A big event coming soon? Confused what to wear? Wondering how to slay in the outfit? Relax! We know, every girl want to look good and wish to stand out from the crowd. Normally, when we think of a formal event, we consider wearing a classy evening gown. And why not? It looks stunning and looks good on each body structure.

If you are planning to wear an evening gown at the event, there are many things to consider to give a perfect balance. What are those things? Below listed are a few essential tips, which will help you look the best at any event.

Tip One: The right shade of the gown

The first and the foremost thing to consider in any gown is the color. Yes! Choosing the right shade of the gown can make a lot of difference in your whole look. But, how will you choose the right shade? Before selecting the shade, keep in mind the time of the occasion, whether it a day or night event. If it is a day event, you can opt for bright colors or pastel shades, on the other hand, you can go for colors like – red, black, or champagne. Wearing red monotones looks the best against pale skin.

Elizabeth K GL2373

The next thing to look for once you choose the color is the right shade. Each color has different shades, and not each one will look good on you. How will you select then? Go for a shade that goes with your skin tone. For example – if you choose a red color, then go for fuchsia or bright red for dark skin tone, as they will compliment more on your skin. In case, you have a large body frame; then you go for wine or maroon shades.

Tip Two: The right cut and style of the gown

Usually, the evening gowns come with sexy cuts and elegant style. But, don’t forget, simple things look finer. You can opt for a simple black or red evening gown for your event. Such colors automatically grab the attention and look stunning as well.

You can opt for fitted cuts and a simple neckline. Make sure the style and cut are neat and clean. They must flatter your body.

Elizabeth K GL1356

Tip Three: Accessorize the evening gown

Keep it simple yet classy! Go for fewer accessories, as long flowy gowns itself have a high-sexy quotient. More accessories will make you look tacky. Pair your gown with simple hoops or danglers, and you are set to go.

Choose the right gown, wear matching accessories and you ready to rock your event!

For any skin care enthusiast, nothing is more refreshing than coming home after a hard day at work and just starting with your skin care routine. However, after a few months, it tends to get a little boring and tedious. The best way to spice up your skin care routine is to incorporate new products and what better way to do it than a new face mask!

Face masks are skin care products that are applied to the skin in the form of a gel, cream or sheet mask and are left on the skin for longer periods of time ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. It can be an additional source of moisture or can provide treatments that can help with any skin condition such as acne, oily, dry or aging skin. While many argue the effectiveness of face masks, it is a great way to spice up your skin care routine.

If you want to be more adventurous with your skin care, ditch those “normal” face masks and try out these weird yet amazing products.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

From beauty gurus on Youtube to Instagram, this product is everywhere, and maybe you should try it yourself. What makes this face masks so weird and quirky is that it bubbles up after a few minutes! Like mentos on cola, you can instantly feel the bubbling on your skin! This face mask contains green tea, pomegranate and charcoal powder extract that cleanses, hydrates, and soothes your skin.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-Gel Mask

On first glance, you might think that this is just a normal face mask with essence but as the name of the product suggests, it contains snail extract. No, no actual snails are harmed in the making of this face mask but something slimier is at play. Snail mucus aka the trail of slimy fluid they leave behind is the main ingredient of this face mask. It claims to have anti-aging properties and aims to hydrate, soften, and repair skin. Yikes!

Hanacure Tightening Face Mask (Zombie Face Mask)

If you want to become a zombie without the commitments and, best of all, great skin, then this face mask is a must try. The face mask is actually a set of three containing a gelling solution, a lifting serum, and a brush that you will use to apply the product. What makes this face mask so interesting is the way it dries up on your face. It tightens the skin and leaves a sort of “dried” flakes on your face and in some cases, it looks horrifying, like a real zombie.

Dr. Brandt Magnetight Magnetic Face Mask

Like the bubble mask, you’ve also seen this quirky face mask floating around Youtube and Instagram. Unlike all the face mask on this list, Dr. Brandt Magnetight Magnetic Face Mask is infused with real iron that helps extract deep-seated dirt and impurities plus anti-aging ingredients to renew and rejuvenate your skin cells. Instead of peeling or washing off the product a few minutes after application, this face mask uses a magnet to instantly zap dirt and dead skin cells! It looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie!

