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Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, having a technology that maximizes the efficiency of your team’s work while still reducing communication spending with either your team or your customers is what you need. VoIP PBX can do all this and a little more for your company. What companies are looking for are solutions that can fully meet their needs and the use of a central PBX VoIP is the most suitable for corporate environments, given the range of advantages over other equipment on the market.

What are the benefits offered by a VoIP PBX?

There are countless benefits that a VoIP PBX offers its customers, however, we can cite the quality of data transmission as one of the key. Calls from a VoIP PBX are better than calls from a regular PBX or from normal phone calls. The costs for each connection are another great advantage that we need to mention. The values ​​do not change for both domestic and international calls, and local calls have a lower rate than other types of calls, making calling costs in your business much lower.

Changes to the VoIP PBX settings are quick, taking only a few seconds to complete. In the PABX and traditional telephony model, companies usually request the inclusion and withdrawal of extensions with a certain frequency, according to their need, needing an update at the exchange. Using VoIP technology, this process becomes practical and very agile.

For the installation of your VoIP PBX, the first step is to hire a specialized telephone system Dubai company. The process itself is fast, being finalized the same day of the schedule, minimizing the impacts caused by the pause in the existing extensions.

The difference that a central PBX VoIP makes in your company can be perceived even in the return of customers referring to the service provided. The satisfaction is not only with the company, because the customers also feel the difference in the service provided.

1. VoIP PBX ensure mobility

If you work in an organization using an intranet or extranet, you can access your office from home using VoIP PBX. You can convert your home into an office segment and remotely use the voice, fax and work data services through your organization’s intranet.

2. VoIP PBX Reduce Fax Costs

A common problem in fax services that use RPTC is the high cost for long distances, the quality attenuation on the analog signals and the incompatibility between the machines communicate. Real-time fax transmission via VoIP PBX simply uses a fax interface to convert data into packets and ensures complete data delivery in a very reliable way.

3. More freedom

The traditional analog telephone model makes the user dependent on the operator. This restricts the quality of the service and greatly limits a call center. Not to mention the charges and charges specific to each type of connection. VoIP PBX allows the user greater freedom, being able to change the route of exit of its connections at any moment. The routes have differentiated tariffs, allowing greater control of the cost. You decide how much you want to pay.

4. Easy integration

Since it is a fully developed application on the internet, knowledge about VoIP is much broader. Several developers have access and ability to build integrated solutions and support is much simpler. Any questioning already has a response on the network. The installation is uncomplicated and works well on equipment from all manufacturers, without limitations.

5. Increased productivity

As if simplicity in use were not enough, allowing integration with other programs helps to speed up the work even more. The service process becomes optimized, more comfortable for the operator and more satisfactory for the client on the other side. With an integrated CRM, for example, you will have the customer’s registration on the screen automatically the moment you start the call. So, you do not waste time and already have all the information available on that case, ensuring a differentiated and effective service.

6. Unification of extensions

With VoIP PBX technology, the company can unify all its extensions, be they VoIP system or conventional telephony. Thus, it is not necessary to change the phone number of any employee, regardless of the department in which he or she works. This greatly facilitates the integration of technology with the organization’s day-to-day operations, since employees can adapt to it without abrupt changes.

7. Facilitated network administration

A company that works with IP PBX can integrate all its telephony extensions into a single data network, which greatly facilitates its administration. Thus, if any problems occur on the network or at a specific extension, the organization can detect and correct them much faster, which avoids damage to business communication. In addition, you can add or remove extensions or IP phones connected to the PBX system, whenever necessary. It is an interesting maneuver for those who want to change numbers or if the system needs to undergo some kind of repair. In this way, the company does not have its activities affected by a maintenance, for example.

8. Improvement in customer service

The VoIP PBX is one of the best alternatives for organizations that want to take customer service to another level. Through this technology, the company can deploy the Audible Response Unit (URA), which serves the connections with a personalized recording. Thus, the customer is directed to the sector for which he wants service quickly and efficiently, without the need to go through several attendants, which makes all service much more modern and efficient.

9. Improved status visibility

Knowing and understanding what is happening in the system is critical. In an analog network, it may be difficult to have this information. But with digital technology, you can view the status of the telephone system quickly and clearly through a web-based management panel.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the need to train the team. Although VoIP PBX is extremely simple to work with and requires little maintenance, it is important to ensure that everyone is safe in the use of the service.

