With regards to anything electrical, it is immensely important to ensure that the cables and wires being used are high quality and in top-notch condition. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to learn that the wires and/or cables that are being used are faulty and caused an electrical fire. Not only would this cause issues to the electrical system, but it could potentially be extremely dangerous. Aside from this, preventing an electrical fire from spreading can be more difficult than preventing the spread of a regular fire. When a fire starts, one of the initial reactions people have is to throw water on the fire in the hopes of killing it. However, when it comes to anything electrical, this is the last thing anyone should do. Actually, it’s something that should never ever happen.

If someone tries using water to put out an electrical fire, the electricity from the fire can potentially travel up the water and electrocute them. The first thing one should do is unplug whatever it is that is on fire to cut off the electricity causing it. However, if this does not work, or if it cannot be unplugged in time, one must be sure to have a fire extinguisher labeled A-B-C. This type of fire extinguisher is effective against electrical fires. According to ESFi (Electrical Safety Foundation International), “home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year” with “electrical distribution systems [being] the third leading cause of home structure fires.”

Before we talk about the steps one can take to prevent electrical fires from starting, it would be beneficial to know where one can get self-extinguishing electrical wires and cables. At EWCSWire, we are electrical wire and cable specialists dedicated to providing our customers with only the best quality wires and cables in the industry for 100% satisfaction. We know how difficult it can be to get the exact wires and cables you’re looking for and how dangerous it can be utilizing the wrong wires and/or cables. That is why we offer wires and cables that are self-extinguishing, so you can be sure you and your loved ones will be safe from any electrical fire. This can be especially helpful if you are out on the water utilizing marine battery cables and wires. With no help for miles, self-extinguishing wires and cables can prevent tragic accidents or costly damage from occurring.

If you give us a call or shoot us an email, our knowledgeable EWCSWire customer service representatives can help you choose the best wires and cables for your job. Better yet, we offer custom orders so that you can get the exact size wires and cables you need! Now that we’ve talked about the dangers of electrical fires, the difficulty in stopping them, and where you can get reliable, quality wires and cables, let’s quickly discuss the steps one can take to prevent an electrical fire from starting. To do this, one can use four of their five senses: hearing, smelling, seeing, and touching.

The first clue one might get when trying to determine if wires and cables are faulty is to listen to the sounds you hear when starting the engine. If you’re engine has a weak starting performance, it might be beneficial to check up on the quality of your wires and cables. When you enter your electrical room, the next step to take is to utilize your sense of smell. If your wires and cables are faulty, you might be able to smell some kind of odor coming off of them. If the first two steps, however, fail to help you determine the life left in your marine battery cable, for example, your sense of sight can help in determining if your cables are faulty. Faulty wires and cables might look like they’ve been damaged by wear and tear. The insulation could have gaps or there could be discoloration or corrosion on the wires and cables. Finally, the last step one can take to determine the quality of wires and cables is to touch the wires to determine their quality. If a wire or cable feels hot or if there is resistance and cracking when trying to bend, you’ve found your problem.

Whether you are looking for marine battery cables, welding cables, fire alarm cables, or anything else, EWCSWire has your back. Visit our website and see what we can offer you or give us a call and let our knowledgeable representatives help point you in the right direction.

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Despite population explosion and advancements in travel and communication mediums, finding a life partner has become a Herculean task for both brides and grooms. The traditional methods of sourcing life partners can be no more useful for today’s marriage seekers. At the same time, marriage is a serious affair and you cannot depend on dating sites, social medial networks and other online avenues to search for your life partner. Indian Matchmaking Services USA have come as a boon to people searching for the best marriage alliances. When you have decided to make use of a matchmaking service for your marriage search, you have made a smart move. Here are a few useful tips to make the best use of matchmaking services.

Why get registered
Most advantages of the matchmaking services are given only to registered members. Hence it makes sense to register your bride or groom profile with a matrimonial site while you begin your marriage search. Since premium services are open to paid members only, it is never a bad choice to go for a paid membership.

How to search
Searching through the candidate profiles available with the matchmaking sites is a tricky job. The vast number of candidate profiles you will come across in these sites can baffle you and you will really be overwhelmed with the thousands of options in front of you. Hence you must know that art of filtering the results using the advanced search filters provided by the software configured in these sites.

Define your expectations
Make it clear to yourself as to what you need and expect in the life partner before starting your search. This will help you make the best use of the available search filters and give a proper shape to your marriage search. Narrow down the results based on your expectations and continue this until you land on a handful of candidate profiles that will suite you the best. This will make your job easier. However, if needed, you can always widen your search with more profiles.

Be professional in your dealings
Always ensure professional dealings with the candidates before you meet them and get to know them thoroughly. It is never advisable to give more details about you unless you have ascertained the genuineness of the candidates showing interest in you. This is to avoid the several risks you might invite in the due course. z

Never hurry with the process
Though you might be very keen to find your marriage partner as soon as possible, it is never advisable to hurry with the process. A careful search and a systematic approach to find the best marriage partner might take some time. Hence your hurry might land you on some bad choices which you might repent lifelong.