Mediheal Horse Oil Proaine Mask

Like the snail face mask, no horses were harmed in the making of this product. As what the name suggests, it contains horse oil which is a byproduct of horse fat. In case you don’t know horse meat is quite popular in countries like Japan, Belgium, Kazakhstan, and Italy. So, instead of throwing it all away, it is made into horse oil. This face mask contains unsaturated fatty acids and ceramide which increases protein absorption on the skin which enhances elasticity, and vitality. While it sounds gruesome to put horse fat on your face, it’s actually not the worse active ingredient to ever appear on a face mask or any skin care product for that matter.

A face mask is a great skin care product that you should use every once in a while. It provides additional hydration and treatments that could be beneficial to your skin. Spice up your skin care routine with the best face masks below.


It is often a truth widely acknowledged that babies have zero fashion sense. But whether it be as it can, they still need, and desire, to become clothed. In the next few paragraphs, we reveal to you techniques to buy clothes for the baby.

You should ideally start planning on buying clothes to your baby whilst the baby is still returning. It is normal for folks to make use of unisex clothing for the newborn currently. Once they are some weeks old it is possible to decide to have them sex-appropriate clothing. This results in that women get all pink-colored clothes and boys get something different. But you are obviously free to decide what color or style you want to utilize for the children.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby Clothes

Babies hate it if their head is included. This means that you should avoid garments that take an effort to put on and lift off – best are the types which might be easy to wear and take off. Also, it might be a much easier experience for you along with your baby in the event you went for garments with snaps, as opposed to the ones with buttons, because snaps are easier to do than buttons, and babies are not really recognized for their patience.

Babies can put things of their mouth. And this means not simply stuff they get in the ground. Buttons, sequins and snaps each is choking hazards, so look for these attachments are not easily undone.

Your baby’s comfort is your first priority. Clothes with seams inside, that could pinch the newborn, are out. Garments with tight elastic bands are out. Clothes with metal zippers, protruding snaps or large buttons are out. Soft fabrics are another option that assists with the comfort factor.

Ensure that you will be buying flame retardant clothing. This is especially true for sleepwear.

Baby Clothes Sizes

Babies grow fast. It is always a better idea to get clothes a size or two larger. Also observe that loose fitting clothes are always better than super tight clothes every day.

Baby cloth sizes depend on age of the baby in months. The sizes are generally a number accompanied by the letter “M”. An average sized 5 month old baby’s cloth size can be 5M. But keep in mind the are average cloth sizes – baby is often a bit smaller or larger because of its age.

Babies don’t actually need shoes, because they don’t really walk or make use of them otherwise. But within winter clothing, they’re going to have to have their feet covered, so make sure to make them some booties. But during summer it’s a wise decision to obtain a pair of crib shoes.

Buying Baby Clothes Online

Buying cheaper baby clothes makes a lot of sense. It is not of curiosity to your baby how costly their baby suit is – the comfort of the baby suit will be the more valuable factor as much as the cloth goes. With all the online retailers available, explore only get a wide array of clothes to select from, but also get a great deal on pricing. This is especially true should you buy during discount summer and winter sales.

After successfully launching the first edition of The Myntra Style Edit in the latter stages of 2017 and following it up with another successful edition in March 2018, the much loved event is back again. One of the striking reasons this online sales venture was such a huge hit was because it was timed to perfection on both accounts. They key to timing a sales event is to understand the behavioural patterns of the customer.

The first edition was launched in December 2017, a period characterized by changing climates. During this time, most users of cosmetics opt to buy winter versions of the cosmetics they fancy. Having a discounted sale which also promotes new brands, while containing high end products and popular brands as well was an excellent strategy to expand current customer bMyntra’s Beauty Edit Sale ases. So in one sweeping move, Myntra both captivated new customers and also timed it appropriately.

The second edition was launched earlier this year in March. Once again, new brands were promoted, and the range was new and collections were refreshed. This event was also strategically timed, as this is usually when winter phases out for good, and it had been a good 2-3 months since the last sale. As before, the event was a huge success.