The world of mobile applications is very different from the Web world, for web developers who want to enter this world we need to be aware of these differences and some complexities such as memory management, inter-thread competition, application store deployments, user experience at the time download / installation, capabilities of each mobile platform and user experience are one of them. Fortunately, in the world of modern web applications we have seen the emergence of several frameworks that allow us to abstract all these complexities, focus on the code and develop mobile applications with what is already in our toolbox: HTML / XML, CSS and JavaScript.


NativeScript is a cross-platform framework that unites, in my opinion, the best of the two above competitors: Ionic’s ” write once, run anywhere ” mantra and build for native React Native code. This means that with NativeScript you will write a single code with Web technologies and it will compile that single code into native code for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It offers all the advantages of having a native app like performance and user experience by writing and maintaining a single code with JavaScript!

The need was to write and maintain a single code to create native mobile applications to be made available in the three largest app stores without compromising the user experience. In the middle of 2014 they released NativeScript with a proposal to meet that need.


  • Write once, run everywhere. Write once you’ve run anywhere natively!
  • CLI for scaffoldind of templates and commands extremely useful when developing, testing and distributing
  • Native app with no performance problem
  • Preserves native user experience
  • Compile JavaScript for native code on iOS and Android (Windows Phone coming soon)
  • Can be used with Angular2 along with TypeScript or just in Pure JavaScript
  • Maintenance and support in a single code


  • Relatively new project, relatively small community
  • Few tutorials, use cases and issues in Github and Stack Overflow
  • Market is still small

Angular (Ionic)

With Ionic you can develop hybrid mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Ionic is an Angular based framework (one of the strongest JavaScript frameworks on the market) for mobile application development with Web technologies. Applications developed with Ionic are not native but if they look and act as such, what Ionic does is stylize the HTML you write to look like the native UI components of each mobile platform and use Apache Cordova to make such components if behave as natives by communicating with native APIs.

The ionic was created in 2013 by Drifty , a company created by 2 childhood friends with a mission to facilitate Web and mobile development and later saw the great opportunity to help developers build cross-platform mobile applications using modern web standards, created the Ionic and received an initial investment of $ 1 million to continue development and today Ionic is the most popular mobile application development framework on the market with, according to one of the founders, 200 apps being created with Ionic every day. The community is really huge and you will find support for any questions and bug that arise during the development of your app with a simple and quick Google search.


  • Based on Angular
  • Write once, run anywhere (write once, run anywhere). You write once and your code is ready to run on iOS, Android Windows Phone and even the Browser. At the time of publishing in the application stores the code is compiled and packaged using PhoneGap in a file installable to the various platform and ready for you to distribute it
  • The learning curve is too small, you build an app with little effort and complexity
  • You can view your application directly in the Browser during development without the need to emulate devices. Chrome and Firefox have excellent Developer Tools to view and test the app in development
  • The community is huge, you get support and resolve bugs very fast
  • Very well documented and vast number of tutorials spread over the internet
  • Support plan for teams and companies that helps with development, testing, packaging, publishing and distribution
  • Centralized code maintenance since the code that runs on Android is the same as running on iOS and Windows Phone
  • Lighter
  • Ecosystem of tools and services like Inonic View, Push Notification, User Authentication, Live Deployment, Native App Package, Ionic Creator, Analytics Service and a CLI for scaffoldind of templates and commands extremely useful when developing, testing and distributing


  • Performance problems in some environments, especially in older Androids
  • May have discrepancies between UI components you write and what is rendered on the native platform
  • It is not safe to work well on 100% of devices


Ionic is an amazing framework that allows you to create amazing mobile applications very quickly and has a huge community ready to help you, Ionic automatically modifies the appearance of the app depending on the platform the user is in to work in a way that is faithful to the experience the user is accustomed. It is rendered and ships embedded within a browser (web view) pre-existing in the OS of the smartphones and that is not perceptible to the end user, running as if it were native.

Keeping more than one code for the same application is not very productive and requires more investment in technology, IDE, knowledge, operating systems, and APIs, and even then, because of the need to maintain multiple codes, often applications that should behave the same way on different platforms end up having different versions and functionalities.

NativeScript enables us to publish native mobile applications in the top three application stores by writing code with web technologies (XML, JavaScript, and CSS) without compromising the native experiences of our users, each on their platform. Through these platforms mobile app development companies in Dubai have thus gained productivity, eliminating time, cost and complexity in detecting and supporting bugs, errors and evolving the application across platforms.

