Mr. Shashank Kumar Sinha, a resident of Patna, was a successful engineer who had working expertise of more than 5 years. Of late, he has been wondering to kick-off his own engineering consulting firm, but for that, he wanted money.

He had an idea that he could avail a business loan from one of the leading and most reliable non-banking finance company (NBFC) like Bajaj Finserv. He was also not concerned about the loan approval as he has checked that he had a good credit score and a clean repayment history.

However, what concerned him was his inability to determine what kind of business loan would suit his needs! Yes, if you are a bit confused about selecting a business loan, you would be amazed to know that there are many types to cover many needs.

This post will give you a quick perspective on some of the major business loan types available in India.

A quick look at some major business loan types   

  • Working capital loans

If you have a working capital need and if you apply for a machinery loan with a lender, it won’t get the approval. Thus, before availing a loan for business, it becomes a must to distinguish your needs first, and then only apply for a quick business loan. You can apply for a working capital loan with a leading bank and non-banking finance company (NBFC), and get up to Rs.30 lakh. Business owners usually apply for a working capital loan to finance the short-term financial burden of their firms. Unless a business has a working capital, it won’t survive in the long run. A working capital loan is one of the most sought-after business loans in India.

  • Machinery loan

How would your business flourish unless you don’t get the latest machinery in practice? Yes, technologies have evolved with state-of-the-art machines helping entrepreneurs to maximize their production and serving more orders and clients. That’s where lenders have categorized machinery loan in which you can avail a loan of up to Rs.30 lakh to fund the machinery buying regime efficiently.

  • Term loan

A term loan is a standard or conventional loan type where you can borrow an amount as per norms of the lenders, but for a specific need and avail a lump sum figure. A term loan is lengthy and helps a borrower to repay it in smaller EMIs. As a result, a borrower is able to manage other aspects of his/her life and business. You can ask for a higher amount of loan, may or may not have collateral, and the rate of interest may be lower for a collateral based loan. Basically, term loans may have a tenor ranging between 5 and 20 years or even more as per the terms of the lenders. The rate of interest could either be fixed or variable. For availing such a loan, you will need to prove your eligibility which may depend on your credit score, past repayment record and more. Sometimes, a lender may also ask your financial projections including proving your repayment capacity.

  • Equipment financing

If you have a business that deals in manufacturing, you can avail an equipment financing type of small business loan. Equipment could be costly and purchasing them with your savings or business’ profits could be bad, so availing a loan for it is a good move. You can grab an unsecured equipment financing loan from top lenders like Bajaj Finserv up to Rs.30 lakh.

The Bottom Line

You just went through some of the major and most sought-after quick business loan options in India. If you are mulling seeking a business loan from a lender, you should first assess the needs of a business and then only apply for a right loan.

Applying for a correct loan as per the needs of the business convinces a lender that you know your business’ needs inside out and could be trusted for timely repayment.

Brass instruments are quite delicate and require a lot of attention and care. If you own a brass musical instrument, you may want to ensure it plays well, and works fine even after years of purchase. Here we will take you through the various steps that involve maintenance as well as the toning of the instrument. Hopefully, this will help you keep the instrument in perfect shape for years to come.

Let’s start with cleaning.

How to keep the instrument clean?

  • You will need to start with the mouthpiece. After using the mouthpiece, on a daily basis, use isopropyl alcohol to rub along the sides. Use a cotton to wipe the sides and ensure the mouthpiece is clean
  • The mouthpiece is the one that is used daily and it is important that the bacteria present on the mouthpiece is cleaned before and after use
  • If the piece looks very dirty, make sure you soak it in soapy water which is slightly warm. Soak it for around 20 minutes and then clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Use a brush to clean the insides of the mouthpiece. Make sure the brush is clean too
  • Sterilize the mouthpiece lastly. You can use any germicide solution for sterilizing
  • Make sure you spray water and clean the insides of the mouthpiece after every use. This way you will be able to maintain the mouthpiece
  • The other parts of the instrument should also be cleaned on a regular basis. To begin cleaning, you might want to dissemble the entire instrument
  • Fil a container with water and pour some cleansing liquid, preferably one that cleans the brass instrument
  • In order to avoid the instrument from getting scratched, place a towel along the bottom of the container
  • Make sure you perform this cleaning method at least once a month for best results
  • If you are not sure of the liquid that can be used to clean the instrument, visit the nearest store and buy one
  • The tubes are of varied sizes, and you might want a snake like brush to clean the interiors. If it is flexible, it will make sure the insides are clean and ready for the next concert.
  • The slide of the instrument should be cleaned with soapy water, and make sure you use a similar snake brush to clean the insides
  • Use towel to dry the entire instrument
  • Finally, lubricate the instrument for best results