This edition features widely used brands such as L’Oreal, Lakme, Maybelline, Neutrogena, The Body Shop, and Kaya. The premium brands include Bvlgari, Kama Ayurveda, Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Versace. Among the new and upcoming brands that are making a name for themselves are Wow, Wet n Wild, Fabindia, O3+, and Absolute. There will also be some amazing in house brands from Myntra, as well as brands like SNP and It’s Skin which are exclusive to Myntra.

In total, these brands, along with several others, amounting to 40 in all, account for more than 10000 unique products that include make up goods, accessories, and electronics like electric razors, hair straighteners, as well as perfumes, deodorants and colognes. Further, a host of body, skin and shower products will be on sale. The sale is scheduled for on 29th and 30th of May.

It does not require any special mentioning that lingerie and women sensuality has a close association. When a woman wants to look sexy nothing can come handier than a maxi brief. Surely, it enhances the much-coveted sex appeal of fashionable women. The issue of looking attractive is not only limited to seductive nightwear but wearing those curvy and skin tight clothes that boosts up your confidence. The right kind of maxi briefs can augment your figure and make you look damn hot in those Capri, miniskirts, and skinny fit jeans. The best thing is if you wish to drive your man wild in that special romantic night where you want to expose yourself then what can be better than embracing your darling in a maxi brief.

In contemporary times, many companies that manufacture lingerie and nightwear for women. They flaunt a large assortment of bras, and panties that come in a different kind of color, shape, and design. Among these, the Sloggi maxi briefs 4 pack stands out. It comes with a myriad of fabrics starting from lace cotton to silk giving you the platform to express your physical charm. The choice of material is primarily determined by the purpose for which you wish to wear. For regular usage cotton, briefs are perfect whereas for a passionate, sensuous night silk is the ideal fabric.

Sloggi basic maxi comes at a wide range of colors so that you get the opportunity of wearing your favorite shades atop. The fact of the matter is some of the best-known brands of the world are offering attractive prints with plain shades so that you flaunt your best looks at the beach appearing prettier than ever. What to say about its tailoring. With seamless varieties of stitching styles, you can be sure that the onlookers will not get a hint of it beneath the dress. As per the choice of a brand is concerned the ideal way is to make a purchase decision in favor of a reputed brand. In this regard, mention could be made to the Sloggi maxi briefs that are considered to be one of the premium brands in lingerie for women.

Young ladies highly regard Sloggi for providing lingerie that is comfortable and perfect for relaxation. Their products prove to be a great combination with any underwear. This brand is highly popular, and all well-to-do retailers stock their products. If you are thinking about purchasing a comfortable maxi brief, then Sloggi is your best choice.

Who doesn’t like looking good? Your looks are not only determined based on your clothes or footwear. Jewelry also plays an important role in determining you. With so many options in women jewelry, choosing the ideal one is difficult. However, bracelets can be the best option not only for yourself but are great for gifting purpose as well.


Earlier, only gold bracelets for women were popular, but now you get a variety of options in them. One of them is charm bracelets, and its hot favorite among girls. Women love to adore their wrist and what better than these trendy bracelets. They are simple yet elegant and can be worn at any occasion. From office events to birthday parties, weddings, or any other event. You can wear them without any hesitation. It adds beauty and color to your personality by making you look beautiful.

These bracelets come in both gold and silver. There are different designs available in these metals. For example – if you are a teenager, then you can go for heart-shaped charm bracelets. Charm bracelets can also serve as great gifts. How? They are a perfect way to express love to your close ones and you can choose from ample of options. The best part about gifting these bracelets is you don’t need any measurements, so you can easily pick any design. Both silver and gold bracelet, no matter which metal you choose you will look gorgeous.

The popularity of charm bracelets has been increased. Selecting a gold charm bracelet is not a beautiful option but is a great investment as well. For all those who cannot afford to buy the gold ones can switch to silver ones as well. They are no less beautiful. You can also team them with other jewelry pieces such as a pendant with long chains, and match them your bracelets. It will surely look stunning!

Once you decide the metal, then move further to search for the best one. Where to buy? Now, the next thing which comes to the mind is where to buy them. The answer is online. Yes, it the best and convenient option to purchase jewelry. There are various sites selling charm bracelets online, choosing the right one is a daunting task. Select a site with good customer ratings and reviews. Compare the prices and quality assurance of each site to get a better idea. It will give you assurance that you are selecting the right site for your purchases.


