One thing that you need to remember when searching for a financial adviser is that it is up to you to decide if the advise is good or not. After all it is your money. After the first meeting with your financial adviser, you will need to carry out some further research. You will be given some written recommendation during a one-on-one meeting where the financial adviser will explain what they recommend and discuss the reason why they choose one product over the other.

You will be given:

  • A statement of advice. This is where the recommendations of the financial adviser is usually contained. It is important for the work to be taken through document review and analysis. Ensure that you have also reviewed the document to find out whether it is in line with your objectives and needs
  • A product disclosure statement (PDS) for every product that will be recommended. This document contain the feature of each of these products

Before you can sign any document, make sure that you have read and even understood these documents.

A review of the advice

You will need to go through the advice to ensure that it is able to address your goals and also consider your personal circumstances as well as financial situations. Before you agree on anything, make sure that you have take the SOA home for further scrutiny. The financial adviser may also attach other documents that they may require you to scrutiny. Ensure that you go through this advice keenly. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have gone through that advice in stages, even as you start with the overall strategy before going deeper into details.

Make sure that you have noted down any questions that you may have while reading the PDS and SOA. If you are unsure of how the strategy or product is outlined in SOA will help you meet your financial goal, be sure to ask for clarification. If there words and phrases in SOA and the PDS that are not clear, make sure to ask questions.

Important features of SOA

There are several things that you need to look out for in the statement of advice. These include:

The objectives and needs of your situation

  • Does the SOA tackle the reason why you were seeking for the advice?
  • Does it have recommendations that are customized for you or was it written for another client?
  • Does the SOA address your goals and circumstances
  • Does it refer to your income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Does the soa have your risk profile and the reason why the risk profile is the right one for you

Strategy and cope

  • Does the SOA have a scope that is well-defined and explain the advice that is being provided or not
  • Do you have complex financial needs and does it have strategic options including pros and cons
  • Does the SOA provide you with a projection of cash flows where these are relevant and provide a recommended strategy that fits your incomes & expenses

Driven by a booming economy and rapid development in the industrial sector, in recent times Malaysia has been attracting millions of workers across Asia. The multicultural nation also serves as a tourist hotspot with millions of foreigners visiting the city every year. With the rise in the number of migrants, there also has been a steady and obvious rise in the use of credit cards with the foreigners.

The benefits of using a credit card are many, including cashback rewards, secured online transactions, easy payment gateway, to name a few. However, applying for a credit card can get a bit difficult for foreign nationals if they are not familiar with the Malaysian banking rules and regulations.

Here are a few things that you need to know before applying for a credit card in Malaysia as a foreigner:

  • Work permit or Visa: The application process is quite similar to how a permanent resident or a local would apply. However, as an expat, you might have to provide a few more additional documents for validation. Most of the Malaysian banks would ask for a work permit or Visa based on their eligibility criteria. Always make sure that your Visa isn’t reaching the expiry date.
  • Documentation for foreigners: All your documents, as asked or required by the concerned bank, have to be valid. Any document deemed invalid by the bank might result in your application getting rejected. Ensure that you are putting correct information in the application form. Most banks in Malaysia do a background information check based on the information given in the form. In Malaysia, you need to have a minimum annual income of RM24,000 to be deemed eligible for a credit card. Make sure that you carry a copy of passport, Visa or work permit while submitting your document. You will also need to provide three months’ salary slip (for salaried employees), business registration certificate and income tax documents (for self-employed), and last six months’ bank statement.
  • Open a bank account: It’s recommended to do your homework before applying for a credit card. A little bit of quick thinking will help facilitate the application process in a much smoother and faster manner. Opening an account with any of the local banks will help you build your credit score before you apply for the card. You can also open a Fixed Deposit account, but there are certain risks associated with it. For instance, if you default, the bank has the right to access your FD account and transfer the money you owe.
  • Application acceptance and rejection time: It usually takes around two weeks to find out whether your application has been accepted or rejected. The duration time can vary from bank to bank.
  • Choosing the bank: There are many local banks and international banks operating in Malaysia. It’s advised to do a bit of research on both the institutions and then go on to choose your bank.

An trading system is a gathering of particular parameters that consolidate to make purchase and offer signs for a given security. Exchanging frameworks can be produced utilizing various advances, including Microsoft Excel, MATLAB®, TradeStation, R, Python, and different stages and dialects. The purchase and offer signs from these stages may show up in a record for you to execute or be automatically executed utilizing a financier that backings computerized exchanging.