Quality of the instrument tone
Once your instrument is clean, it is time to tone it for the best sounds.

  • Start with warmup. This would ideally be a breathing exercise, which would impact your abs to produce good sounds
  • Buzz on the instrument at the start
  • Next on play long tones at a 80 to 120 tempo
  • Use a lot of air when you are playing the instrument. Make sure you perform the tongue exercises before you change the partials, and start building the bass.

Invest in a good brass musical insurance to make sure your instrument is maintained and can be replaced at a good price. The insurance covers the repairs and replacement costs too.

Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services from a Accounting firm is an advanced step you should take for the success of your business. Accounting firms provide services that are scalable, flexible, affordable and accurate. A strong and reliable accounting function in the business allows business owners to enjoy the peace of mind, and better run the business. However, before you outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, it is important to run a background check of the company to check the compatibility of the business relationship. Here are a few things you must check:

1 – Customer reviews:

The right way to check how the accounting company treats its associates is knowing more about their previous client’s and their experiences. You can anytime go online and check client’s review door their services.

2 – Check on the experience:

You can profiteer the best services only when you hire an accounting and bookkeeping firm that is highly experienced and knowledgeable. The company you are willing to hire must have experience in dealing with businesses like yours. You should also ask about their work style, type of clients they entertain the most and how are they planning to proceed with your business

3 – IRS Navigation abilities:

Every business wishes to hire a company that helps it in navigating their interactions with the IRS. A company that offers Accounting and Bookkeeping Services along with IRS solutions is the best to hire, you can get all the solutions under one roof.

4 – How accessible they are:

You can need the company at the oddest time and the best one will be right by your side. A company that values its customers and believe in quality services will make it possible for you to access them anytime. This won’t be possible when you hire a company that is way too large and established. But a medium sized firm that is dedicated to make a mark in the industry would go an extra mile to give you the best you deserve.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to hire the best resource for your business. By outsourcing the best Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, you can enjoy a consistent flow of services, no-frauds in accounting and complete peace of mind. Be attentive, take your time and choose that one company that suffices all the needs of your organization and keep your Accounting and Bookkeeping department well-recorded and up-to-date.

About Paramount Tax & Accounting Group

Paramount Tax & Accounting Group is a full-service accounting company, that specializes in Small businesses, Healthcare Professionals & Entrepreneurs. We offer customized financial solutions, as well as onsite and remote services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today for Free strategy session to discuss how we might best serve your business and achieve your financial goals.

Orchestras are always intriguing to the people who haven’t been a part of the world. For those who are striving hard to make a place, there are questions. Taking the opportunity, we have outlined everything that we know about the orchestra, making sure it works to be a good guide for you. Here we will take you through the orchestra, the seating arrangement and the difference between the orchestra and symphony. We will also help you with identifying a career in the orchestra.

So, shall we get started?

Orchestra vs Symphony
The basic difference between an orchestra and symphony would be: every symphony is an orchestra but, not every orchestra is a symphony.

An orchestra, for starters, is a term that defines an ensemble containing string and reed instruments. There are majorly two types of orchestras- the symphony orchestra and the chamber orchestra.

The chamber orchestra assembles 50 odd musicians, most of them play the string instruments. This orchestra sounds the chamber music, which is old tunes defined for the private halls or glitzy palace. There are some contemporary musicians who offer to play the chamber music but, they are few.