Once you decide the website, the next thing to do is to look for the jewelry options available at their site. Online accessories shopping site like – Shabana Khan, offer great options not only in charm bracelets but necklaces and earrings as well. Choose wisely!

 As we have stepped into the modular world, new technologies come out every day and influence us a lot. Today, we discussed the objects that can operate with the assist of the solar system, means there is no need for a battery or electrical connection. It has solar panels that charge through the solar light.

  • Solar Led Lights

Solar Led lights outdoors are introduced which operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of the solar photovoltaic panel. These are designed like the wind chime light and can hang outside areas.  These are available in the different designs which easy match with your interiors. Moreover, solar led lights are the perfect décor to add.

  • Solar Power Mobile Charger

Usually while going out, we notice our phone battery is dead and get nervous. To overcome this barrier, solar power mobile charger has introduced which can charge your mobile phones with the help of solar light. You need to add it to the windshield of your car and experience the charging. This technology influences all mobile users, now they are able to charge their mobile phones without any electricity or at any place. In brief, in this technological era, a solar power mobile charger is one of the highly beneficial WIFI gadgets for Home as it can charge your mobile phone with the help of solar rays.

  • Star solar system changing color mug

Another new edition come out which can use the solar sunlight is star solar system changing color mug. It is a plain black color cup but when it comes under the sunlight, it changes into colorful effect and looks like the solar system. It is a great choice to gift to your loved ones. Even kids like it most and get influenced to see this magic.

  • Waterproof solar power bank

The solar power bank is used to charge the mobile phones. It is a wireless object that is charged with the help of solar rays and then use to charge the mobile phones. It has come out with waterproof feature and can be put in any place like near beaches to charge it. Apart from this, it can place in the car and can use to charge the phones any time.

Zohify is a fashion shop online offers the innovative sorts of gadgets that operate with solar rays at very nominal cost. It has a wide collection of the Best Smart Home Gadget that would turn your home into beautiful. To access the innovative collection of this online hub, open its web portal zohify.com

These days fashion plays an increasingly important role in a personal life because it is considered as a means of self-expression. The garments that young boys or girls wear help them to identify with a group of others-whether it is a lifestyle, profession, a religion, or an attitude. Generally, most of the people think that Girls are too fashion conscious that’s why they usually experimenting with different look, styles, and textures.

But these days trends have been changing even boy are too fashion conscious about their clothing and they want to look like a dapper and stylish man by trying stylish trendy apparels. Designers and brands have also shown curiosity towards modifying this much-neglected market segment. Today the menswear market has a wide collection of different categories apparels such as active wear, casual wear, outerwear, formalwear, and essentials. Here are some useful buying tips are given below that helps the teenager to acquire the perfect t-shirts.

Tip1: Nowadays internet plays the vital role in the life of the youngster. Moreover, youth spend their too much time on the internet that’s why they love online shopping very much. If you are planning to buy beard t-shirt online in India, go ahead! You will find thousands of varieties of trendy t-shirts online at the very friendly budget.

Tip2: As a buyer of any kind of t-shirts, search for the well-known website that offers good deals, discounts, and proposal on every purchase of the trendy t-shirts. Most of the time many reputed online apparels store websites announce scheme during important festivals or events, begin a customer take benefit from these discounts.

Tip3: After choosing the online apparel website, you can opt the trendy t-shirts that perfectly fit with your body. Choose the perfect matching t-shirts in which you feel comfy and try to avoid noticing the cloth of the other people be yourself; wear the clothes that enhance your overall personality.

Tip4: Online shopping is smooth, safe, easy, quick, secure, and affordable. The teenager can take benefits from the online shopping and grab the stylish t-shirts at the very reasonable price. Dudes if you are passionate about clothing shopping? Stop over at the best online store to check out an extensive range of the trendiest apparels at the very reasonable price.