There are endless distinctive data sources that can be utilized when building online trading system. Specialized pointers are the most widely recognized, however numerous exchanging frameworks join principal information, for example, income, income, obligation to-value, or other money related proportions. Others even fuse news, tweets, and other information from around the web that could give a flag. The main necessity is that the information must be spoken to in a way that a PC can investigate.

Benefits of Online Trading Systems

Removes intellectual inclinations.: Intellectual inclinations take an expansive toll on exchanging wage and exchanging frameworks expel the greater part of them from the condition. Merchants who can’t adapt to misfortunes second-figure their choices, while those that as of late lost cash may pass up a great opportunity for new openings. Exchanging frameworks expel dealers from real purchase and offer basic leadership and make more unsurprising outcomes.

Reduce time: Trading systems that are produced and enhanced may require less push to keep up than sitting by a screen throughout the day discovering openings and putting exchanges. Dealers can likewise create exchanging frameworks whenever of the day, which implies that they can spend showcase hours from the screen.

You can outsource a portion of the work.: Numerous product designers spend significant time in creating exchanging frameworks. On the off chance that you think of the tenets, they can actualize and backtest the exchanging frameworks to perceive how they perform. A few organizations additionally auction the-rack exchanging frameworks, yet it’s by and large a smart thought to practice alert while thinking about them.

Some Drawbacks of  Online Trading Systems

Requires unique skill sets: Creating Trading systems all alone requires a strong comprehension of both specialized investigation and programming advancement. While you can outsource programming advancement, you will in any case require the capacity to viably interpret your inborn information of specialized investigation into particular decides that can be actualized by a PC calculation as opposed to depending on instinct.

Can be hard to enhance: Trading systems  must incorporate a wide range of suppositions, for example, slippage, exchange costs, and changing business sector flow. Notwithstanding when representing these elements, it’s difficult to test exchanging frameworks before pushing them live, which implies that there’s a level of vulnerability included. Issues may emerge in live exchanging that can be exorbitant and hard to settle.

Requires an expansive introductory venture.: Trading systems  set aside a ton of opportunity to at first create and test before pushing them live. Amid this time, you won’t produce any exchanging income, which could be expensive for a few brokers. Exchanging frameworks additionally require continuous upkeep to adjust parameters and address any adjustments in the market.

Traditionally, investors and traders need to call their financier firms to make an exchange for them. In the event that John needed to buy 50 offers of Intel, he would call his intermediary with a purchase arrange ask. The agent would tell John the market cost and affirm the buy arrange. In the event that the financial specialist is influencing a farthest point to arrange, the intermediary needs to affirm the utmost value, to what extent to keep the request open for, what record to buy the offers in (if John has various venture accounts), and so forth. The venture delegate should likewise affirm the commission costs for making the exchange. At the point when all has been built up, the intermediary would put the exchange the framework which is connected to exchanging floors and trades, for example, the New York Stock Trade (NYSE) or the NASDAQ. The customer would get an exchange affirmation via mail and a month to month or quarterly articulation of record demonstrating a rundown of his speculations. In the event that John needed to exchange some money from his exchanging record to his financial records, and the other way around, he would likewise need to bring in to make that exchange ask.

Today, with the approach of the web in the advanced period, an ever increasing number of financial specialists are utilizing internet exchanging stages offered by their dealers for DIY (do-it-without anyone’s help) contributing. The web based exchanging stages fill in as a centre point with different instruments for the financial specialist or merchant. The speculator can put in purchase and offer requests; put advertise, restrain, stop, stop-misfortune, and stop-constrain orders; check the status of a request; see ongoing stock statements; read news on organizations; see the rundown of securities presently held through the dashboard; and so forth. A speculator can likewise get to his or her venture proclamations, affirmation articulations, and speculation tax documents utilizing the online framework. Most markdown financiers that are partnered with banks likewise give added accommodation to their computerized customers by connecting their ledgers to their venture accounts. Along these lines, a speculator can without much of a stretch start an exchange between accounts held under the same money related foundation.



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Clarinet is one of the finest and youngest woodwind instrument that you know and hear of. It is a single reed instrument and has a cylindrical design. There are various materials used to design the reed. You have synthetic and plastic used to make this instrument, and both the materials are highly desirable. While it appears to be similar to an oboe, it has a wider mouth piece and full length diameter, which makes it different.

Buying a Clarinet requires a clear understanding of whether you need a beginner level instrument or somewhat mature instrument.