The symphony orchestra assembles close to 100 musicians, and they play an ensemble of string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The symphonies are pieces that require a lot of instrument pieces, at least 18-25 in total, to create the effect.

So, if the orchestra has 100 odd people, it naturally becomes a symphony orchestra.

Let’s now talk about the seating arrangement in an orchestra. A lot of you want to know why the musicians are seated the way they are.

Seating arrangement in orchestra
A very commonly observed scenario in the symphonies is that the oboes and tubas don’t sit together. Similarly, the violins sit far away from the flutes. This may seem odd to the outsiders but, for those who have been living this profession, it is a norm.

When 1st and second violinist sit opposite to each other, they tend to create the 18th century stereo effect. The major reason for the seating arrangement is the acoustics. When they sit in the way they do, they hold musical conversations and face-offs, which is then conducted by the conductor, who is also the music director. They tend to call for the musicians using their hands.

Ideally, the seating arrangement is more or less as defined by the orchestra conductor though, it would make more sense if the composer were to define the seating arrangement.

Insurance for orchestra
Now that you are aware of the meaning of an orchestra, the need for a specific arrangement, and the role of the conductor, you need to look into the specifics of orchestra insurance. Why do you need one at all?

There are up to 100 musicians in the orchestra, which means you are talking about at least a 100 instruments. If something happens to the people or the instrument, the damage will be paid from your pockets. For damage costs and other issue settlement, it is always a good idea to purchase an orchestra insurance.

The success of any business depends on sound decision making, which in most cases means making financial and capital allocation decisions. Good decisions can be made when doing proper analysis and feeding the analysis with correct data. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find accurate information, despite today much information is freely available on the internet. The question is more if the data can be trusted and relied upon for decision making. This question can only be answered, when constantly challenging and fine-tuning the analysis from a holistic point of view, considering all aspects and consequences from it. Only validated data should be used for financial planning and decision-making purposes.  Once the data is gathered from the right sources, a careful and holistic analysis is needed to interpret and draw conclusions from the data. In finance, capital allocation decisions are done based on Net Present Value (NPV) or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculations. This is normally done in MS Excel and allows to translate each financial scenario and forecast into a number which makes them comparable. Here, the role of good quality financial modeling examples come quite handy, as they provide the user with a framework how to go about building a financial model for such analysis.

Why You Need Financial Modeling Examples?

Financial modeling is a time-consuming and complex task which requires expertise and industry know-how. Also, the model needs to be structured in a meaningful way which correctly reflects which costs are variable costs and which costs are fixed costs. With a financial model template, one can harness the data potential in a more accurate and result-oriented way as it gives you a structure to follow your analysis. The challenge lies more in finding the right financial model template suited to your specific investment or business case. Today, best platforms with downloadable financial modeling templates can be sorted by industry and use case. Financial modeling examples also help you in understanding the financial attractiveness of investment projects.

It is suggested to base your forecast on a sound financial model template to avoid any pitfall. A well-designed financial model helps you in understanding a business and its valuation as a whole. For this, one can rely on a variety of financial modeling examples .

How Finance Model Templates help

A good financial model template allows you to analyze and understand a company’s future expected cash flow, calculates investor metrics like IRR and derives a company’s valuation via DCF Valuation and NPV analysis. Good Excel models go beyond the basis investment and valuation analysis framework and try to validate the data by analyzing topics of special relevance to the respective industry a business operates in. E.g. a Software-as-a-Service SaaS business needs to know the estimated Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition Costs, Average Revenues per User (ARPU), etc. Only once this is understood, a meaningful 10-year financial forecast for the company make sense.

Startup financial model template in excel are highly useful for startup enterprises. Such models assist the owners of the companies to analyze in detail the expected burn rate and funding requirements so that they can get a solid understanding of their business model. This is especially needed when trying to raise financing from business angels or venture capitalists. Important questions like a separation between fixed and variable cost, monthly cash flow budget, breakeven analysis, investment return calculation etc. are normally covered by these financial templates.