Mobile Applications, the most vital need of this digital world, in which everyone is dependent on the use of Smartphones, have truly witnessed a transforming change in everything. Interesting thing is that you can go divine anytime and anywhere with the help of these apps. One such app is specifically developed and designed for the Holy Book of Bible. A Bible App or Bible study app or King James Bible App is specifically designed and planned to help you study the Holy Book or read it without worrying about carrying the Holy Book.

As far as the Holy Bible King James Version is concerned, it was first published in London England in the year of 1611. Recently Pope Francis said in St Peter’s Square, “What would happen, if treated the Bible like we treated our mobile phones?” If we turned around to retrieve it when forgot it or if carried it with us always, even a small pockets version or if read God’s message in the Bible like read messages on the mobile phone”.

There is no denying the fact that it is a right track in making truthful statement. Now, that is all possible with the Bible App; while you won’t have to remember to get your Bible at the time of leaving home. Interesting thing is that you will on your mobile phone; while the ultimate Holy Bible app can now be with you and near you at the ready and for instant access along with inspiration and encouragement.

Find a Company for Mobile App for Holy Bible or Electronic Bible

In order to get Bible App, King James Version Bible App, Audio Bible or Electronic Bible, what all you have to do is simply search for the right company that is designing and developing such apps. You will find a number of renowned companies that are bringing to you such better options. You have to choose the right one that is convenient for you, go through the details and make a contact.

Scourby – an online wing of You Bible is a well-established name rolled out the You Bible App for use on the iPhone and a subsequent Your Bible App for Android-based devices. This amazing app is an outstanding value for the reason of the Audio Bible App that combines the written Bible Verse from the KJV Bible synced with an audio narration of the KJV Bible by Alexander Scourby.

You have to download the app for electronic Bible and read it according to your choice or listen to it.

Health and medical emergencies have become one among the top priorities for people in the recent times.With technological development in the field of medical and surgical science, doctors and hospitals are able to provide new hope to the patients. This has increased the responsibilities and patient handling load of the hospitals, demanding them to go for effective and failsafe automated patient information record system.

Integrated Electronic Medical Record system or in short, IEMR is an answer to such a growing need for better, hassle-free and safe patient handling and health information management. IEMR is a broader term and it encompasses a myriad of aspects concerning patient health/medical information management. In this post, we will elaborate expansively on the various needs and their suitable remedies, which IEMR software has taken care of efficiently.

Needs that led to the development of IEMR

Standardisation for all Usage

The evolution of IEMR software is deeply driven by the need to standardise health record keeping and tracking patients’ information. Hospitals keep on adding bunches over bunches of files containing vital health records of their patients. A patient’s medical record does not alone contain information about the current state of the patient, but carries a historical record of diseases and also that of his/her ancestors. The real need of the software is felt when doctors require to access to earlier history of the disease and searching one particular file from the mountainous repository is a daunting task.

IEMR software, in this regard brings a standardise approach to safe record keeping of the patients. It brings the concept of digitised hospital softwaresystem to working. It is like one system, one platform, one build and one access point – standardised for all touse. Each patient has one unique health ID that serves as key to unlock the entire health information of the patient.

Collaboration with Diagnostic Centres and Pharmacies

IEMR software prove to be helpful in collaborating the patients’ hospitals with the diagnostic centres and pharmacies as well. Patients are really benefitted in a way that they get all their reports and medications in one place and that too in electronic form. there is no ambiguity about the name of the tests or the medicines prescribed. Once the consultation is done, the eHealth record systemitself sends an alert to respective diagnostic centres and pharmacies eachas required, which makes the patients’ life each and hassle-free.

Building a Rich Health Information Repository for all

The first interface of patients’ health information record/management is maintained at the registration desk. That starts a critical thread, which includes prescriptions advised by all the doctors, diagnosis made time to time, medications prescribed and subsequent follow ups made. Imagine, the web of information created automatically for each patient during the course. Mostly, all of them are paper-based copies carried and circulated among all the departments.Digital health record system makes it simplified.

Imagine, if at any stage, any of the proofs or papers is lost, how difficult it would be for the patients to recreate them. IEMR software addresses this issue promptly by maintaining a digital repository of all the information generated in its database. So, the patients’ records are all available safely with the doctors. Any time, anyone requests a copy, it is matter of a click to share the same with the patients.