  • What would be the material that suits your purpose and needs when it comes to buying a Clarinet. This would be the first thing to consider, immediately after you have decided whether you want to go for a beginner level or an advanced level instrument
  • The material check done, you might want to decide the budget that you are ready to spend for the Clarinet. This would be based entirely on the research conducted on Clarinets, and the available types in the market. Make sure you don’t go beyond the set budget when you actually set to buy the instrument
  • Would you want to go for a first hand instrument or are you ok with investing in a second hand instrument. This would also determine how and where you should purchase
  • Finally, you should always research on the providers of the instrument. There would be offline shops that you can go and research. You can even see the clarinet and know which will work for you.

Once the Clarinet purchase part is done, you might want to research on the clarinet maintenance. You can ask your teacher or seek information online on the ways in which you should ideally maintain the instrument.

  • There are many keys on the Clarinet. Make sure you oil each key with a light oil at least once a year. You can make a DIY oil by mixing three oils. You can use the oil applicator and put a drop at a time in the rod connection
  • You should always dust the keys before you apply oil to them and swab the clarinet regularly
  • You should make sure you dry the excess water from the tone holes and keep the pads as dry as possible
  • Make sure the cork joints are greased regularly so that there is no wear and tear around the instrument. In case the cork is compressed, you can always use the dental floss
  • Make sure you check the Clarinet for the leaks and adjustments on a yearly basis
  • You should always carry the Clarinet with the mouth piece, especially when traveling
  • Avoid keeping the clarinet near the heat

Investing in insurance is an important consideration when you are buying the Clarinet. The Clarinet insurance helps with long life and smooth maintenance of the instrument. If you don’t have time for regular service, you can always get the insurance to pay for service visits at the instrument shop.

The financial crisis has shown the intricate interlinking between macroeconomic and financial policies at both on the global and national levels. Without consistent macroeconomic policies, financial development can be complicated. As we consider monetary policy frameworks, capital account liberalization and related issues are being reconsidered in light of the crisis. As a new investor in the market who has less knowledge of how to invest in share market, it is difficult to understand technical market related topics. Let us understand this more clearly.
Monetary Policy
Over the last twenty years, various growing markets have started adopting some form of inflation targeting based in order to anchor monetary policy and going away from exchange rate targets, which have become increasingly untenable as capital accounts are turning more transparent.
A key issue is whether monetary the policy should explicitly strive to manage asset prices. Central banks that targeted inflation either explicitly or implicitly and overlooked the asset market bubbles, especially in the housing market, that has come back to haunt policymakers.
Lack of financial development, loopholes in the monetary transmission mechanism, and often profligate fiscal policies make it difficult to consistently attain a low inflation objective.
Other Macroeconomic Policies
Fiscal policy plays a vital role in financial stability. Inadequate fiscal policies can generate a number of wrong information in the economy, especially if the scale of government borrowing becomes large. At first, it generates monetary uncertainty by making it difficult for the governing body to anchor inflation expectations. If the government borrowing is done through banks, as is the case in India, this can have adverse effects on financial inter-mediation in the economy. Fiscal space can be reduced by large fiscal deficits that are present to providing feedback to financial crises or even normal business cycle downturns. It had implemented disciplined fiscal policies for several times, resulting in relatively low levels of explicit budget deficits and public debt. Share market tips in Hindi can help Indian investor to learn this in their native language which would be easy to understand.

The process of accounts payable is quite a complex one and needs to be managed with great efficiency. It is important to manage the working capital and the cash flow process while a strong relationship is maintained between the vendor and others. If your accounts payable process is efficient, you will be able to save your money, carry out your processes efficiently and ensure everything is running specially.

To ensure that the process is a smooth one, it needs to be handled by seasoned experts or skilled people so that it is done flawlessly. Outsourcing accounts payable services is a good idea, especially when time is a problem and you do not have the necessary skills and team to carry out the process. There are many advantages of outsourcing your accounts payable services – here are some of them mentioned briefly:

Save Money – This is one of the many advantages of outsourcing your accounts payable services. When you choose to outsource different tasks, a major benefit is that you can avail competitive rates. You can save money because you do not have to pay monthly salary to your time or incur other expenses.

Save Money On Infrastructure – As you choose to outsource your accounts payable services, you do not have to worry about maintaining an infrastructure or upgrading it time and again. You do not have to worry about maintaining your office infrastructure and carrying out regular maintenance.

High-Quality Services – When you choose to outsource different services, you are assured of getting high quality services because the people who will be working for you are experts. They are skilled in handling a large number of tasks, which require knowledge and skills. You can avail general accuracy, timely delivery and global standards, especially when it is related to tasks related to accounts payable. It is not always possible to maintain such high standards when you choose to get the work done by in-house people.

