enough to check into the Dunes, you need to make the most of your stay here. Here, we have listed out 10 things you must definitely do when you have arrived at the Dunes.

Know the dunes
This is the first thing you ought to do after checking in. Know the surroundings, and what all is there in the park. There are some ecological occurrences they say in here, which you should ideally know about. Watch the 20 min movie on the park, and the unlimited paintings and photography exhibits that say a lot about the park.

Sand surfing
Ok, this is something you ought to do when you are in the dunes. It is great fun to be sandboarding on the dunes, and it is a one-time adventure that you cannot miss out on. It is important to keep the balance while you slide down the dunes and enjoy the efforts made. You don’t need to own any boards; you can always rent one outside the park entrance and get on-board with the adventure.

The fat bike ride
Take that fat bike ride along the dunes; the fat tires make it easier for you to glide through the dunes. A day’s ride and overnight camping can make your life at the dunes pretty interesting and experiential. Of course, it is important to consider the sand’s condition before you move out in the night.

Hike through the dunes
Hiking is something that comes like a second nature to the people residing in Colorado. You can easily hike through the park and the forests surrounding the dunes. The alpine trails are shaded, and the hikes through the grasslands are sunny and nice. So, plan a hike while you are there.

Giddyup – Horseback riding
If you love horses, you should take the horseback ride in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The open spaces and scenic view make up for an excellent horseriding experience.

The Colorado secret beach is another place that you should visit while you are in the dunes. The creek usually goes back into the mountains by July, which is why you can only experience the beach for a few months. Floating, skimboarding etc. are the sports that occur in full force during the months the creek is visible, and the beach is very much afloat.

Go discover the secrets of the dunes by visiting the great sand dunes of Colorado.

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