Pre-designed Financial Model Templates can save your day!

Professional providers of financial modeling excel templates  like eFinancialModels keep adding new Excel templates on a monthly basis to cover additional industries and types of analysis. They also keep updating their existing models which therefore benefit from latest know-how and user feedback. You can simply download these sophisticated financial templates from their portal or if you have financial templates designing skills, you can also upload your own models and offer helpful financial models to other users as well.

Interested in buying a Piccolo? A half size flute, it is an excellent member of the woodwind family. In the larger orchestras, the Piccolo player is more of a soloist. It is always a good idea to have someone teach you the instrument, and guide you through the buying process. However, if you don’t have anyone to guide you, we will help you choose the righto purchase instrument for your needs.

Online vs offline
The choice is made early on, whether you want to go online with the purchase or you would rather buy it off a shop nearby. This is related to the convenience and how much you trust the online world when buying something as important as an instrument.

There are pros and cons associated with both choices, and there is nothing right or wrong with either. So, you can make the choice that is suitable to you.

Choosing the seller
Once you have decided whether you want to go online or offline with the purchase, the next step is to choose the sellers. There are limited choices offline; just the shops in your location. However, when it comes to choosing a seller online, there is no geographical limit. If someone chooses to ship the instrument to your location, you can choose them as your seller. The criteria is they should be able to ship the goods, they should be reliable and they should sell the instrument that you have been planning to buy.

Set the budget
It is important to have a budget in mind when you go to the store to buy the piccolo. Of course, a research into the available instrument sellers and how much they sell the instrument for can always help you with setting the budget. However, if you don’t have an idea into the actual budget, you can always ask for help from people who have bought it or from the instructor who teaches you how to play the instrument. They will be able to guide you through the actual price for a second hand Piccolo and a first hand Piccolo. They would also tell you what is the best choice for you.

Review the sellers
Once you have followed all these steps, it is time to check on the seller. Are they as good as they claim to be? If you are looking to purchase online, you should check for the reviews and ratings posted for the seller by the various buyers. If not, then you might want to go for references. There would be many people who have bought from the seller you are planning to buy from. Check with them how the customer service is and other details.

Finally, the insurance
The insurance is an important deal! Don’t forget to buy it along with the instrument. The piccolo insurance should be a well-thought purchase with a well-defined scope and requirement list. Make sure you buy the insurance from a trustworthy party for better customer service and support for your instrument.

Ever since we started turning online for everything, we have suddenly become spoilt for choices. The large numbers of companies sponsoring different products are our haven. When it comes to music insurance, the online world treats it no different. You have a gamut of providers online and a wide variety of insurance types. Choosing from these different insurance types can be quite a difficult task. That’s why we are here! We will help you through this process, making sure you have the right provider on-board.

What do you need?
The answer to this question will get you to the right providers. However, it is not really easy to know what you need from insurance. For long people took the off-the-shelf solution, thinking it was the best bet for them. However, things changed with providers competing against each other to provide something interesting, unique and personal. With the option to get customized performance insurance, you may want to think through the whole insurance, and state your needs. This will take sometime, considering you are new to the insurance world. You should first consider the different issues that occur with the instrument, the studio or other aspects related to performance. When you have these points noted on a paper, you might know what the insurance should include.

Do they have it all?
Next start researching into the market of providers to figure out if they have all your requirements added to their insurance. This will require a thorough research of all the performance insurance providers and the inclusions they have. There might be a list, which you need to study. Match the list with what you have made of all the inclusions you need. There would be few who would have everything or at least have most of it. You may find comparison tools online; try spending some time with them.

What you need to customize?
With the shortlisted providers ready, you might want to check which ones will allow you to customize the solution. You need to further check the requirements that you might want to customize for the solution to meet all your requirements. Once the customization part is done, sit with the provider to check if it is possible and feasible.

