Nowadays, lingerie and underwear are not only available on department and local stores. They can be found online as well for convenient shopping. Internet revolutionizes the way women shop for intimate clothing such as lingerie, where it combines multiple size options and designs with free shipping sometimes. Fabric and designs vary as well and so women do not run out of choices. Some of the best choices are sexy sheer lingerie and see through bras with mesh design.

However, for beginners doing online lingerie shopping, where do they start? Below are some tips you can follow if it is your first time buying lingerie online:

Know your breasts size

The first thing you should know before shopping for lingerie is to get the right measurement of your chest. Why is this important? The more accurate your measurement is, the more likely that you will be able to get the right product that fits perfectly. Most of the online lingerie shops offer lingerie size calculator or a detailed instruction for taking lingerie size measurement. Before picking the best lingerie fit and design, you must have an accurate idea of your right size. Knowing this essentially information will help you decide where to start on your online lingerie shopping.

Find out what lingerie do you need personally

After knowing the accurate size, the next you need to know is the kind of lingerie you want to purchase. Take into account the function, color, and price of the item. Also, you may want to consider the occasion when you want to use it. It could Valentine’s Day or anniversary. Based on your personal needs, you may be able to choose the right lingerie for you. You can pick lacey lingerie or sexy see through lingerie or both, as long as it serves your needs.

Check the online lingerie size charts

Looking at the online lingerie size chart on international shopping websites is important because it would help you to convert your size easily. Do not assume that your small measurement is always equal to the small size everywhere; sizes vary from one brand to another. Ensure that your size matches right to your actual measurement and check the fitting as well.

Know and read the lingerie product descriptions

Lingerie size is not the only important thing to know when buying online. They may be boring to read but fabric content and washing instructions are part of product descriptions that you should pay attention to. These descriptions because it would help you make or break your product satisfaction.

Read carefully the return policy

Lingeries and underwear are tricky items to return even with the local stores. Each store and online shopping retailers have different returning policies. One of the most common policies is that underwear that is worn already is not eligible to return. The strict return policy is due to the sanitation logistics of undergarment. There are policies mentioning that the tags must remain to get full refund. Moreover, read more about further rules for returning policy regarding lingeries before you make a purchase.

Ask for online help

Most online retailer shops have a chat function that offers help to potential client. There is a customer service representative available when you shop, allowing you to inquire directly about sizing, function, and materials. If there is unclear on the website, you can clarify it through chat. Do not be afraid to ask before making a purchase.

Check if there is a free shipping offer

There are online lingerie shops that offer free shipping under certain conditions such as minimum purchase or based on location. There is also a condition for free shipping when buying items on multiple sizes. Always ask or read the policies of the online retailer.

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