We share a list of the most common mistakes one can make when they start in the world of search engine positioning on their blog or website, SEO:

1 – Lack of content – if there is not enough original content it can be bad for your site and possibly shifts to secondary results. It could be considered that there is enough text on a page when it exceeds 15% of the total.

We could also consider content images that are accompanied by their corresponding ALT attribute, since, even for another type of search, it is also indexable by the search engines. This point is where most sites make mistakes. If you lack content on your site, the SEO strategy will be useless. To see the best example have a look on this; Abu Dhabi preschool site. You will get astonish by seeing their content marketing stratgey

2 – Duplicate content – This is usually a problem with content management systems. Using the same amount of content with a few words rearranged can hurt. For example, if your site offers the services of different cities and for each of the cities you add the same content, it will be considered duplicated. With the latest updates to the Google algorithm, there are still more reprisals against sites that copy from other websites or blogs. Always try to place the original author ahead.

3 – Errors in the URL – Contrary to what many believe, Google can read URLs that end in id = 123, however, if the URL is too long, you may still have problems. It is advised to use friendly url, using the keywords of the post title for example, with about 55 or 60 characters.

4 – Hide the content – Believe it or not, this is punishable. Some people try to get away with not mixing the lyrics perfectly with the background (making the content darker or lighter in color than the background color) or making the content so small that it can barely be read. It is considered an attempt to deceive the seeker, and as usual, that does not like.

5 – Exchange links with links to unrelated sites, especially when you participate in a link exchange, or even pay to be linked, can be harmful to your site. It is best to stay away from exchanging links with sites that are not related, as well as link farms, that is, those websites that are dedicated to classifying other pages in which the name appears, a small phrase, and the link .

6 – Descriptions of the title tags – Keeping the title tags and / or tags for the description of the same throughout the site is bad. The title and description of the labels should reflect what the particular page is about. Each article of our blog must have a different title and labels.

7 – Take advantage of Google Places by creating several sites with the same physical address but using different keywords (keywords). Another deception to the search engine, which will not hesitate to penalize us. Neither do we have to do the opposite and within our Google Places page we dedicate ourselves to mention all the names of nearby cities that we have …

8 – Abusing keywords will not benefit us. It is not necessary that your title is a list with all the keywords related to your space. That will do you more harm than not help you.

9 – To dedicate too much time to the metatags – Do not waste your time thinking and including metatags to your pages since at the moment of truth they will be the least important point referring to your positioning.

10 – Leave your images without description . You have to use a title that provides information about what is shown in the image. Of course, avoid names of image1289349 style. Putting the right title and description can make us win visitors.

11 – Avoid the use of sitemaps : this error is even more serious if you have a website of considerable size. The sitemap is what will guide the search engine when it comes to indexing all the pages that we have. Why complicate things, if we can ensure good indexing just by creating a sitemap?

12 – Forget the pages that are already well indexed . That a page is today well indexed by search engines for certain keywords, does not mean that within a month it remains. Update your content frequently because if you do not touch it, it will never improve, it will always have to go down.


Kazim Raza is a Digital Marketing specialist and Search Engine Analyst who love socializing and playing soccer. One of his target is to guide people how to earn a living via online marketing. He says that there is a proper method to do this, and once you learn what that is, you become unstoppable.

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