What budget to expect?
When you are down to the requirements and the customization, you might want to ask the providers what the premium budget is likely to be. You would have already finalized a budget for the performance insurance; however, you need to know if the money claimed by the providers is within the budget you have set aside or is it going overboard. You might also want to tackle the question- how far are you ready to stretch the budget?

Recommendations, if any
Now with the list in your hand, you should ideally do a background check of these providers. Check their ratings and reviews online and even seek recommendations from people who have worked with them. This final check will decide who is going to be your next performance insurance provider.

Options are a sort of subordinate security. They are a subordinate on the grounds that the cost of a choice is inherently connected to the cost of something different. In particular, Options are gets that concede the right, yet not the commitment to purchase or offer a fundamental resource at a set cost at the very latest a specific date.

The privilege to purchase is known as a call Options and the privilege to offer is a put Options. Individuals fairly acquainted with subsidiaries may not see a conspicuous distinction between this definition and what a future or forward contract does. The appropriate response is that fates or advances give both the privilege and commitment to purchase or offer sooner or later. For instance, some person short a fates contract for steers is obliged to convey physical dairy animals to a purchaser unless they finish off their situations previously lapse. An alternatives contract does not convey a similar commitment, which is definitely why it is called a “Options”.

The energy of options lies in their flexibility, and their capacity to connect with conventional resources, for example, singular stocks. They empower you to adjust or alter your situation as indicated by numerous market circumstances that may emerge. For instance, choices can be utilized as a successful fence against a declining securities exchange to restrain drawback misfortunes. options can be put to use for theoretical purposes or to be exceedingly traditionalist, as you need. Utilizing options is best depicted as a major aspect of a bigger methodology of investing.

This useful flexibility, in any case, does not come without its expenses. Options are intricate securities and can be to a great degree hazardous if utilized shamefully. This is the reason, when exchanging Options with an agent, you’ll frequently run over a disclaimer like the accompanying:

Options include risks and are not appropriate for everybody. Option trading can be theoretical in nature and convey generous danger of misfortune. Just contribute with risk capital.

Legitimately knowing how options function, and how to utilize them suitably can give you a genuine preferred standpoint in the market. On the off chance that the theoretical idea of options doesn’t fit your style, no issue – you can utilize choices without theorizing. Regardless of whether you choose never to utilize choices, in any case, it is critical to see how organizations that you are putting resources into utilization them. Regardless of whether it is to support the danger of remote trade exchanges or to give workers possession as investment opportunities, most multi-nationals today utilize options in some shape or another.This article gives you the basic knowledge of how to trade options.

Some points to acknowledge before trading options:

leverage : Control a huge venture with a moderately little measure of cash. This considers solid potential returns, yet you ought to know that it can likewise bring about huge misfortunes.

Adaptability: Options enable you to estimate in the market in an assortment of ways, and utilize various imaginative methodologies. There are a wide assortment of choice contracts accessible to exchange for some fundamental securities, for example, stocks, files, and even prospects contracts.

Supporting: If you have a current position in a product or stock, you can utilize option contracts to secure undiscovered picks up or limit a misfortune with less starting capital.


Do you have a two-wheeler in a bike or a scooter that you take to your office and other places? You must also have at least a third party bike insurance!

Yes, as per the laws of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is a must for a two-wheeler motor vehicle owner to have at least a recognized third party insurance policy.

If you don’t comply with the rule, it could lead to paying huge penalties. On the other hand, if you have enrolled for a third party bike insurance policy, you are all set to enjoy a sense of security while driving on the Indian roads.

Before we get you to more aspects of a third party bike insurance policy, let’s provide you the meaning of a third party two wheeler insurance when riding a bike.

What is third party bike insurance?
Third party bike insurance is a policy that safeguards riders against any loss or damages caused to a third party. In India, you need to have a third party two-wheeler insurance policy. If you can also manage a comprehensive bike insurance policy, the better.