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One’s with the urge for going around the globe or visiting an occasion are not often backed by lodging, money, and distance. They would rather give everything to attend the event. However, unfortunately, they cannot.On the brighter side, technology has blessed us with the power to incorporate software which would record a flawless live session of any occasion or event.

In case your plans include a lot of hassle don’t abandon the idea of streaming live. Paid tools such as Livestream would host your website and help you in recording the whole event from scratch.

Here are 5 live streaming tools which you need to have an idea of:


A platform which has allured Facebook users all over the planet is none other than Facebook Live. Live Streams don’t get better than this even if you are using the best in the world.

Real-time event sharing has become easy and hassle-free. However, Facebook gets its live streaming software to be authoritative enough to create such tools which would easily connect you with your viewers in less time. Facebook live videos can also be recaptured anytime even after they have been stopped.

Launched in the month of August in the year of 2015 Facebook users since then have been gratified with this deal using the Facebook live application. Users are able to comment on any content real-time. January 2016 marked the advent of this live stream feature for use among all and sundry. With nice live video streaming software and a brilliant API, this project made it easy for drones and other recording equipment to combine with the live streaming tools.


Launched in the year 2015, this application owned by Twitter has made live video streaming beautiful and unhampered as ever. With various options including the tweet of a link which would take you to a live stream powered by Periscope itself this application has been at its peak and has also given sturdy competition to live streaming tools such as Facebook Live. Studies have stated that everyday customers if taken together watches videos worth 110 years Broadcasters here are also able to deactivate comments which they are not meant to.

With top-notch live video streaming software, Periscope in 2017 is the torchbearer among all live streaming tools. A two-way capacity to block each other from the side of the user and the broadcaster is enabled.


YouTube, the most notable live video streaming service in the world also introduced a live streaming speck back in 2008. Launched by celebrities, this application is now one of the biggest growing businesses in the globe. YouTube live can be term as the fittest among all live streaming platforms.

It is commendable to use YouTube live on various platforms such as smartphones including both Android and iOS. With improved and user-friendly features videos on YouTube are broadcasted seconds after the commencement of the event with a feature that allows the video to be uploaded immediately to the channel of the broadcaster.

The client and broadcaster relationship is restored since broadcasters can easily connect to the viewers in between the feed. The video, however, stays in the channel so that it can be experienced at a later stage. With monetization options and platform independent features YouTube live using the best live streaming software is the sturdiest and the most cooperative tool available.

YouTube being an everyday need in lives of the general crowd has become one of the most reliable platforms ever. Assisting in brilliant video creation and ventures which would definitely give a commendable turnaround, YouTube is one of the most robust and steady platforms in the live video streaming business.


Accepted by more than 80 million viewers worldwide Ustream has literally been on the scene since the year 2007. Inherited by American brand Ustream Inc., this application was launched as the first live gaming service for Play Station 4. Monetization options are boundless with Ustream.

Ustream is totally a video promotional stage which injects the generation with dominance and assists in capturing the live video stream to gain subscribers without any problem and money making promotions. Live webinars, training programs, and online examination endeavors are originated on this platform. Supporting content which is comprehensive and exclusive is a distinct but salient feature of Ustream. Webinars act as a subsidy for in-depth content which is generally educational.

Revenue collection becomes simple and beneficial from such a platform which earns from paid endorsements as well as subscriptions. Watershed was an obsolete paid service which used to charge communicators via a pay per view basis or advertisements and promotions. Watershed relapsed with the dawn of Ustream which in turn involved easier steps for the collection of money from live streaming.

A copyright provider called Vobile banks on the fingerprint scan method for the disclosure of dominant material. Infringement and security breach is out of bounds in such a website. Payment portals are more than 100% sure and are validated beyond imagination.


With a huge and gigantic figure of 150 million users daily Snapchat is a platform for entertainment which remains unharmed and flawless. Authorization to share instant photos and compressed videos are what makes Snapchat the best among smart gadget users of this generation.

This application allows inclusion of groups where one could easily share videos and engage in long chat sessions with their friends. Discount coupons and other major rebates, live shoots for fashion events, musical and promotional altogether improve the brilliance of the platform. Content uploaded by you won’t be saved anywhere and is for one-time use strictly making it the most impressive among others when it comes to you wanting your audience to only see the content and not going deep into it.