Be regular and systematic
Amidst your busy schedule, find some time on a daily basis to conduct your life partner search on these sites. When you work gradually on the marriage search, you can ensure that you make the right choice weighing the pros and cons of every option you come across thereby perfecting the selection as much as possible.

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Pint glass koozies are those lovely sleeves slipped around the glasses that contain liquids. Due to their several advantages, they are popular among people since long time. Here are a few interesting facts about Pint Glass Koozies.

How they are useful
In the first place, pint glass koozies add more colourful looks to the glasses which are otherwise bare looking. Usually pint glass kozies are printed in several attractive ways. It is very common to see them come with the brand name and product information of companies that wish to promote their products and services. Secondly, a pint glass kozie slipped on to the glass helps add more grip to the fingers. Hence the risk of dropping the glasses down is minimized. The temperature of the contents in the glass does not hurt the hands as the pint glass kooizes are made of materials that have insulation properties.The koozie helps preserve the temperature of the liquids for extended time. In this way, the uses of pint glass koozies are many which make them desirable products.

The material of pint glass koozies
Pint glass koozies are made of flexible materials that are weightless and economically priced. The pint glass koozie material gives a cushion effect under the fingers. The most common choice for pint glass koozies is neoprene. Bestowing a sponge like feeling under the fingers, neoprene is a great choice for making pint glasses. One good advantage of neoprene as a material for pint glass koozies is that it can also accommodate printing on it.

Colors of pint glass koozies
Pint glass kooizes can be made in any color. The color of the koozies is due to the dying chemicals mixed with the koozie material while manufacturing them. Hence it is possible to make them in any color you want. Usually the color of the pint glass koozies are decided based on the color of the printing that goes on it. This is to provide a fitting background to the printed matter in the koozie material. The myriad color possibilities you can achieve with pint glass koozies make them the best choice for printing.

Printing done on pint glass koozies
The most common purpose for pint glass koozies is to distribute them as promotional materials. Hence the companies ordering for pint glass koozies arrange to print their company information, product details and brand logos on them. With a proper planning and skilled execution, the printing on pint glass koozies come out very well spreading the word about the companies and their products.

Pint glass koozies as promotional products
Due to the several advantages of using pint glass koozies as promotional materials, they are the most popular choices for firms. Attractively printed pint glass koozies are easy to pack, store, transport and distribute. A large number of businesses use pint glass koozies for their product promotion campaigns and say they get the best returns on their investment. While pint glass koozies are used as promotional products since long, they come as a boon to businesses in supporting their marketing efforts.

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If you’re in the drain cleaning business, you know that your equipment is your friend. Without the proper tools in your arsenal, you risk a terrible situation; there’s nothing worse than explaining to your customer that you can’t complete the job because your sink machine isn’t working or you forgot to stock up on extra cable blades. That wastes your customer’s time as well as your own. When you want to be prepared for any job in any situation, you need to keep your inventory stocked. Experienced drain technicians know that the best place to get that inventory is Duracable.com. There’s just no better place to find high quality drain cleaning equipment at an affordable price.

Here at Duracable, we take pride in manufacturing the best quality drain cleaning equipment that keeps our customers happy. We don’t want a single customer unsatisfied, which is why we make sure that every product sold is both affordable and effective. If you look through our catalogue, you’ll notice that our list is extremely extensive. We have a variety of sled, sink, and sewer machines to consider, and all of the parts necessary to go along with them. No matter what is missing from your selection of tools, we can provide the equipment necessary for you to perform the job at hand.

First, our products are all made right here in the heartland of the United States. Every time you purchase a Duracable product, you’re pumping money right back into our economy. That money is well spent for you, too – our products are top of the line. And we distribute top-of-the-line equipment as well. Whether you need a Ridgid Seesnake to have a better set of eyes on that pesky clog or you need a new Duracable blade to cut through some tree roots blocking a mainline, we’ve got your back. Don’t forget, all equipment has the potential to break down from normal wear and tear, so having backup blades and cables is one of the most crucial elements of your job. That’s why we sell a blade and cable for any occasion. Whether you work on residential drains or commercial buildings and sewage lines, we have something that can improve the quality of your work and the quality of your workday.

One of the things that we’re most proud of at Duracable is the quality of our cables. Our DuraFlex cables are the highest quality on the market, and we’re positive that we have a cable that can meet your needs. Out of any equipment that you use for work, a strong and reliable cable is going to be the single most important piece to get the job done. DuraFlex cables are manufactured from a proprietary, hard-drawn, high-tensile strength wire in a variety of diameters and lengths, so you’ll find the size that’s perfect for your machine. We know that our cables are the highest quality, and that’s because we test them. We put each coil of wire through rigorous tests before, during, and after manufacture – if a coil fails even one test, it will not be used in the making of our DuraFlex cables. Now that’s quality you can depend on.