Advantages of a third party bike insurance plan
Third party insurance plan is also called as a liability only insurance. Availing a third party two-wheeler insurance offers the following benefits such as:

  • Third party bike insurance shields riders against legal accountabilities arising out of damage to the third party. A third party could either be a property or an individual.
  • Compared to a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, availing third-party bike insurance does not hurt your pockets
  • You need not go through the tedious process of formalities and documentation for availing third-party two-wheeler insurance. The main reason for such a benefit is that it covers the third party and not the insured vehicle.

What’s the difference between third party bike insurance and comprehensive coverage?
When it comes to availing motor insurance, two-wheeler owners often get confused between comprehensive coverage and the third party two-wheeler insurance.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is a policy that offers protection for both parties, viz, insured vehicle and the third party. On the other hand, the third party insurance policy offers protection or coverage to the accountabilities of a third party only and not to the insured vehicle.

The decision of purchasing either a comprehensive insurance plan or the third party two-wheeler policy depends on the needs and affordability of a rider. However, financial and motor industry experts are of the opinion that if you could buy a comprehensive plan, it will work wonders for you.

Always remember that paying a lower premium should not be a concern for you. It is vital to consider because the number of road accidents and related fatalities have gone up.

Thus, the chances of your vehicle being caught in an unfortunate accident injuring the vehicle and third party are more. Hence, if you can afford, you should try to get a comprehensive policy and if not, at least the third party insurance policy for sure.

The Bottom Line
With the number of accidents and road fatalities on the rise on the Indian roads, it would be better to avail a third party bike insurance and ride without stress. Also, try to obey all traffic rules so that you keep yourself, bike and others off accidents. If you are all set to apply for the third party bike insurance, you can apply online! Happy bike riding!

debt management

One of the greatest advantages of hiring reputed debt management companies is it gives you a chance to clear your concern debt at a pace you can oversee. This can take a  whole lot of burden off your month to month spending plan. Despite that, since you are paying less consistently, it might take you longer and cost you more to reimburse your unsecured debts.It can be a decent arrangement for your unsecured lenders as well. A top rated debt management plan is a casual agreement, and your lenders have no obligations to acknowledge any of the terms they are offered. Nonetheless, in case they do accept the arrangement, they can be sure that the borrowers are doing the best they can to pay the money back, even when it may take a little longer to do so.

Here are a few major benefits of debt management:

You Have to Make One, Sensible Payment Every Month.

It can be so unpleasant trying to stay aware of multiple payments every month. This can be much more regrettable when you can’t extend your spending enough to bear the cost of them.

When you join the top rated debt management plan, it will help you merge the greater part of your regularly scheduled installments to your unsecured debts into a single, regular installment. It is set at a level you can bear, so there’s no chance of missing it out. It would mean you’re not adhering to your payment terms, so your FICO score might suffer; however, you may avoid it given you can’t stand to reimburse your debts the way you promised.

Your secured debts, similar to your home loan, would not be incorporated into your debt management plan. So have to ensure you pay these yourself, alongside other things.

That is the reason when you apply; a debt expert will work with you and help you make sense of your family unit spending plan. They’ll have to take a look at things like your monthly bills and salary to ensure they know what exactly you can bear to pay every month without using the cash you need personally. For this guidance, you can also consider the best non profit debt management companies and choose the one that best fits your need.

Freezing the Interests and Charges.

Amid transactions, the reputed debt management companies will likewise request that moneylenders solidify any interests and charges on your debts. There is no certification they will agree with it, but it’s worth trying. The pro in debt management will converse with them about this for you – given this will stop your debts from increasing while you’re trying to repay them.

In case they aren’t convinced, in any case, paying your debts back more gradually implies the interest will increase – leaving you with paying more than before.


A top rated debt management plan is anything but a legal binding agreement. It’s pretty flexible. So, if amid your plan, you get a compensation cut or a sudden cost – or your spending goes up – your installments could be reduced in the like manner. This helps you ensure you can ultimately bear the cost of paying the regular installments.

You can search for debt management companies list on the web and shortlist the one that you think can provide you much-required help. There are professional companies like Reliant Credit Repair, that can offer you the best guidance and services on credit and debt issues.