The inconvenient access to photos and videos once the live stream is over is an incredible blessing and also somewhat an inadequate curse for the audience. Once complete, you cannot share or upload the content on any platform. This might be frustrating for the viewer but certainly makes the platform a more secure one.

Users share millions of images daily with each other making Snapchat the most used application in a fruitful manner. Filters, edits, and effects have made Snapchat more attractive than ever. Videos at the most can go on for ten seconds. Later for the sake of viewers, Snapchat came up with yet another speck labeled as “Memories” where personal videos, photos, and any other media were allowed to be stored in a personalized folder to avoid conflict.

“Voice Filters” and “Background” are appearances which were added earlier this year to improve the quality and the beautification of the application. However, a more attractive product sells better in the market than a shabby one.

Stated above are only 5 applications which act as live streaming tools whereas thousands of others have been constructed only with the aim of creating an interconnected planet. Live streaming platforms such as Instagram and Kanvas which has not even been stated also boasts a high authority in the video streaming industry.

Video streaming is the most widely used method to hold individuals together who are millions of miles apart from each other. These tools can even aid your digital marketing enrollment plan in dispatching a conceivable business strategy. A couple of years from this day the world will not only experience a transformation in the digital media market but also a change of appearance is imminent.

An exceptional website design approach can do magic for your business. Website design plan could be identified as a method of developing a website with much anticipation and liveliness to appear around advantages from external circumstances. It is essential to set some indications while designing your site to keep visitors returning to your site.

The navigation of the website has always got excellent significance. Insist the visitors to use breadcrumb navigation instead of back button to maneuver backward or forward. Make sure that the web site Development has navigation with ease and flow. The website must have suitable application functionality. Using a proper application is very helpful in fulfilling the interests of users.

Take extra care while developing absolute shock links like the ones that links to PDF files with no prior notification or a link that takes somewhere on the totally new domain with completely new navigation and where there isn’t any way back as it’s opened up a new window. While planning to develop such links it is recommended to create a pre-warning be aware for your visitors to enable them to prepare themselves if these people stuck under such condition.

When you offer a product or service that emphasizes the customers to clear their queries on some areas, the useful practice is to add an FAQ page that could include common questionnaires and answers raised through the people. This is going to build up a great belief and appreciation for you personally from your potential customers.

Though the big idea of the websites differ according the nature of the business; however the most common one is to provide detailed details about the brand, what it deals in, how it does the selling of products. But along with an informative website, you have to integrate intelligent methods for generating incomes that is inviting people to join the memberships, posting advertisements, indirect selling etc. It is quite a brilliant activity to include both informational as well as marketing aspect.

An excellent principle when outlining an internet site Design strategy is to consider how your prospective customers will react to the things you have accommodated in your site. If you are a visitor, what you would like to see on a site is really a question, if answered can bring the most fruitful results. Identifying your strengths as well weak areas can help you perform better. The more you attend on meeting your visitor’s needs, the more are your probabilities of increasing visibility. In addition, the content needs to become organized accordingly. By placing the text that is attention-holding you can meet what your visitors expect out of your website.

Informational websites can generate their income from regular membership fees, affiliate programs and others while for the e-commerce sites conveying a message that make people buy the services or products is the method of revenue generation. Irrespective of how you promote your company, there is a significant need to identify your targeted customers and advertise your strengths they are driving the traffic to your site. Developing a well defined action arrange for your website helps web design to lay more increased exposure of your objectives in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your website.

Until today Google still be the number 1 search engine. Almost 90% internet users make Google as their main tools to search what they need. This can be our good reason to optimizing our blog using Google Webmaster Tools so our blog can be indexed in Google.
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1. Blog verification

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2. Creating Sitemap

Go to the Sitemap section and choose add sitemap then choose add general web sitemap then place this code one by one atom.xml, rss.xml, feeds/posts/default, feeds/posts/default?alt=rss behind your url.

3. Managing Web crawler/Google Boot

Go to Tools section and choose Set crawl rate and choose Normal Recommended crawl rate. Do not choose Faster crawl rate because you will have risk with Expires problem.

4. Get more visitor from image

Sometimes visitor looks for what they need from Image that you put in your blog. Still in Tools section and choose I would like to enable enhanced image search on my site and am authorized to opt into this advanced service then click OK. Now your image can be visitor guide to your blog.

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