Tip5: You can find an assortment of brands by visiting the most trustworthy online clothing store, so you can easily find the outfits that satisfy your need for wearing the best. Online shopping for trendy t-shirts makes your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and you are planning to buy birthday t-shirts online in India for him but got busy with an important meeting with clients. Relax! You are living in the extreme ultra fast internet-savvy generation where you can buy online t-shirts for your loved ones without putting your step out from your home or office. The online store can help you to find the best fashionable t-shirts that suit your need, taste, and budget.


In this era of globalization, teenagers buy their apparels from the e-commerce portal because this procedure of shopping saves time and money even give them power over independent shopping. Online shopping Stores have given every peoples lot of facilities that’s why individual customers are fans of shopping online because it provides 24*7 hours shopping services to their valuable customers.

Women love to buy shoes, no what the occasion is. They need perfect joggers or fleets for a trip, high heels for a party, casual flip flops for every day life and formal shoes for the office. They are also quite touchy about them. Shoes must be comfortable to wear and easy to go through the day. Fashionisin is an online store supplying complete women clothing from head scarfs to foot wear. They are a collaboration of brands and combine many quality brands and designers.

Types of shoes available at this online store are:

  • High Heels
  • Glittery Fleets
  • Tough Joggers
  • Strappy long shoes
  • Long Rain Boots
  • Casual Lightweight shoes

And many more. Once you enter in this world of fashion you would not stop shopping from here. Moreover, we are also providing free shipping over all USA. So, gear up and check out your favorite shoes from us, we specializes in branded shoes for women in NY. Quality is what is unique about our products. You would never have to worry about delicacy and our shoes are tough and strong but by the looks, they are fragile. You can dance endlessly in our high heels rather than worrying about heel fails.

Visiting our website will facilitate the fashion lovers. Check out our new shoes and dresses collection for summer. They are really to die for and you would not find more reasonable products anywhere else. Be cool, be fashionistas and don’t worry about the delivery charges, as we have covered it for you. We know that how much you girls love branded shoes for women NY. You don’t even need to worry about sizes, our return policies are vary helping in case of our loyal customers.

Website: https://fashionisin.com/

Recently at a press event in Delhi, the official style partners of the IIFA Weekend 2018 have announced the exclusive red carpet line for the event. The gala event will take place in Bangkok on the 23rd of June and will be an extravaganza that will be have numerous top celebrities from the Indian movie and fashion industry. The online fashion retail mogul will host a fashion show that will be called IIFA Rocks at Bangkok during the IIFA weekends. They hope that the ramp will set a benchmark in democratizing fashion and will have live engagement from the consumers in India through the Myntra app while shopping the looks directly off the ramp. Basically this will set another in the milestone in fast fashion.

That’s right! The ramp looks that were exclusive just for the glitterati once upon a time is no longer just for them. You too can steal looks right off of the runway of the mega event. All the high fashion outfits will be available on the website and app of the online shopping site at affordable prices. The looks at the runways will be put together by in-house fashion experts at the Myntra head office and will feature an assortment of various outfits, jewelry and accessories that you can purchase right off the website or the app.

The styles that will be curated for the fashion show will include Bollywood style icon’s looks on the red carpet. These will have fashionable evening pastels, flounce and the fun ruffles, the lustrous baroque nights in black and gold hues, the glamourous Woo in Ruby and the most trending asymmetric hemlines. All of these looks will be available and shoppable on different Myntra app.

All of your favourite Bollywood stars and fashion icons like Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar will be there present at the event flaunting the latest in fashion. It will be the second year in a row that Myntra will be the official style partners at the IIFA event, after an incredibly successful first edition the previous year. The event will also have a ‘Style Icon Of The Year’ award just like last year where the consumers will get a chance to vote for their favourite style icon among five other nominees. There will also be a Green Carper laid out for the celebrities to share their fashion insights with the consumers which also took place last year and was one of the popular segments.

The announcement for the Bangkok event was made in New Delhi by Gunjan Soni, the CMO of Myntra dn the Head of Jabong. It was also graced by a number of celebrities including Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor among other glittering super stars. Gunjan Soni also talked about the fashion journey of the online fashion retail industry and the role of different consumers in India. She gave a detailed explanation decoding the future of fashion in the country. According it is technology that will the drive the future of fashion and that the highly aware and conscious consumers will have a big role to play in it its success.