When you’re ready to stock up on drain cleaning equipment, look no further than Duracable.com. Since then, we’ve realized that a great product doesn’t mean much if the customer isn’t satisfied. It feels good to know that we provide the products that keep hardworking drain technicians thriving and happy. Take a look through our selection today, and let’s see what we can do to make your job a breeze!

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Creating a quality video production requires two things, good audio and good video. Perhaps the most important is the video. To get good video quality, you need to ensure that you have the proper lighting. Lighting an area for video requires patience and led video light knowledge of the best light sources to use for your project. When you think about video lighting, you need to understand the different lighting options available to you and then how to best position the lights to get the most out of your subject.

Considerations for lighting options for a video shoot include:

Quality of the lights position of the lights color balance

There are many different lights to choose from when doing a video shoot. For example, you can use LED video lights or ring lights. Each offers the ability to shoot video with varying effects. Ring lights offer a constant light source with the option to diffuse the light if necessary. You also have the ability to use different brightness levels which allow you to make the best of any video shoot. They can be clamped onto just about anything, even your camera. LED lights are typically free-standing lights that are placed in strategic locations around you subject to provide the best lighting conditions. They range in size from hand-held lights to lights you place on a tripod and position around your subject. In some cases you can place a hood around the light to concentrate the light in one place on a subject.

Placement of any lights is crucial. You can easily wash out your subject if they are placed incorrectly. Positioning of lights determines the length, direction and angle of the shadows cast by the lights. For example, when a light is moved further away from and to the side of a subject, the lighting is more dramatic. You can also point a light source behind the subject to create a silhouette effect. Whatever your goal is for your video shoot, you will want to be sure to place the lights where you want them to achieve the effect you are looking for.

Color balance with video lighting is also a very important component. If you use more a a yellow or amber tone, you can create a warm glow on a subject. These colors can also be used to simulate a sunrise or sunset. If you are looking to create a scene that is more wintry in nature, you might want to use video lighting tinted with blue. Or if you are looking to create an night time effect, tint your lights with navy blue.

Each of these components should be considered when working with video lights to create a quality video production.

Dehydrated Onion Kibbled, Dehydrated White Onion Products, Dehydrated Onion Manufacturers, Dehydrated Onion Suppliers, Dehydrated Onion Exports, Dehydrated Onion Manufacturers mahuva


At Asha Foods our professionals give consistent and dedicated efforts to provide the best quality Dehydrated Onion & Dehydrated Garlic products. After completion of dehydration proces the dehydrated product passes throught many quality check like metal detector to remove any metal parts and auto color sorter to remove any forgin materials and impurities from dehydrated product. All our products are packaged using optimum quality of material that keeps the product fresh. We have highly skilled and fully qualified team to look after the customer’s needs and provide service accordingly.


We have setup latest dehydration process line along with highly advanced technology machineries for quality check which is handled by skilled manpower. We have an in house laboratory to carry necessary quality checks matching with international production standards.

The production takes place in stringent & hygiene conditions production-house and stored in dry & cool storage place to retain the quality. Our clients are always welcomed to visit the production facility. We are also certified with many certifications for excellence to conduct our production process from renowned organizations such as FSSC, BVQI, HALAL, KOSHER, APEDA, Spices Board of India & FSSAI.

We have setup latest dehydration process line along with highly advanced technology machineries for quality check which is handled by skilled manpower. We have an in house laboratory to carry necessary quality checks matching with international production standards.

The production takes place in stringent & hygiene conditions production-house and stored in dry & cool storage place to retain the quality. Our clients are always welcomed to visit the production facility. We are also certified with many certifications for excellence to conduct our production process from renowned organizations such as FSSC, BVQI, HALAL, KOSHER, APEDA, Spices Board of India & FSSAI.






Asha Foods is group company of Asha Group of Industries which was incorporated in 1998. Asha Foods is managed by technocrats who has vast exprience in the vegetable dehydration industry and exposure for the export of dehydrated products, fresh vegetables, cotton and spices in international market.

We believe ingredients plays main role in taste, we ensure that the product offered by us is fresh and in original flavour. A well trained staff makes sure that a product which is processed is the best in class and of premium quality for that We have set-up the modern and fully automatic integrated dehydration facility with no human touch process line in the midst of a large onion growing area Mahuva. These are harvested at the peak of maturity, flavor and taste and quickly transported to our processing facility.


To achieve market leadership and add a value to the products we supply. Earn reputation in the industry by standing on the pillars of quality & service, hard work, Humbleness and brotherhood. Create integrated environment to make customers happy, associates grow and selves satisfied by honest, intelligent and transparent business ethics.


With changing global environmental condition, as a responsible citizen of the world Asha Foods commits to prevent pollution by minimizing
consumption of Natural Resources & generation of Waste.

It is our solemn duty to meet all the standard and environmental rules and regulation in the food industry to protect our environment through managerial decision.


A better workplace and environment is significant factor for the Group, we provide awareness program for health & safety of our staff that are directly and indirectly related with us. We maintain complete inhouse Hygiene.