Headscarves are one of the most vital apparels of Muslim dress code. Burka is the most concealing among all other Muslim headscarves. This is basically worn over an abaya or salwar kameez to cover the entire body of Muslim women. Not only that, but burka also cover the entire face of the lady just with a mesh screen so that she can see through it. But, there are lots of other headscarves in Muslim fashion which are misjudged as the burka. Today, you will get to know about these special types of head covers of Muslim ladies which are not a burka. Have a look-

  1. Hijab

Hijab is an Arabic word that means veil. Basically, it is a square piece of fabric that is used to cover the head and neck while keeping the face clear. Today, hijabs are available in a variety of designs and colors. You can buy hijabs according to your dress. There are printed hijabs are also available. But, to keep an aristocratic look, you can keep your hijab a bit plain.

  1. Al Amira

This is another unique headscarf that is completely different than a burka. Basically, it is a two-piece veil that comes with a cap or a big headband and a tube-like scarf that ladies wear over that. The fitted cap is usually made of cotton or polyester and the accompanying scarf is like a tube. Anal amira is worn to cover your head, forehead, and neckline while the rest of your face remains uncovered.

  1. Shayla

The name is quite beautiful, isn’t it? This is kind of al amira as a head cap is worn with Shayla too. The only difference between a Shayla and an al amira is that it is a rectangular piece of fabric and it is most popular in the Gulf countries. This covers your head, neck, and shoulders and you can use pins to keep it in the right place.

  1. Khimar

Khimar looks like a cape as it covers head, neck shoulders completely and leaves the face clear. A khimar can be long enough to come up to your waist.

  1. Chador

The chador is mainly famous in the Iranian women. This is basically a cloak that covers your entire body. Often a chador is worn with a smaller headscarf below it. Iranian women wear this especially while going out of the house.

  1. Niqab

So far, the headscarves you have read about are all used to cover your head, forehead, neck, and shoulders. A niqab is a piece of the veil that covers your entire and keeps space near your eyes. This is also worn with a small headscarf.

These are certain types of headscarves that are worn by Muslim ladies and they are all completely different than a burka. If you want to go for burka online shopping or buying any headscarves, there are lots of options to get. Along with online burka shopping, you can also check out other headscarves to understand the designs separately.

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