Fireplaces play an important role in your house. They not only provide a warm and cozy atmosphere but they also contribute in making your dining space more attractive and stylish. Many people prefer using traditional wood-burning fireplaces as it holds the status of being the most traditional yet aesthetically pleasing elements in the household. (Information credit:

However, many homeowners believe that removing a traditional fireplace may have a negative value in the property value. But having an old defective fireplace in your house can be risky for you and your family.

There are a few signs which will help you to understand that it is the time to change your old fireplace.

  1. Leaking issues

Leaking issues are a prevalent problem that can be found in most of the old fireplaces that use chimney. If you notice that any sort of leaking or moisture is dripping from the chimney, then it should not be ignored. The longer the moisture is present inside the building material, in the fireplace, the weaker the material becomes. This ultimately leads to the collapse of the structure.

  1. Less efficiency rate

If your old fireplace is giving poor heat output, then it is the high time that you should give a thought of repairing or replacing your old fireplace. This problem can sometimes be easily fixed, especially in the case of electric fireplace, by repairing the wiring that may be faulty. But it is always advisable that you better replace your older fireplace with a new one, for higher efficiency model. The problem should be resolved quickly as the longer the problem goes unattended, the more money you need to pay without improving the efficiency rate.

  1. Space issues

Your old fireplace, especially the traditional wooden fireplaces that have been installed, long time ago often have some sort of spacing issues. Nowadays, homeowners prefer improved functionality and space optimization over aesthetic look and feel. Traditionally built fireplaces generally have a bulky design that takes a lot of space. If you are facing a serious space crunch because of the existing fireplace, then, it is the high time that you should replace the old wooden fireplace with high technology fireplaces.

  1. Creosote builds up

The shiny black substance that accumulates in your traditional wood burning fireplaces along the lines of the chimney is known as creosote. It is a harmful substance that can be the signal of improper venting and structural malfunction. Creosote is a highly combustible substance and can cause a dangerous fire hazard if taken lightly.

  1. Inadequate ventilation

An ideal fireplace should have the proper mechanism to remove the smoke from the room using the chimney. But, excess smoke build up can result in ventilation malfunction. If ventilation continues to function in improper way then it can result in unfortunate incidents. Thus, if your fireplace has any sort of problems or issues regarding ventilation, then. It must be inspected, repaired or replaced.

  1. Visible cracks or fissures

It is an undeniable fact that the traditional fireplaces deteriorate over time and they become prone to wear and tear over time. Thus, it is mandatory to check your firebox regularly to avoid any sort wear or tear over time. If moistures are seeping through the fireboxes, then you should repair it immediately to avoid potential risks. Often, such cracks are beyond repair and appropriate replacement of the specific part becomes the only solution.

Thus, it is important for a homeowner to know when to replace or repair the old fireplace to avoid all sorts of inconveniences and potential dangers.

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