What is Parental Alienation? A Detailed Explanation by Expert

It is nothing but a psychological condition of a child which takes place when the child starts detaching himself from his parents and other family members due to some fear or any unwanted hatred that has generated within them due to some bad experience in the family. It is considered to be a pressure both on the child and family members as the dejected member of the family finds himself to be alienated from other family members and this takes place due to separation or divorce or any other dispute in the family.

parental alienation

The reason behind this problem can be broadly classified into two parts:

  • One of the estrangements from the family can be due to the abusive behavior of the family members in the family which makes the child unsafe in the environment, and the child feels safe away from the parents.
  • The second reason can be due to pathological aspects of the child’s family relationship which keeps the child away from the friendly environment in the family. The child likes to stay in a lonely atmosphere away from the crowd in a more secluded environment away from all the chaos and noise.

How to know about Parental Alienation?

One can easily know about parental alienation by judging the attitude of the child or by judging the behavior of the child.

  • The first thing one should notice in a child while judging if the child is suffering from parental alienation is when the child the child shows detachment from his parents. The child starts remaining in a very secluded environment. He stops interacting with his family and other members. He likes to stay in a lonely place as he creates a lonely place for himself and decides not to go out of the zone that he creates for himself.
  • The child may stay displaying grandiosity and start showing his aggressive behavior towards his parents. The child may always shout at the members of the family, display his aggressive behavior towards them and not maintain a cordial relationship with them and this is considered to be a prime reason behind parental alienation.
  • The child might also involve in splitting, and this concept pertains to an attitude where the child starts believing that one parent is good for him and other parent is completely bad and develops a sense of enmity against the parent. This attitude normally develops in a child in case of separation or divorce where the child due to the conflicts and disputes between his parents start taking the side of the parent, and he spends his most time with. He is mostly inclined towards that parent, and he spends his maximum time with.

parental alienation

How to eradicate parental alienation?

Parental alienation can be eradicated by developing a friendly relationship with the child. If the child is worried or tensed about the hostile environment at home, try to exterminate such an environment and develop a harmonious and peaceful environment for the child where the child can start believing and developing trust in you. Start spending a lot of time with your child as when the child begins seeing you more often around then only the child will develop the audacity to trust you with full might.

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