Error Free Services – When you choose to outsource your work to a reputed firm, you are assured of getting flawless services. Their work is usually of high-quality and checked for perfection before delivery. As a result, the delivered tasks are usually flawless. The rate of error is quite low when compared to tasks which are done in-house. Your hired company takes special initiative to ensure that the work delivered is perfect and meets all quality standards.

Focus On Different Core Jobs – When you choose to hire time-consuming tasks like accounts payable to others, you will have plenty of time in hand. Thus, you have the scope of focusing on different core operations, for which previously you didn’t have much time. With time in hand, you also have the scope of shifting your vision to other important core operations jobs. This way, you will be able to consistently work towards the growth or development of your organisation.

The chances of errors and frauds are also reduced when you choose to outsource services. Your work is done efficiently, timely and consistently over a period of time.

Music has always been progressive. Every decade saw music changing and revolutionizing the human world. Sometimes, what plain words could not convey, the music did. The land of all kinds of revolutionary acts, the United States of America, saw a huge difference in the kind of music that was created during the 90s and today. There is more pop to the otherwise metal culture that the states had adopted for a long time. The music studios in New York have specifically undergone a change to adapt to this new music need stated by the youngsters.

Along with music, the way it is consumed has also changed. For instance, you no longer use the cassettes to jam through your favorite song while on the road. Remember the instances when those tapes would get stuck to your recorder, and you would hear fitting rewinds of the same line till you actually ejected them out? Moving on, the gear changed and the medium became the CDs. This was an interesting era. Digital music was ripe and you could say people loved the high definition, high fidelity version of the sound they had recorded. The sound designer became a huge hit with music studios at this time. The sound gear were refined to meet the new sound consumption methods.

The iPod revolutionized the music industry completely. Now, you were talking about making music for the portable devices that could be heard from anywhere. You needed to store the music in these small, hand-held devices that were fed with rich quality. The recording had to be perfect, and the background noise reduced. New formats of playback were introduced to meet this new era.

With the Internet age dawning upon us, there was no escape for the music industry either. They had to reign in music for the live streaming with the same quality, matching the sound acceptance levels. You would be able to hear these musicians without actually paying for it. Some of the popular applications including the latest Amazon Music have made music through streaming incredibly easy for the listeners.

From music recording to actual music composition, everything changed in the eye of this new era. The way musicians created their music and the type of music that worked with the audience changed too. The music studios in New York implemented new gear that rocked the scene. But, what was important at this time was studio insurance. Why? The gear cost more than the music itself in some cases. The sound design has become important and your studio needs to invest in audio equipment. This simply means they have to invest a lot of money in making sure the gear is up to the mark.

If something goes wrong with the gear, they will need to spend a lot of money getting it repaired. Their chances of huge investment in replacing or repairing the gear go if they have insurance. The insurance will take care of the money and the places to get it repaired from, while you concentrate on making good music.

Trading Forex is much more than devising strategies to execute your traders. An experienced trader understands that a good broker is not a necessity but a significant aspect of trading. An efficient brokerage website will provide its users with a number of important facilities to help them optimise their trades. Speaking of a reliable broker, Financika Nigeria, which is registered with the local Financial Services Commission (VFSC), has become a popular destination for trading Forex and CFDs. The brokerage website, which is rapidly growing to become a favourite platform for trading Forex, boasts a number of convenient features. This article attempts to explore some of the advantageous aspects of choosing Financika trading as your brokerage partner.

Beneficial Trading Conditions

Unlike some of the expensive brokerage options, Financika enables users to trade by making a minimum investment of $200. This is quite affordable, especially if you consider the industry average of $100.

Financika is widely recognised for its tighter spreads; the maximum leverage at the platform is 1:200, which is appreciable when compared to the contemporary Forex brokers. Although many brokers provide tighter spreads than Financika, such big ratios can indicate bigger risks.

Traders who are registered with Financika can get a chance to choose their platform, as Financika offers three different types of platforms, the PROfit platform, the WebPROfit platform and the commonly used MetaTrader4.

Additionally, traders get the opportunity to trade a variety of financial assets, from currencies, CFDs, indices to Stocks.

Personal Account Manager

Online trading at Financika is incredibly convenient, especially when you consider the ancillary services that come with the membership. Traders can greatly benefit from the full-time customer support. Also, users can expect professional help from a personal account manager, who would be responsible for coaching and supervision.

Competent Trading Tools

A quick glance at the currency chart may help you execute your trade, but you will need much more support if you want to earn better profits. This is why Financika provides its users with professional trading tools, including daily analysis, market updates, financial calendar, etc, that enable traders to strategise their trades based on the market analysis.

Educational Materials

Most brokers offer educational materials to traders which can be beneficial to young traders who have limited knowledge. Financika provides all-inclusive education to beginners, including ebooks, tutorials, video analysis, etc. Also, traders can access their glossary of financial terms that can be useful while making trading decisions. Furthermore, Financika provides its clients with expert risk management tools, such as the ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Take Profit’ orders. Apparently, a ‘Take Profit’ is trading order which is placed to sell an asset when it crosses a certain price. On the other hand, a ‘Stop-Loss’ order is used to restrict the traders’ loss on a given position. Financika keeps its traders informed at all times, whereby traders are updated with everything they need to know. Although the beginners benefit from the educational materials, expert traders can expand their knowledge from these materials, as the website also features advanced tutorials for the seasoned traders.

Exciting Weekly Bonuses 

Just like any other standard broker, Financika also offers interesting incentives to its users. Financika offers exciting incentives in the form of weekly bonuses that can help active traders make the most of their trade. The amount of the bonuses or the types of bonuses may vary depending on the nature of trades but the incentives can boost the overall profit by a great margin.

Is It Safe to Trade on Financika?

Security is a major concern when it comes to choosing an appropriate broker. Financika understands the value of traders’ trust. As mentioned earlier, the broker is registered with VFSC, so it’s perfectly safe to trade on Financika. Also, as a reliable broker, Financika ensures the security of traders’ funds wherein traders can expect 100% investment insurance. All users who register with Financika will receive full protection on their first five trades. This means any losses incurred during this time will be fully covered by Financika, encouraging trading to win substantial profits. The purpose of the insurance is to encourage beginners to make their trading moves. Most new traders are hesitant to make their moves and are bound to make mistakes. Financika allows users to learn from their mistakes, enabling them to gain the required to become an expert in the field.

As you are likely to be aware of, most standard brokerage websites offer demo account to help beginners try out their moves.  Although such facilities are not offered here, the platform is appreciated for its user-centric approach. A quick glimpse at the website will tell that the interface is extremely user-friendly.  The website is particularly beneficial to the neophytes who are offered an array of expert facilities, from 5 protected positions, all-inclusive educational materials to necessary trading tools for market analysis.

Reliability is a hallmark of a professional brokerage website as nothing matters more than the security of your deposits. Equipped with many impressive facilities and security features, Financika has evolved to become a lucrative brokerage option for trading Forex.

Music instrument repair is a huge business, one that needs more resources and manpower than what is available at present. There is a need for highly skilled labor and people with understanding of the instrument and its needs. They should be aware of the service and maintenance needs as well.

While there are a lot of opportunities available in this segment, it requires a lot of understanding of the work and the requisite skills. If you are planning to start a music instrument repairs business, then here are a few tips for you. It should probably help you flourish well.

Educate your clients
You will need to start with educating the clients on the importance of getting the instruments repaired and serviced. You may have to spend some time explaining why there is a need for professional to do these services. You will need to explain the maintenance needs of the instrument, and how handling it will not be possible for the person owning the instrument to do all wonders on their own.

You can explain how you will be working on the repairs and the maintenance and the process you follow. This whole pitch is needed to convince your clients to come forward.

Recruit manpower
You will need to recruit skilled people, who have an understanding about the instrument for your business. It is important they know what they are expected to do and have some kind of education related to that. You will need to provide the necessary training to get started with your business. It is important that your business provide them the training and the necessary upgrade time and again.

When recruiting, make sure you ask the set number of questions that gets you to know them better. Do they know what cleaning techniques they will need to use for a string instrument? How to maintain a reed instrument? Can they differentiate between a single reed and double reed instrument? These qualifications will help you identify the right person.

Roadmap for their careers
You will need to plot the roadmap for their careers. They want to know how they will move forward and what they will gain if they join you. It is important you have loyal resources with you, who will retain your clients as well. For this, you will need to give them a growth path. Make sure you have a growth mapped for them already, before you start with the business.

Budget for the business
You will need the resources and tools as well to start the business, which means you will need a good budget to get started. Make sure you have a budget set aside for this purpose. A proper research into the market and the type of investments made into repairs will help you identify the budget for your business.

You will need to invest in the Insurance for Musical Instrument Repairers as well. That way, if due to some reason the instruments that come to you for repair are damaged or stolen, then you can pay for them without emptying your pockets.